With the recent rumors looking less and less like rumors and more like Lonzo and Denise are in fact having problems I’ve decided to help organize the chain of events that have apparently caused the rift between the young couple to the point she’s apparently asking for 30,000$ a month in child support and may have referred to Lonzo Ball as a “deadbeat” father. When they first got pregnant, both seemed at least on camera to have a lot of things figured out even after Lavar talks to them about how different life is about to be for them both.

Episode where Lavar talks to Denise and Lonzo at 21:15 ↓↓↓

Lonzo’s response to his girlfriend becoming pregnant with his child was any reasonable response he decided to buy her a car, to replace her current car that Lonzo described as a “going to break down at any moment.” But because it wasn’t a glamorous vehicle like the one he was driving and that he even purchased for his father there are rumors she wasn’t happy about the car she received.


Episode where Lozno Buys Denise a car ↓↓↓



After this occurred you started seeing more and more of Denise’s family and friends on the reality show as she became a bigger focal point as she was becoming part of the family. Once her sister __ came into the show, I could tell there was going to start being issues by the faces and gestures her sister was making about the baby and their situation while on camera. God only knows what she has been telling her sister behind closed doors.

Episode where Denises sister makes face about pregnancy at 14:20 ↓↓↓



Every situation is unique in life and their life is by far different from any of ours, making it hard to compare what is going on. But given the fact he is a professional athlete with countless expectations, dreams, and a non-guaranteed future ahead of him he must focus on basketball and become the player he wants to be. That isn’t achievable without a strong woman by your side, especially once you’ve added kids into your life. But if he is to accomplish everything he wants to for himself and his family than he must focus on basketball. This is something she claimed to understand in countless episodes, as he was even having surgery that could have came in the way of him being there for the birth of his child.

Denise talking about surgery at 9:30 ↓↓↓



While it isn’t fair that she must do everything, especially in the beginning for the children, she must understand that’s part of her responsibility as a good mother, woman, and girlfriend. Lebron James and Tom Brady are both examples of having missed significant time in their children’s lives in which their wives had to take care of the kids and home, I’m sure it was never easy. But you never heard either of them bad mouth their partners early into their relationship, they have especially in Gisele’s case voiced wanting her husband to spend more time with her and the kids but has accepted he is on a mission and that she and the kids must come second to football until after that fact. This is a woman who’s doing this and sticking by her man while she has much more money than him, because she loves him.

Clip of Tom Vs. Time at 15:40 into the video ↓↓↓



So how in the last 2-3 months since the birth of their child has Lonzo suddenly become a deadbeat and they went from potentially moving in together and buying a house like we saw in their latest episode to now Lonzo apparently being a deadbeat dad. Lonzo may not be the one getting up at all hours of night or taking the care of the baby all day every day like she is having to now, but Lonzo has other responsibilities to himself, fans, family, and his kid to make the most of his opportunity. If she wanted to be the Queen that so many of these other Women are revered as by their husbands and get nicer cars and more help than maybe she should have done the work first. Lebron and his high school sweet heart were together for nearly a decade with two of their three children before he finally married her, you can’t decide certain things for a man. Now asking for child support this quick is her trying to avoid asking his permission or waiting for the things she believes she deserves for having been his girlfriend and now had his child. If he is actively in his child’s life and supporting the child what on earth would she need child support for other than the fact she wants to have a piece of the pie, and to threaten to write a book about the family is just low and conniving. That is supposed to be your family and babies’ father and instead she’s apparently already using the baby to make her money.



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