Top 10 Most Draft-able JBA Players



  1. Je’Rell Springer

Position: PG

Height: 6’6


Outlook: He is tall for the point guard position and has good instincts and only takes within the flow of the offense, he doesn’t end the game with high enough assist levels for his basketball IQ, but he is a real NBA prospect, was a 3-star coming out of high school and going into these JBA playoffs watch out for this man because you may just see him in the NBA in 2019. Would fit well on the Suns setting up Booker, and Ayton in the NBA and would give them a lot of height in their lineup. Was the JBA regular season runner up for MVP, this man is very deserving of an NBA roster spot.


Weaknesses: His biggest weakness is his lack of getting assists, he plays the game properly and doesn’t assist hunt, but he isn’t setting up his teammates as much as he should be. He also needs a much more consistent 3-point jumper and needs to add weight to his frame.

Best Fit: Suns




2. Deon Lyle 

Position: SG

Height: 6’5


Outlook: He is a snipper that is proven on both the JBA and NCAA level, if he gets hot he can shoot with just about anyone on the planet. He is a solid athlete with a good overall game, he can start feeling himself to the point he slacks off in other areas but he a legitimate scorer that doesn’t need the ball in his hands to e a threat. If he found himself on a team like the Warriors, he could be a poor man’s Klay Thompson and be a security blanket in case they lose Klay next summer.


Weaknesses: His frame needs some work, and he’ll need to work on taking over games for his team on all levels, including playmaking and defense. He has the potential to be a solid rotation player in the JBA if he continues to put the work in.

Best Fit: Warriors



  1. Greg Floyd Jr.

Position: PF/C

Height: 6’11


Outlook: He’d be #1 on this list if not for his personality up to this point being more passive than not, he needs to excerpt his will on the game. With his size and skill set he should be a lock to score 30 every single time he takes the court even if he must share the ball with 2 Ball brothers. He is a stud, and he needs to shoot and score with the convicti0n of such if he wants scouts to really notice him. If he could find his way on the Lakers and they could develop him he could be like a younger Brandon Ingram or Kevin Durant, with the ability y to switch and defend 3-4 positions on the court.


Weaknesses: He needs to be more assertive, and add muscle to his frame. He also needs to improve on his ball handling, finishing with and through contact as well as develop a more consistent jumper. 

Best Fit: Lakers



  1. Curtis Hollis

Position: SF

Height: 6’6


Outlook: He has struggled with his efficiency as the season has moved on, but he is a natural basketball player that can do just about anything you need of him. He’s a solid defender, rebounder, a good passer, and good scorer what he lacks getting comfortable into the game. He looks comfortable as is, but he can make mistakes and try to do too much at times, especially when he has such a talented team around him.            He’d be a good fit with Collin and Klove, he’d be a very poor man’s LeBron, but he has the overall game and potential to be a real player.


Weaknesses: He fouls to often and finds his way off the court, which hurts his team’s chances of competing. He also needs to develop a more consistent 3 point shot so he can become a threat from all over the court, forcing teams to defend him 25-30 feet out.

Best Fit: Cavs




  1. Nigel Chaney

Position: SG

Height: 6’2


Outlook: He finished the season shooting over 47.5% from 3-Point range, that is enough even being undersized that I think he should get a camp invite if not be drafted and signed. If he can be hidden on defense and can shoot at the same clip on the next level, he’ll be a real star. The Hawks already have their Steph curry impersonator in Trae Young, getting their own Klay and Draymond in Nigel Chaney and Corey Boyd would be huge for their franchise assuming these young men develop.



Weaknesses: At 6’2 he needs to grow to be a SG in the NBA or increase his ball handling skills, so he can be a 3-point guard with limited playmaking and ball skills. He’d be like Seth Curry but with a better shot potentially, he’ll also need to find another dimension to his offensive game beyond getting crazy hot from 3.

Best Fit: Hawks




  1. Calvin Brown

Position: SF/PF

Height: 6’6


Outlook: Helped lead a New York team back from an 0-2 deficit to having 6 of their last 7 games including a game one win against Atlanta in the playoffs. He is the most efficient scorer in the entire JBA and has the highest FG% of all qualifiers. He shot over 55% on the season while scoring over 27 points a game, he’d be a solid wing threat in the NBA if he can develop a consistent outside game and ability to create for others.


Weaknesses: His biggest weaknesses are passing and 3-point shooting, he doesn’t have the full game you’d want in someone at 6’6 but his inside game is phenomenal. If he can grow a few inches as his body develops and work on his game away from the basket he’ll be a real NBA threat.

Best Fit: Grizzlies



  1. Melvin Davis

Position: C/PF

Height: 6’9


Outlook: The best rim protector in the JBA, he is a little undersized for the NBA game as of now, but he has good defensive instincts and may be a better rim protector than Tristan Thompson, someone he has similar size too. If he can develop his game, and body further I think there will be a place for him in the NBA. Who better to pair him with than LeBron who has already got one  big man of a similar skill set into a big payday.


Weaknesses: Isn’t tall enough to be an NBA Center but he could be a rim protector and finisher if he made it onto the right squad, with teammates who can set him up.


Best Fit: Lakers


  1. Cameron Clark

Position: C/PF

Height 6’8


Outlook: He’s had limited time in the league to really get a grasp on his full game, but he’s built like Julius Randle and is solid. He has the most pro ready body in the JBA, his game however does have question marks beyond how much he can dominate with his size and strength. If a team see’s his body and believes there is enough basketball skills to work with he could make it to the next level.


Weaknesses: His game outside the paint needs a ton of work, needs to develop ball skills and a consistent jumper to have any shot of making the league. His body is there he just needs to put in the work.


Best Fit: Lakers



  1. Corey Boyd

Positions: PF/C

Height: 6’9


Outlook: If he had the body Cameron Clark does now he’d already be in the NBA with his overall game. He can put the ball on the floor, shoot from 3 not the free throw line, and is a good passer and playmaker but he is lacking the athleticism and strength he’d possess if in better shape. He’s a good rebounder and has ball skills, will be interesting too see how much dedication he makes to a physical change.


Weaknesses: His size is one of weakness because he isn’t in the type of basketball shape he’ll ne to be in to play in the NBA. He does have the overall basketball skills and potential to be a real prospect and could even be the top player on this list if he developed his body over the next 8 months.


Best Fit: Hawks



  1. Jordan Myers

Positions: SG

Height: 6’5

Outlook: He has been asserting himself alongside Cutis Hollis as the man in Houston, he has been a more efficient scorer than Hollis as of late but he his overall game could use some work at times. His defensive effort and clutch late free throws were vital in Houston upsetting Dallas in the first round of the JBA playoffs.He’d make for a solid scorer off the bench for many teams, but I think his game if it develops further would be a possible replacement for Jabari Parker if he doesn’t work out with the bulls.


Weaknesses: Passing and setting up others isn’t his strong suit, but he can be lethal scoring the basketball at times. Could also use some more muscle and a stronger defensive presence.


Best Fit: Bulls

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  1. You’re on drugs if you think any of these players will even sniff the NBA.

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