1. Ezekiel Elliot

Outlook: Zeke is going to find himself in a similar position to Todd Gurley last year, he’s going to be the focal point of his offense and will have the ball in his hands for a minimum of 25 touches both rushing and passing. The Cowboys still have a good line and a decent young QB, what they do lack on offense may be able to be made up for if Zeke shows that he can catch more balls out of the backfield. He’s a surefire pick and should be taken before the other backs just due to the fact he is needed more by his team this season than the other two running backs.


Stat Prediction: 4.6 YPC 375 Att. 1750 YDS 9 TDS 35 REC 400 RYDS 3 RTDS


  1. Todd Gurley

Outlook: He won so many fantasy owners their league last season, but that was because his ADP (average draft placement) was mid second round last year making his MVP like season even more impressive to his fantasy owners. He’ll still be a huge part of what the Rams do, but as Sean McVay tries to progress his Quarterback there will be times that Gurley doesn’t get the ball as many times as he should. With the addition of Brandin Cooks and the rest the Rams high scoring offense taking another step in their development, Gurley no longer looks like the sure-fire weapon I predicted he’d be last season.


Stat Prediction: 4.5 YPC 275 ATT 1250 YDS 11 TDS 63 REC 695 RYDS 4 RTDS


  1. Le’Veon Bell

Outlook: He has been one of the best backs every season he suits up, with another season of contract disputes Bell may be looking at another slow start before he comes together by Fantasy Football Playoff time. He won’t be as worthy of the #1 pick because I believe Big Ben will have a rejuvenated season and will be finding AB and JUJU often this fall. With an increase in the passing game and offensive production Bell will have plenty of chances to score but he won’t be the driving force of their offense every week.


Stat Prediction: 4.3 YPC 290 ATT 1250 YDS 10 TDS 75 REC 600 YDS 2 RTDS


  1. Antonio Brown

Outlook: I think AB and Big Ben are on course to have an amazing season, with the added pressure JUJU will put on defenses AB and BIG Ben will find success with his development. They’re offense will by dynamic and will have a ton of opportunities to put the ball I the end zone, I wanted to give him 16 TDS for the season as I think he’ll be scoring nearly every game. He does have others taking away his potential opportunities though, but hell catch more balls this season than he has in the last 2 years. He hasn’t been under 300 fantasy points for a season since 2012, could make an argument he’s the most consistent player to pick and if he has this breakout year hell likely be the top scorer, but with RB’s being scare he can’t be ranked as high as we’d like him to be.


Stat Prediction: 125 REC 1700 YDS 12 TDS


  1. David Johnson

Outlook: Coming off a season in which he got injured early and didn’t get to play we can only hope he’s the same David Johnson he was prior to breaking his hand. If he is and if Sam Bradford gets the start at QB and plays well, Johnson may get to put up really great numbers. He has the same argument going for him as Zeke, his team doesn’t have a whole lot of offensive talent outside of him making him and Larry still very worthwhile fantasy targets. Look for him to be on tear this season as he’ll be looking to make his case for big time RB money from Arizona if they want to keep him long-term.


Stat Prediction: 4.1 YPC 300 ATT 1250 YDS 16 TDS 60 REC 600 RYDS 3 RTDS

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