With Dwayne Wade set to be a free agent yet again and the NBA marketplace is looking as if he’ll be a 6th man with championship experience on a near veteran’s minimum contract for the last few years of his career.

wayofwade Wade who had already chose to leave the Jordan Brand to create his own “Way of Wade” brand with a Chinese apparel company as his partner. There are over a dozen of Wade’s stores in China, where they already sell the vast majority of his product in the largest market place in the world, with a population near 1.7 billion. Dwayne is already a celebrity in China, maybe almost as big as he is or was anywhere in America not named Miami.

With his game on the decline in areas and an inability to play a full 82 game season, the possibility of growing his brand further in China by playing there while he can still dominate has to be lurking in the back of his head. With Xinjiang reportedly ready to make a massive deal to lure Wade out of America we can only ponder what D-Wade could be worth to a Chinese team. The largest contract prior was 3 million per season to Kenyon Martin.martin

Wade having just got back into the states after his trip in China says, “he’s ready to focus on making a decision about his basketball future”. If Xinjiang really brings an offer the NBA can’t which would have to be north of 3.5-5 million just to beat what Wade can still make in the NBA, then they’d have to offer at least 10-15 million per season to think they have a realistic shot at bringing D-Wade to China for nearly 4 Months out of the year.

But if they do bring that level of an offer I believe with what it can do for Wade’s brand and image in China would be too good of a deal to pass up, an opportunity to create another basketball legacy in a place he’s already revered; that will also further contribute to his wallet. The major key in this whole equation is Gabrielle Union and both of his sons, having gotten custody of his kids I’m not sure how everything would work in that situation which may cause Wade to turn down any amount of money, so if China really thinks they can steal Wade from the NBA their going to have to really empty out their wallets for this one.

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