Seeing a lot of media broadcasting Lonzo has released a second shoe and lowered the price by so much for various reasons that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Lonzo, Lavar and the Big Baller Brand never had the intention of selling shoes that only cost 500$. Lonzo was paving the way for athletes and doing something that made him part of history, as well as paving the way for his Younger brother Lamelo who was the youngest athlete ever to have his own signature shoe; hence the 395$ price tag. Lavar and Lonzo having the sort of confidence in themselves that they do, going into year one had the mindset that these shoes would be valuable and even more so if Lonzo becomes the player they envision.

Meaning, sales nor the initial price tag was ever the issue, the shoes weren’t meant to always be that expensive. It isn’t because he didn’t play well (which he did), so he lowered the price of shoes, or because they think they will sell more at a lower price tag (which they will). There are pairs of Jordan’s and Lebron’s that cost far more than 500$. The point behind the price of the first pair of MB1’s, and Zo2’s is the history that the Ball’s were making and only real “Big Ballers” were going to support the movement.

Lonzo’s second edition of his shoe features a mid-strap and has been seen in 4 different color ways as of now.





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