With the playoffs right around the corner (August 17th), NBA history takes a new chapter in its online presence as the NBA 2K league starts its first postseason. This is something that isn’t new to many of the Players in the NBA 2K league, including the likes of Brandon Caicedo, Brandon Raudenbush, and Austin Painter. A summer of history in the basketball world has taken place, between a wild free agency, the NCAA changing major eligibility rules for athletes entering the draft, which had a lot to do with the creation of Lavar Ball’s JBA league I believe, and NBA 2K league in its inaugural season. This summer has taken basketball to new heights for many fans of the game who miss competitive basketball during the summer. This is something not lost on “BooPainter” as he said he liked their potential matchup against the Blazers stating, “I’ll be matched up with Walnut a lot of the game, and I think our team has a real chance of coming out with the win”, he lived up to his statements scoring 57 points and leading the Wizards to a needed victory going into the final week of the season. Leading is something not always done in the box score as Brandon Raudenbauch a former esports pro is a leader in the Cavs Legion locker room and is accepting of his role and understands he won’t get the touches “Hood” gets or be in the MVP talks but he just wants to help his team win. On the court he helps and leads his team and off the court he’s helping and leading many in the 2K community, as he’s started his own brand and gaming community that he hopes will allow players like Hood, Walnut, Ramo, and Hotshot to have a platform to promote their skills and personal brand to the point where it can become profitable for them all.


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Having a goal to build his own Brand like Optic in the Esports world, and even Big Baller Brand in the basketball world. They are focused on the development and promotion of their athletes both in and out of the 2K world, advancing promotion for guys they believe to have pro potential. With IBall Empire on the rise and singing many NBA 2K athletes and even MVP candidates they are set up to start dominating their market for years to come. Like Big Baller Brand they are starting something that will be competing with bigger name brands in and out of the gaming world in the years to come. If you haven’t started watching the NBA 2K league it’s about time to start, the players are serious, passionate, and hungry making these playoffs must watch TV for the month of August. Hood one of the youngest players in the NBA 2K league and the leading scorer will try to lead Cavs legion out of their recent funk and deep into the playoffs, having gotten 3rd place during both summer splits the Cavs should still be hungry to prove themselves as a team. With the playoffs essentially coming down to the final week of the season the Wizards and Cavs will be fighting for limited playoff spots, the Cavs have the tougher opponent in Magic GC as the Wizards get the Knicks in the final game of the year who’ve already locked up a playoff spot do to winning The Ticket Tournament.  With the final regular season game of the year just hours away I can feel the anticipation in the air for many of these teams and players as the look to build on a summer filled with basketball history by making some of their own in these coming playoffs. These aren’t the only playoffs right around the corner as the JBA Playoffs begin 8-10-2018 in California, Je’Rell Springer is one of the best players in the entire JBA according to many at 6’6 and plays point guard he has the size and potential to get to eh next level, and he has led his team back from 1-3 to winning out and taking the #2 seed headed into the playoffs. If he steps his game up these playoffs he could also be making some of his own history, at the JBA level and maybe even become the first player drafted out of the JBA. August has never been so existing when it comes to sports, with many patiently waiting for the NBA and NFL season to come back we have 3 weekends of playoff basketball coming at you and one thing is for sure it’ll be a piece of basketball history going forward.


To hear our conversations with Austin “BOOPainter”, Brandon “Hood, and Brandon “Toxsik” Raudenbush click the links below.


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