1. LeGarrette Blount

Team: Lions

Outlook: He is almost a lock to get goal-line touches and TD’s, he won’t be their feature back but will get you 30-50 yards a game plus a TD every other game or so, which is worth of a late round snag for your RB position that runs thin after the first 5 rounds of the Draft. The Lions score the ball a lot as a franchise and needed additional help in the RedZone where Blount will feast.

Target Draft Rounds: 12-15


  1. Marshawn Lynch

Team: Raiders

Outlook: He started to get his game together at the end of last season, having been away from football for over a year made it difficult for him to get into proper football shape. Look for Marshawn to be a solid addition to your RB depth this season, as the Raiders will have a high scoring offense and he’ll get plenty of opportunities to score the ball. Especially in the Red Zone, as the raiders have lost Carr’s favorite Red Zone target in Michael Crabtree. He won’t be a top 10 RB this year, but he should crack the top 20 for sure and will only cost you a late round pick.

Target Draft Rounds: 9-11


  1. Cooper Kupp

Team: Rams

Outlook: The Rams don’t have a go to TE or dump off target aside from Gurley, but most of his catches are designed. This gives Kupp who is also good friends and a favorite target off the young Jarred Goff, a good opportunity to catch 5+ balls a game for the Rams this upcoming season. He won’t have a ton of yards and his scoring will be sporadic but he in PPR Leagues he’s a legit threat and Flex option that you can draft into the later rounds.

Target Draft Rounds: 8-10


  1. Jack Doyle

Team: Colts

Outlook: If Andrew Luck comes back and is healthy he’ll be dumping off to his Safety nets even more than in years passed giving Doyle a good opportunity to be a top 5-10 TE this season. Last year he had moments where he performed for lesser QB’s, in what will be a more pass happy offense in 2018 look for Doyle to get plenty more opportunities to catch balls and get in the end zone.

Target Draft Rounds: 11-13


  1. Isiah Crowell

Team: Jets

Outlook: The Jets will have an improved offense this season at some point when Sam Darnold gets under Center, they’ll also be looking to take some of the pressure off their QB’s and as Crowell is the only RB in their rotation who’s been a full-time starter we expect him to put up solid numbers for a struggling but improving jets team. With his draft position he’s worth a pick and stash on in case he can have a top 15 season this year. That’s why 6 of these 10 sleepers are RB’s because the position is thin, and you’ll need to target and acquire one or multiple names on this list.

Target Draft Rounds: 10-12


  1. Ty Montgomery

Team: Packers

Outlook: A WR turned RB, the Packers utilize him in a ton of different ways, and when Rodgers is healthy he only runs the ball 10-15 times a game to keep the defense honest. Mostly he is useful in the passing game where he’ll get 3-4 catches a game when healthy. Being such a late pick that you can get as late as the 14th round makes him worthy of being a 4th or 5th RB on your squad.

Target Draft Rounds: 11-14


  1. Allen Hurns

Team: Cowboys

Outlook: The Cowboys don’t have a #1 WR as of right now they also have their RB that doesn’t catch a ton of balls out of the backfield. With big holes on offense needing to be filled, Hurns having had success with lesser QB’s in the past I believe will have a successful and near 1,000-yard season for the Cowboys. This will make him a top 35 WR in the NFL this year and you’ll get him at a discounted rate going late into rounds.

Target Draft Rounds: 10-13


  1. Jordan Reed

Team: Redskins

Outlook: Alex Smith failed to throw a ton of TD’s to his WR corps during his tenure in KC, this is something I don’t expect to change drastically as his WR group has gotten worse. He will find some comfort in Jordan Reed if he can stay healthy as he is similar in skill to Travis Kelce when he’s at 100%. So being able to pick him up with a late round pick would be great as you either would have a great back up or not have to waste an early round pick on a TE.  

Target Draft Rounds: 10-12


  1. Jay Ajayi

Team: Eagles

Outlook: He is the highest picked player I have listed as a sleeper; last season wasn’t the best for him in fantasy terms. This year as they’ll be trying to find their QB early in the season and without Blount taking RedZone touches away he’s going to flourish again. Maybe not a first or second round pick in the draft but he’s very worthy of his draft position this year as he’s going to give great production on a discount. He has a legitimate chance to be a top 10 RB this season if he can return to his 2016 form.

Target Draft Rounds: 6-9


  1. Mark Ingram

Team: Saints

Outlook: He’ll be suspended for the first 4 games of the year, but if you see him on your draft board still after the 7th or 8th round pick him because he is will be a great 3rd RB for your team. You’ll have to wait 4 weeks to use him but the first 4 weeks of the year there are no bye weeks and you won’t have to worry about him being injured for almost half of the Fantasy regular season. He’s going to lose production to Kamara for the second year in a row, but he’ll get touches and is worth a stash and play as the RBs available are very thin at this point in the draft.

Target Draft Rounds: 8-10

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