Final 2 Prediction: Tyler and Angela

Final 5 Prediction: Tyler, Angela, Sam, Brett, JC

Jury Order: Bayleigh, Rockstar, Hayleigh, Scottie, Kaycee, Fessy, JC, Brett, Sam




Outlook: He has played the best game in the house yet, from gameplay to competitions, to being able to lie and manage the house under pressure for a good amount of the season. The moves he’ll have made by seasons end will be countless, his hand will have been in nearly everyone’s eviction. However, there will be enough blood on everyone else’s hands that I don’t think he’ll have a bitter jury vote like Paul. Angela would be his most likely pick for final 2 even though I’m not sure she does the same, he beats her on a game level and she’d have multiple enemies as well in the jury.

Vote: 7-2, if Tyler gets to the final 2 the only possible way I see him losing is maybe if he went up against Sam as she’s been nice to everyone in the house minus here nomination speech to Kaitlyn and Hayleigh in which she told them “to have more respect for themselves”, amongst other things. Anyone else in the house he’d beat in a landslide as I don’t expect as bitter of a jury this season, and he has played a phenomenal game.



Outlook: Her game has been attached to Tyler’s and she’s had Brett under wing as well, knowing how much of a comp beast, and game player Tyler has been on the season she would most likely look to take or keep Brett as long as possible, so she can go up against him in a potential final 2. Her biggest move was backdooring Bayleigh which may have set off what will be a key for a vote for anyone sitting across from Angela on Finale night.

Vote: 5-4, the only way she can pull this vote off is by taking JC or Brett as stated previously. Rockstar has said Angela has refused to speak her to almost the entire game, as well as Sam and Hayleigh saying they don’t like her game and think she hasn’t done anything. Even though she just backdoored their “leader”.



Outlook: She’s very nice and seems like the mom of the house much like Kevin was the dad last season, so I don’t believe she’ll have a target on her back coming from anywhere over the next couple of weeks. I still think she can be a comp beast as there are less and less people in this house. She seemed to have loyalty to Tyler early, but has since built relationships with the other side. Is this gameplay or does she truly like that side of the house more, if she wins HOH next week that could add some unexpected drama to the house.

Vote: 6-3, her best bet on insuring victory would be to take Angela to the final 2, as Sam has won over the other side of the house which will be a majority of the Jury. She’ll also need Scottie and Fessy’s vote but I think she’ll console and get closer to Fessy after Hayleigh is evicted. This should ensure she beats out Angela or Brett, based off how genuine and nice she has been for a majority of the game.



Outlook: He looks like he’s sitting after having been on the block multiples times in a row and looked to possibly be one of the next evicted. Without having won any comps yet this season, he’ll need to finally win a few comps in the coming weeks and make moves that help him in this game. His best game move is trying to be close to the other side, and let his side take shots at Hayleigh and others. If he can flip Rockstar and Hayleigh who don’t respect Angela he can possibly beat, her or JC out in a vote but I’m not sure he’d have the votes against Angela.

Vote: 5-4, he can beat JC as stated above but Angela would get their entire alliances vote, possibly being why he’s been working Hayleigh as a possibly jury vote. The only issue is that means Fessy man not be to fond of handing him over money for multiple reasons. I just think if we have a bitter jury he could reap rewards against Angela or JC because he was a target by many in the Jury and still got to the end.



Outlook: He has been playing both sides well the entire time and has gone without a target on his back for almost the entire game, and with both sides of the house going back and forth I don’t see the floaters going home first. JC being close to Tyler, Fessy, and liked by many remaining in the house I see him getting at least to the final 5-6 people. He hasn’t won a competition all year to my recollection and I don’t expect that to change.

Vote: 5-4, his only shot at getting this vote is somehow getting Fessy to the end of the game. If he manages his side to not target Fessy after they get Hayleigh out then he could possibly keep him in the house, or just paint a bigger target on his back. Either way this is his only way to victory as he couldn’t beat out anyone above him on this list.

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