NBA 2K19’s release is just around the corner! On September 7, those who have pre-ordered the game will get their first ever chance to experience NBA 2K in its newest form. Over the past few weeks, 2K has released a bunch of sneak peeks, gameplay and trailers in order to hype up the crowd, showing us all of its new additions to the game. It’s time to take a look at 20 of the best so far!

I’ll break this off into 4 parts, focusing on 4 of 2K’s main modes:

  • MyTeam – where players are able to form and compete against others with fantasy teams of both current and historic players
  • MyCareer/MyPARK – where the player is put in the league to become the best ever, or plays with other players in a series of different games in the neighborhood
  • MyLeague and MyGM – where players are able to take control of a team and try their hand at competing for a championship
  • Gameplay and Other Features – new gameplay changes and other features such as player, roster and draft class creations

With that said, let’s jump right in!


For all the MyTeam fans out there, you should be extremely happy as NBA 2K has outdone themselves this year with this fan favorite mode. Here are 5 of MyTeam’s best new additions.

  • MyTeam Unlimited


NBA 2K18’s Supermax has been replaced with an all-new mode, MyTeam Unlimited. MyTeam Unlimited pits different users up against each other, completely removing the salary cap from 2K18. The end goal for players is to achieve a record of 12-0 in order to obtain the Player of the Month for that specific month. There is a new prize board that allows users to win based on certain records if they do not complete the 12 game winning streak. Hopefully this would be an improvement over last year’s Supermax.

  • Triple Threat


NBA 2K19 introduces Triple Threat, an entirely new mode that brings a revamp on 2K16’s Blacktop. Triple Threat is a 3v3 mode that can be played both online and offline, where users select 3 cards from their collection to battle either other players’ selections or Big 3’s from different teams in the NBA, respectively. Winning a game of Triple Threat gives users the new currency, tokens, which I will get to later. I am personally extremely excited for this mode as it looks incredibly fun to play!

  • Galaxy Opal Tier and Heat Check Cards


For the past two games, 99 overalls in MyTeam have been Pink Diamonds. This year, NBA 2K brings us the Galaxy Opal tier. In addition, we have also been introduced to the new Heat Check theme. Heat Check Cards normally act like a player’s base, current card. However, if a player players well in real life, the Heat Check Card will actívate and increase the player’s rating depending on how well he did in his performance. This should bring an interesting dynamic to user’s lineups.

  • Offline Challenges

NBA 2K19 has revamped its offline challenges, with changes done to Weekly Challenges, Schedule Challenges, and its infamous Domination. Unlike in previous titles, Weekly Challenges now do not expire per week, allowing players who have missed weeks to catch up. Additionally, there will now be Multiplayer Weekly Challenges (that expire after 1 week) which pit users against one another under certain team restrictions. Schedule Challenges have now been changed to be more rewarding as 2K has improved the rewards for completing them while lessening the amount of games played to complete. All in all, this should make the grind much better for those who play these offline challenges.

  • Rewards Market and Tokens

Aside from the already existing VC and MT, 2K19 brings us tokens. Tokens can be obtained by winning games in Schedule Challenges, Triple Threat, and more! We are brought the Token Market, a new area of the game where we are able to spend tokens for certain Rewards cards. We start off with the Emerald Market until we spend enough tokens to continuously unlock different tier markets, ending up in the overpowered Galaxy Opal Market.


NBA 2K has just released their prelude, last August 31, giving users a taste of what’s to come for MyCareer in terms of its story. In addition, 2K has improved upon certain complaints by the community in order to bring us a much improved better version of the MyPARK and Pro-Am modes, and the all-new Neighborhood. Here are 2 of the biggest new features from 2K’s MyCareer/MyPARK mode.

  • MyCareer Storyline


As with every year, NBA 2K brings us a whole new storyline for our created characters to depict their journey in the NBA. We start of finding out how we will go undrafted in the 2018 NBA Draft. We then end up in China, playing for the Shanghai Sharks of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). From there, we work our way up into the NBA G-League, where we eventually get picked up by an NBA Team.

  • All-New Neighborhood

    The Neighborhood was almost entirely revamped. While keeping some stores from last year’s rendition of this open world, there have been numerous changes to occur in terms of the activities to do and the overall look of the Neighborhood.

  • Day/Night Shifts

Every 6 hours of gameplay, the neighborhood changes from day to night or vice versa, giving a new aesthetic to the game.

  • Wheels Store

The new Wheels store gives players the option to purchase different vehicles (skateboards, scooters, bikes, etc.) in order to faster move around the neighborhood.

  • Clothing

Players can now change their outfit anywhere, anytime instead of going back to their home. NBA Mascots are also back as an available outfit for players to wear!

  • Dancing

Taking a page out of Fortnite’s book, NBA 2K19 now allows players to dance in the Neighborhood. The shoot, the floss, and infamous orange justice were revealed so far.

