JBA USA MVP Rankings


  1. Je’Rell Springer

Reasoning: He’s been solid for the JBA squad and has given them offensive spurts when they needed it in crucial moments of ball games, but as the game has gone on I’ve noticed a tendency for his jump shot to fade with it. He will need to bring all of that together much like he did In the JBA’s first official loss. He was also a part of the 5-man unit that mounted a comeback in the JBA’s first game to kick off their tour in Denmark. He is a great young player and was much higher on this list until he didn’t do more in Lamelo’s absence.



  1. Liangelo Ball

Reasoning: Having lack of big man depth and Gelo shooting a horrendous 4-15 from 3 will make it nearly impossible to come away victorious. Gelo has still performed rather well during spurts of this JBA tour thus far, his dominance down low and in the post is very nice for a shooting guard that can fill it in from outside like he can. He can take bad shots and relax on defense as he never gets subbed out of the game, but Liangelo will continue to do well if his brother is on the court and the rest of these players live up to their potential to get some defensive attention off the Ball’s.



  1. Jordan Ray

Reasoning: Much like Springer he could be atop these rankings had he stepped up more in Melo’s absence. Losing in that fashion, shows fans who have been calling for players like Ray, Lyle, and Reiger to get more minutes why the Balls have played nearly 40 minutes every contest. All these players are talented and do several things well, but today was a missed opportunity by someone who been nothing short of a deadly shooter for JBA USA when he is on the court. He needed to earn more minutes in Lamelo’s absence as a reliable playmaker, but he has hit many deep 3’s for the JBA squad.



  1. Greg Floyd Jr.

Reasoning: He needs to have more minutes, sometimes im watching the game confused as to how he doesn’t get 30+ minutes a game like the Ball brothers. He could be part of a super big lineup as the SF with Clark and Davis in the middle or he could run the 4 and 5 like he has been doing. But his versatility, IQ, and playmaking from multiple positions on the court is unmatched on this team aside from this mismatch provided by a 6’6-6’7 PG. GFJ could be the MVP of this JBA USA squad if he’s given the minutes and shows he has the motor and fight to scrap for 30 minutes a game. If the JBA team wants to win the will keep Melo, Gelo, and GFJ on the court together for as much of the game as humanly possible.



  1. Lamelo Ball

Reasoning: He was vying for the top spot due to his overall impact on the game, but his scoring can go up and down and is usually based on a high volume of shots. But upon ejection today we learned something about this JBA USA squad, and that is Lamelo is not only the team’s MVP but that without him they don’t have anyone able to really create for others. Springer and Jordan Ray are supposed to be those guys, but they allowed a lot of 1 on 5 basketball and a 15-point lead to be squandered in Lamelo’s absence. So, in a weird turn of events being ejected has solidified Melo as the JBA USA MVP so far on this international tour while he is averaging a near triple double even while being ejected through a little over 2 quarters of play in one of his 3 games.

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