Pre-Season Super Bowl Prediction 2018

The Tale of Two RB’s


  • Los Angeles Rams

Outlook: Much like the eagles last season the Rams have a young Quarterback on a rookie deal with a bright coach and coordinators. Not to mention a ton of defensive talent and names across the field and a fiery LB core that is being overlook and called the Rams weakness. I’m here to tell you in 2018 the Rams won’t have any weaknesses besides a true stand out receiver at the TE position, they have depth across their D-line and secondary as well as their WR corps making this team in win now mode for the first time in almost two decades. Cooks, Kupp, and Woods are all unique talents that will compliment Gurley and Goff a lot through-out the years. But even f Gurley fails to complete the long ball at a consistent rate it, his presence will still open the filed for Todd Gurley to operate. This pick also has some bias in it as I’ve been a Rams fan forever a decade, but we are finally in position to take the league by storm this post-season. This will need some help from other teams as I don’t love the Rams chances against the Vikings as Goff’s youth may not be able to overcome that kind of defense.


Strengths: RB, CB, D-Line, WR

Weaknesses: QB (Youth), inexperience, TE

Playoff matchups to avoid: Vikings, Eagles


  • Pittsburgh Steelers

Outlook: This is based off the fact we can’t pick Brady every year, right? The patriots are the favorite most years to make it to the Super Bowl but with brady again and the AFC looking weak and open, especially as the quarterback position isn’t amazing in the AFC beyond Big Ben and Brady. What better way to finally make the Steelers pay you big time money than helping finally win a super bowl? If you’re Bell, Big Ben, and Brown you each have multiple reasons to not only want to perform but to win a Super Bowl now to help strengthen your HOF legacies. Their path to the Super Bowl looks to be easier than the NFC, with potential matchups against Bortles, Watson, Mahomes, Carr, and Rivers there isn’t a ton of playoff success to go around making these next 2-3 years as Brady ages his opportune time to win another ring. I think with all the players on the teams have their own personal and collective goals it may be enough as weak as their conference and division are to get a Super Bowl appearance.


Strengths: RB, WR, QB

Weaknesses: Secondary, LB’s, Attitude

Playoff Matchups to Avoid: Jaguars



Super Bowl Prediction: LAR 32 PIT 23

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