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  1. Liangelo Ball

Reasoning: Liangelo hasn’t had a game he really showed out in yet, mostly due to nursing an ankle injury. However, he is still playing 37-40 minutes a night, so fans expect to see Liangelo play at his best. The middle Ball brother always feels he has the most to prove or show and right now he isn’t showing helping his case by underperforming. He is a shooter who has just had some cold stretches while injured, so this isn’t a major concern, but every game is valuable if he wants to prove doubters wrong that he is an NBA worthy talent.

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  1. Melvin Davis

Reasoning: He has been exceptional protecting the rim since joining the JBA USA team like we had advocated for. His overall game isn’t as refined, but he has been able to alter shots at nearly the same pace oversees that he did in the JBA, in which he averaged a league leading 3.33 Blocks per game. Which has been crucial for this win streak that the team is currently on. He is still undersized for his position at the NBA level, but he is proving he belongs on the court.

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  1. Curtis Hollis

Reasoning: He is rising on this list fast, and most of that is because of how well he plays the trap that the USA team likes to run. His ability on defense and his overall game at every level on the court is unmatched outside of Lamelo Ball on this team. He hasn’t had as many key moments in a close game as Springer has which gives him the slight nod up to this point. But with his overall defense and impact on the game that won’t be the case for much longer. He is showing true NBA potential and becoming a real star for the JBA.

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  1. Je’Rell Springer

Reasoning: One of the most draft-able JBA prospects has continued to show exactly that throughout the tour. He has some very moments and key performances along this win streak, while not taking too many shots and finding his role within the offense perfectly. Early in the season he was trying to adjust to playing with other players who demanded the ball so much, but he quickly showed that he can adapt and be just as good off ball if not better. At 6’6 with the ability to play either of the guard spots and his key moments down the stretch of these international games he’s currently comes in at second for our JBA MVP rankings.

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  1. Lamelo Ball

Reasoning: One thing has become apparent on the JBA USA tour, and that is Lamelo Ball is in a class of his own when it comes to the JBA and maybe even the 2020 draft class. Melo has been a walking triple double since the inception of the JBA, but now surrounded by talent he finds ways to get everybody involved while still scoring every time his team needs a bucket from him. He’s becoming a great young floor general and is quickly approaching 6’8 in height. Lamelo will never see his name go below #1 on any MVP list until he reaches the NBA, he is in a class of his own. End of discussion.

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