  • Mini-games

NBA 2K19’s new Neighborhood brings us New Mini-Games. These include the likes of Dodgeball, “Red Ball Blue Ball”, Daily Trivia, Spin the Wheel, and more! The biggest mini-game to be added is the Cage Ball, played in Under Armour Cages. Courts are equipped with springboards allowing players to soar high into the sky for jams, or even bounce the balls off the wall to alley-oop it to a teammate.

  • Jordan Rec Center

The Jordan Rec Center is back! Last seen in NBA 2K15, the Jordan Rec Center replaces the Pro-Am Walk On building from last year’s Neighborhood.

  • Park After Dark

NBA 2K17’s MyPARK featured the limited time mode, “Park After Dark”, that saw users play MyPARK with a special twist. Players were able to put on Glow-in-the-Dark outfits and accessories while playing against one another. Fans loved this mode, and its back.

  • MyTeam Store

NBA 2K19 introduces to us the MyTeam store. Rumor has it that once our MyPlayer reaches a 90 overall, we are able to use him in our MyTeam (though he caps out at an 80 overall)! You could also directly play MyTeam Unlimited in this store!

  • The Crew

The Crew has been re-added into MyPARK, but this time as a 3v3 version. 3 players can take on other users or even AI-Controlled NBA Players, celebrities and 2K YouTubers in challenges, tournaments, and more.

  • Miscellaneous

Haircuts are now free, the Neighborhood is more centralized, FOOTBALLS are in the game and all in all, it is much more easier to earn VC without having to spend money on the game. Last but not the least…


    One of the oldest modes of NBA 2K, MyLeague or MyGM features a ton of new concepts that will improve this team-building experience. With player mentoring, a new MyGM mode, and several updates to parallel the real NBA, this mode has definitely been improved this year. Here are 4 of the biggest MyLeague/MyGM changes!

  • Player Mentoring


NBA 2K brings us Player Mentorships, which allow us to assign mentors to young players in order to develop their badges. Players like Lonzo Ball would be able to learn and improve badges from Rajon Rondo, since they play the same position, but it would not work as well if Jeff Teague were to mentor Karl-Anthony Towns, as they play completely different positions.

  • More Intricate Sliders

Sliders are now much more intricate and detailed, giving us full freedom on adjusting sliders such as the importance of the player to the team, how age affects value, importance of draft picks, etc. This will help users who would wish to play on more realistic sliders, mimicking that of the NBA.

  • MyGM: A Saga Continues


MyGM now comes in two different modes, as one can opt to play either the traditional MyGM (with different levels of difficulty) or a story-driven mode entitled MyGM: A Saga Continues. This mode picks off from NBA 2K18’s MyGM story, as now you control an expansion team to see if you can bring home a championship. MyGM offers a behind-the-scenes look at controlling an NBA franchise, with player morale, financial issues, etc.

  • New All-Star Format, Summer League and NBA Draft


To parallel the NBA, 2K19 brings us the new All-Star format where the players who receive the most votes earn the right to draft their teams from a selected pool of All-Stars, similar to what the NBA they did last year with Team LeBron and Team Stephen. In addition, just like the new NBA Summer League, the NBA 2K Summer League will now feature all 30 NBA Teams going to head-to-head. Lastly, the design of the NBA Draft has been revamped, going for a much more comfortable design, as well as the draft screen showing scout comments about the selected pick, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

  • Historic Draft Classes

One the greatest additions to NBA 2K19 in my opinion, historic draft classes have been added into the game, making players like Jordan, LeBron and Kobe redraftable in MyLeague and MyGM. Every draft class from 1976 until 2017, along with the 1960, 1965, 1969, 1970, and 1974 draft classes have been added, making it so much easier to find accurate draft classes to be used if we wanted to turn back time to a historic season!

Gameplay and Other Features

  • Takeover System

This 2K introduces the brand new feature, the Takeover System. If the player catches on fire and fills up the Takeover meter, he is able to activate Takeover to increase key stats by a certain amount. This affects all game modes, including MyTeam, MyCareer, Play Now, etc. This certainly adds a new aspect to the game we’ve never seen before.

  • Create-a-Player and Player DNA

After the backlash from fans for making Create-a-Player (CAP) simpler in 2K18, a much more detailed and improved CAP feature has been added to NBA 2K19, which would certainly help in recreating historic players that are not in the game, or creating each’s respective MyPlayer (aside from facescan). In addition, a new feature known as Player DNA is now available to be copied from different players in the game. By using Player DNA, users are able to copy either the physical attributes, stat attributes, or both of certain players and import them to created players. This would help in creating younger or older versions of certain players.

  • New Historic Legends Added

2K has managed to work out the deals to finally include fan favorite legends that were not available in the past few games. These include the likes of Brandon Roy, Moses Malone, Gilbert Arenas, Walter Davis, and more! However, with this, we potentially see the departure of Chris Bosh from the 2K franchise as he has not been seen in the screenshots of the All-Time Raptors lineup.

    Thanks for reading this blog! NBA 2K19 comes out on the 7th of September if pre-ordered, and on the 11th of September for its normal release. Will you guys be picking up NBA 2K19 this year? Let us know in the comments down below!

Pictures courtesy of NBA 2K and Brian Mazique of Forbes!


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