With some of the recent negativity surrounding the JBA I have created this forum for JBA players to post their first-hand thought, experiences, and goals moving forward. This is to highlight everything the JBA has offered these young men and what they are planning on doing with the tools and platform given to them. This page will have players real unbiased and media free opinions with no aim other than giving them a way to use their voice and platform given to them by the JBA and their hard work.



Greg Floyd Jr. – I have to say the JBA was great experience for me. I have to thank Lavar for this opportunity and his brand for showing us how they put kids dreams before themselves. The best thing about this league is the diversity, just seeing different people and personas on the floor from different walks of life was a great experience in itself. I’m looking forward to playing another year alongside my fellow JBA Champions. Hopefully after this next season in the JBA i can get a taste of NBA Action or playing basketball overseas in Australia or Europe.


Harrison Rieger- First I’d like to thank Lavar Ball for starting this league and giving me and so many others like me the opportunity to play professional basketball in a brand new league on the edge of history. Many didn’t believe the league would happen or that Lavar wasn’t going to find success, however he’s been able to to go away from the business norms and become very successful as a marketer and b businessman. During the first ever season of the JBA i was able to meet a lot of new people and friends. I learned about some of the ups and downs of playing a pro schedule with NBA rules, and expectations to perform. It was a great all-around experience, I’ve always dreamed of going pro and this league gave me my opportunity and in the first ever JBA season i became one of the first ever JBA All-Stars. I look to continue to to hone my craft and improve my body and game to try and get to the next level. My next step is to hopefully play on the JBA USA team and have the opportunity to show what i can bring to game of basketball on a world stage.



Deon Lyle – The Junior Basketball Association has changed many athletes and family lives for the better, not just including my own. Honestly, I feel that the JBA has not gained enough credit or respect for shaping the future of professional basketball. Whether or not you want to acknowledge it, the JBA has put pressure on all platforms to pay athletes for their dedication, time, and sacrifices to the sport. Consequently, after the successful inaugural JBA season was in full effect the NCAA will now finally allow “elite” athletes to have an agent and come back after entering the draft. I credit Lavar for those changes. My experience in the JBA was thrilling in the absolute best way possible. The feeling of courageousness pulsing through my body before I get ready to set history or to achieve greatness. That’s what it felt like the whole time. Like we all where on the verge of creating greatness and history. History was one thing that quickly caught my attention when speaking with Eddie Denard (Chicago Coach) if I should join the league. I had D1 offers on the board so technically nothing forced me to join the league. I took that leap of faith on my own because I knew it would be special, better yet historical. The thought of being the first to do anything is real blood-rushing feeling to me. 1st ever JBA All-Star, let alone East MVP. That’s got a nice ring to it…. Everybody embraced the family atmosphere of the league and took care of one another as if they were their own. We traveled from city to city playing NBA regulated games in NBA regulated arenas. At 18-21 (and Lamelo at 16) being am athlete, what more could you ask for? You still have time to be involved in school on the road if you choose. Nothing different from going on the road at a D1 school and having to focus on basketball while passing classes. Which I have experienced in my time at UTSA, where I won 6th man of the year… With more ups than downs the JBA league will only move forward from here, and I’m very grateful and thankful for the opportunity. I hope to make the USA JBA team and showout further allowing me to make a push for the NBA. In the mean time I will continually work on my craft as a basketball player and improve my weaknesses. My free time will be spent working on my clothing line #FreeDru, watching a whole lot of Anime, I and promoting my brand in the best way I possibly can. Blessed enough to announce I will be hosting a JBA All-Star Basketball camp in the Midwest. Coming very soon, you can contact me @ (deonlyle@hotmail.com) to register and for details. Very excited to give back to the community and my fans! I love all my fans and greatly appreciate the support. Stay Tuned #FreeDru





Niles Malone – The JBA experience was an overall great experience, a once in a lifetime opportunity that I feel like every athlete should have the opportunity to experience. There were more ups than downs in my JBA experience as I played on the biggest stage in the JBA almost every night and won the first ever JBA championship in the process. I met a bunch of new people and teammates including Lamelo, Lavar, and Liangelo I got to share stories and experiences with my teammates and learn more about them as well, my teammates are my brothers for life. As far as getting better I’m working everyday back home with my pops in our private gym, I plan to continue my career either with the JBA or overseas in the hopes of making an NBA roster. I do want to thank Lavar Ball and the Ball family for giving me this opportunity to show the world my talents as one of the first ever JBA All-Stars and play on the biggest and brightest stage of my young career while getting to represtent the Los Angeles Ballers. #BBB #GetYourMerch




