Greg Floyd Jr. along with teammates Jamichael Morgan and Cameron Clark of the Seattle Ballers have recently been sent home by the JBA USA squad for what is being labeled as team issues or chemistry concerns. The JBA said from the beginning they were only planning on suiting or bringing 10 JBA players on this international tour; that number has since increased due to the need for depth on this JBA roster. But Lavar is most likely reluctant to bring all 13 healthy players on the JBA USA roster, which really doesn’t make sense given their need for big man depth and players who can defend. At 6’10, and 200 pounds Greg Floyd Jr. may be small in frame and have gotten abused in some situations against older and bigger posts, but I’d argue the JBA coaches used him incorrectly most of this time. He can be great for stretches at the 5, and  if you want to go small he can switch and virtually play the 3 through 5 if he had been given the opportunity; and seeing how size was an issue it’s strange to me we didn’t get to see more lineups with GFJ exploiting his strengths at a swing man position.



If the JBA USA squad expects to continue to run their press they have absolutely cut the wrong guy on their team, aside from the Ball brothers and Je’Rell Springer there isn’t someone who runs the trap better on this team. Go look at the footage of his ability to move the ball and switch on several defenders of various sizes, I’ve been arguing he should be getting no less than 30 minutes a game used at any position you can fill him in at. But apparently the chemistry issues that weren’t bad enough to stop a JBA championship are now hindering them from competing overseas? It’ll be a great chance to get too see even more of several other talented JBA players in Nyang Wek, Melvin Davis, Corey Boyd, and Cameron Clark but this is a blow to the JBA USA roster and I’ve heard from several fans that it makes them want to tune in less because of how big of a fan and interest GFJ brought to this JBA USA squad. While Lavar is doing a ton of things right, he needs to realize how much a platform he is giving these kids to become stars to help make his league more notable and have more fanfare across the board, not just for the LA Ballers and any team sporting the Ball brothers.

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