The West is Best!

The JBA and NBA have one thing in common besides their rules and that is that the West rules the league with an iron first and it isn’t even close. The best teams from the JBA and the only one’s we give a real shot to win the JBA Finals are in the Western conference. Luckily for JBA players in the West the leagues playoffs aren’t set up by conference, making the path to a championship more favorable. Houston and Dallas highlight our first-round matchups in what is sure to be an instant playoff classic, along with New York set to take on Atlanta who has been reeling since there loss against Los Angeles will be looking to turn their season around right at the perfect time. Th winners of these matchups will then most likely play Seattle and Los Angeles, although Deon Lyle fresh off his steaming hot 51 points in the JBA All-Star game and some of the other Chicago All-Stars may just have an upset in store for our Seattle Ballers. This will be an epic showdown through the playoff, with each game being a must win it’ll be interesting to see just how these games unfold in a do or die situation. The one thing you can take away from this article for a certainty is one of Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston, or Dallas will win the JBA Finals. The JBA is constantly upgrading its talent trying to even the competition level amongst the league, they will need to focus on the East this offseason and fully developing JBA players and their teams to make sure the league is getting more competitive rather than less. The JBA Los Angeles Ballers had 5 All-Stars this past weekend, giving them as many as the Golden State Warriors. They seem almost as unbeatable amongst the JBA as the NBA championships do, the JBA does however have a much smaller league making it easier for 5 players from one team to make the All-Star squad. Los Angeles is going to run away with the title most likely, but thankfully this is a do or die league, making the need to win all 3 playoff games detrimental in trying to secure the JBA championship. If you’re like many of us and have been watching all season long you know the JBA has a ton of talent and players who compete from start to finish, with the playoffs just around the corner on 8/10/18 we expect many JBA players to take their game to a whole new level trying to make a name for themselves not only in JBA history but hopefully amongst NBA scouts and GMS.


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