Jordan Ray – The JBA has been one of the best times of my entire life. It really let you get a taste of what the NBA is like from both travel and rules. You have all the time in the day to work on your game, so this league really empowers you to make the most of your potential if you put in the effort. I love the fact that we were constantly traveling every other day and having to take care of our bodies because the season doesn’t give you a break. I didn’t see any downfalls in the league, except for the season not ending the way me and my teammates had hoped, the JBA got better all season long and we saw that first hand. This league is better than having went to college for me personally because this is giving me a bigger platform than I would have had in college; allowing me to help realize my dreams of making the NBA. This league not only makes you work every step of the way to keep your spot, but they help you save money, and pay for travel, food, and living expenses, this provides you an opportunity to really put your head down and grind giving you the opportunity to focus on basketball and make the most of your potential.




Curtis Hollis – First and foremost a big shout out and thank you to Lavar Ball and Alan for making all this possible. Overall, my experience in the JBA was phenomenal as I was a highly touted player and even became one of the first JBA All-Stars in history. The experience was enjoyable, and I got the chance to really show people me new and improved game. Getting to take on the challenge of trying to lead my team to wins with pro rules and 3-point line was new learning experience for me.  Being a major part of my team’s success and game plan was good for my development. My next step is hopefully making the JBA USA Team and getting to go overseas and continue to show my talents, by performing well over there and continuing to get bigger, more explosive, and improving my overall game as I always do. This will help me get on the right track heading into the NBA workouts and combine, and hopefully selected in the 2019 NBA Draft. Lastly, I want to thank all the fans that have been following me through out the whole journey. I just want to say thank you and you’re appreciated. This is only the beginning of my basketball career, there will be plenty more to come. Hope to have your continued support heading into our foreign tour, I have enjoyed the ride so far and its only up from here.




Je’Rell Springer – Playing in the inaugural season of the JBA was a blessing and I loved absolutely everything about the experience. Playing with my 6 other teammates was amazing, I haven’t had so much fun playing basketball in my entire life. They were the best of teammates on and off the court, so I want to thank them for helping me play my game and be successful throughout the season. Bringing Pro basketball back to Seattle was great, the fans are one of a kind and truly into the show, we got a tremendous amount of love from our Seattle fans. When we got our roster revamped midseason everything began to click and that’s what we needed to be able to move the ball throughout our lineup. Coming in second in both MVP voting and the championship for this season, leaves a bad taste in my mouth that only motivates to work harder and get better. I’ve been in the gym every day since I arrived back home in Las Vegas and I don’t plan on taking any days off between now and the combine. I want to thank all the fans for the love the continued to show me on social media and in person during our travels, I’d like to announce my stint with the JBA isn’t done as I’ll be joining the JBA USA team and training for the NBA draft with the best players the JBA has to offer. Lastly, I want to thank Lavar, Alan, Lonzo and the rest of the BBB family that helped make mine and so many others dreams a reality.





Nicholas Lovelace – I would like to first thank the JBA and Houston Baller fans as well as Lavar and Lonzo Ball for giving me this opportunity to showcase my talents on a big stage. I enjoyed every moment of it and it was truly one of the best summers of my life, I got to see a lot of places and meet new and exciting people, teammates, and friends. Winning the first ever JBA dunk contest was special and it shows I have the athleticism to compete at the next level. As for what I’m doing next in my career, I plan on taking my talents to the NBA G-League in hopes of gaining more knowledge an growing my overall game as I make my push to join the NBA





Calvin Williams- The JBA was a great experience, I liked training camp a lot and the way all the teams and players were grinding together. The way the league was setup and ran I thought was great especially for a startup league, many people wouldn’t have chosen this route because you lose eligibility, but I think the JBA gets you more prepared for the next level due to our constant traveling and playing by NBA rules. So far, my plans right now for this offseason is to train and add muscle making myself bigger and stronger for a huge comeback next season, in hopes of continuing my push towards the NBA. I’d also like to thank Lavar and the Ball family for this opportunity and platform that he has given me and so many kids just like me.

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