Month: September 2018


Why Chris Paul is UNDERRATED!

One of the biggest problems critics and analysts have with Chris Paul’s career is that he hasn’t had much team success. The furthest he has been in the playoffs happened last year, as he found his Rockets matched up against the superteam Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, where they lost in 7 games. He’s known around the league as one of the best … Read More Why Chris Paul is UNDERRATED!


JBA USA Rotations and Lineups

  JBA USA “Death Lineup” Reasoning: This is the best lineup for the JBA USA squad if they want to put up points in a high volume while still being able to defend at every position. At some point this season we may see a variation of these 6 players as your starting lineup, but in game 1 the USA coach decided to go … Read More JBA USA Rotations and Lineups


UniquESports+ Weekly NFL Picks

UniquESports Weekly NFL Picks Each week UniqueSports+ will record its analysts’ opinions on who wins each week, some analysts will even give their own point spreads. Check in every week to see who we’ve picked to win each week and what our records are in predicting the outcome of NFL games.   Week One Austin Philippi Eagles Vs. Falcons            Falcons -3.5 Bills Vs. Ravens                 … Read More UniquESports+ Weekly NFL Picks

NBA 2K19’s Top 25 Newest Features (So Far)!

NBA 2K19’s release is just around the corner! On September 7, those who have pre-ordered the game will get their first ever chance to experience NBA 2K in its newest form. Over the past few weeks, 2K has released a bunch of sneak peeks, gameplay and trailers in order to hype up the crowd, showing us all of its new additions to the game. … Read More NBA 2K19’s Top 25 Newest Features (So Far)!