The JBA’s first season is wrapping up and Lavar has created something with real potential for young athletes. If he wants to have a better second year with the JBA, he should look to not only expand but sell franchises if he can find the right investors. If he can find other high-profile names with the means and desire to invest into what will become a premier AAU league for up and coming players. Getting people such Ving Rhames that already have shown the desire to work with young athletes in the pursuit of reaching the NBA and has been successful multiple times in doing so. Getting a few NBA players to invest and recruit talent would also go long ways in solidifying his league further, the JBA will be limited in its growth potential without Lavar getting additional help and funding to run each team as they expand. The JBA could also use a player’s union of sorts, where players who are giving up college eligibility are protected as well as defining how and when teams can cut players, and what it means for their contracts. Getting more funding by selling a few of the JBA franchises would help in bolstering the leagues ability to market to fans, increase competitive balance, and will further the reach the league has on young athletes. Young athletes should be the focus as this league once it is a few years in should be creating incumbent AAU teams for younger athletes to groom for the JBA. As this league grows in popularity and size Lavar will need help managing players and the marketing of the league, being one of the main attractions at nearly every event Lavar would need to try and get other NBA stars and athletes on board and willing to purchase a JBA franchise to keep up the niche of the league. Being able to go to possible JBA games where Trae Young, Ezekiel Elliot, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, or even Arian Foster own JBA teams and show up to their cities games as part of the novelty of the league it can continue to bring fans out to see the stars and young stars in the making. An absolute dream scenario for the league would be if Lavar can convince Lebron James that the JBA will be better for his son than a year of college, this would be more achievable if Lebron could own and operate the team his son is on. Already having shown an ability to create and assemble top talent to his sons AAU team “Blue Chips”, Lebron however would be an unlikely partner especially with his vast Nike ties. “Bronny” would be a transcendent face for the Junior Basketball Association and would be the biggest name to ever play in the JBA including its own Lamelo and Liangelo Ball. This outcome is unlikely but if Lavar can make some smart decisions with this league in the next 3-4 years it could be very interesting to see what the JBA turns into.


A summary of Lavar’s to do list:

  • Expand
  • Find Committed investors with athletic background
  • Help Create a player’s union (will help make athletes feel protected)
  • Continue doing open Try-outs (Invite top recruits to Try-outs, starting their Junior Year of HS)
  • Get Lonzo to build a good relationship with Lebron so he’ll buy a team
  • Find a few landing spots for JBA players overseas and hopefully NBA
  • Come up with marketing strategies, and promotion strategies to get more fans in attendance.
    • Needs to go beyond Twitter and Facebook as their only forms of advertising


If all of these things start to happen during the JBA off-season, you’ll start to see a league that has unlimited growth potential with a seemingly unlimited source of athletes to choose from. The league will need to do a better job of convincing big names to join as they have averaged 140 thousand views for JBA games not involving Lamelo and Liangelo Ball. The games involving the two brothers have averaged over 800 thousand views in comparison. Some of these numbers will grow in the years to come but without marquee players they’ll have trouble reaching the viewership they currently receive.

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