Before the much-anticipated fight even took place me and other analysts at UniquESports compared Connor to Rocky in the third installment of the franchise after he had made a whole bunch of money in his career and now had to fight Mr. T. While Khabib isn’t the puncher that they made Rocky’s opponent out to be in the movie he was a dominant undefeated force that still had that fire and killer burning inside him. Much like Rocky, Connor has a family now and has 100 million reasons at home to tap out and not be in the octogan altogether. Just like Mr. T went crazy in the film so did Khabib, although he chose to do it post fight for the world to see.



This is where the comparison furthers in my opinion, even though Connor had spent two years out of the ring unlike Rocky, making that a fight Connor should have never taken in the first place. Now on the back end of himself and his team being disrespected and put in their place on the biggest stage in UFC history he will have to prepare and train harder than ever if he wants to realistically have a chance to beat Khabib. Much like in Rocky, you won’t have to worry about Khabib retiring regardless off rumors he is the type that when challenged he will answer with his fists. Conor having already won a second bout in his career after having lost the first much like our boxing hero Rocky has done as well against Apollo, will have a real chance in a rematch with Khabib if he starts to train like he isn’t worth over 100 million dollars.

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