Here we go again with a lot of major media outlets refusing to cover Lavar Ball in a positive light. Fresh off a season that showed a lot of success and promise while also showing signs of needing work and help marketing the game to its fans. There were several games this year that had over 500,000 viewers in total which is a lot more than a ton of minor colleges and school. Lavar successfully created a platform for young athletes to have a chance at their dreams, but this doesn’t mean Lavar owes it to everyone he signs to a contract to always have their best interests at heart. They earned a non-guaranteed contract and willingly signed up to both be a part of history and have a chance to take their game to the next level.

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Many players like Soleman Sazay, Zeke Crawford, Brandon Philipps, and Zac Crockett have either been cut or have basically been on hold for a spot to open in the league. While I can sympathize with the players of whom either didn’t get a full shot to prove themselves or didn’t realize what they were signing up for when they did. However, what should be stressed is Lavar only owes the JBA Fans and players (current and future) to create and produce the best product possible. If that excludes some of these individuals that’s a tough pill to swallow, but to say Lavar took away a kid’s eligibility for nearly 1,000$ is just misleading the public further which is all that major media outlets like to do these days.

The fact of the matter is a lot of these individuals that were cut weren’t on scholarship at a University and some were just Rec League heroes and tryout standouts. To say Lavar or the JBA is taking away something these kids didn’t even have is comical, Lavar gave them an opportunity they in fact didn’t have. Many players were cut to what ended up being better play from pretty much every time in the JBA except the one who had the least roster turnover in Philadelphia. Lavar owed it to the league he is attempting to create and establish to not be content with 64 players he picked up from tryouts. This isn’t about kids being fleeced into signing away anything they just simply didn’t pan out.

This and maybe even LA’s success without the young Baller has led him to make claims that are untrue or misleading based on the fact him being taken off the team has further been justified by them winning. In which they all won a brand new Cadillac except for the former JBA Baller.  The fact of the matter is he was cut mid season because La needed to improve and he was their weak link, welcome to professional basketball.


The league has treated players great from providing a meal plan, workout routine, platform, and basically paying their cost of living during the 2 months of the JBA season. Which is common at virtually every University but there is a narrative floating around players had to pay for their own bags, and many other things which is false. Brandon Philipps if he indeed paid for his own bags under the presumption he will be reimbursed by seasons end did so willingly and was virtually the only player that chose or had to do this (They forced players with overweight bags to pay for their own bags at airport). However, according to multiple JBA players not only did they fly Southwest often which doesn’t charge for bag fees, but they’ve all been paid in absolute full. So, it brings me to the question on why would Lavar and the JBA holdout payments (if they have) of 1-2,000$ knowing it will be detrimental to the league?

The only thing I can’t saying anything for certain is if he was paid in full, or what his payments were supposed to be. We’d need a better look into their contract details to do so. However, I know they aren’t allowed to make public statements detrimental to the league. After having cut Brandon at the midway point of the JBA season his mother took to twitter to spread false information that multiple players including her son had been cut. I’m not sure if the JBA was planning to respond or has withheld pay for any reason or if they have at all, but this league has served its purpose and has been a great impact on several young men’s lives. Lavar gave an opportunity to players who are that guy, he didn’t promise you’d be that guy yourself. All these young men should still be proud as they’ve partaken in history, but the media has done a disservice all year long in not covering anything but the negative sides of the JBA. All while the NCAA makes BILLIONS of dollars or while the University of Alabama can afford to renovate their already grand athletic department with another 600$ million dollars, all while some not all athletes get a scholarship that costs the university virtually nothing. Now I hear people blaming Lavar saying that he made someone Ineligible, while in fact Lavar has no such rule in place that would be the NCAA who is still making money off much more talented athletes, no offence to the JBA players.


Brandon Philipps clears the air about major media spinning his words to paint a false narrative↓↓↓↓↓

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