JBA All-Star Team

This is the JBA All-Star teams based on our predictions of both who will be eligible for the game and us assuming that the JBA does a live All-Star draft. If these things take place than we believe the best possible and most interesting All-Star game would be to put Melo and Gelo as captains and have them draft their own teams to square off. Would be the ultimate pick-up game that these kids have played in and would added some added fuel to the game to try and prove who can pick and play better against each other.


Lamelo gets first Pick.

Liangelo gets second Pick.



  1. Greg Floyd Jr.

Position: C

Reasoning: Lamelo will want to continue to play his same style in an all-star game, one of the keys to that is having someone nearly 7’0 that can shoot the ball from anywhere on the court. He is also one of Lamelo’s teammates and may be the most important one outside of Liangelo. Lamelo will also want the ball in his hands a lot so he’ll want to start out picking size that can finish at the rim and help him get assists.



  1. Je’Rell Springer

Position: PG

Reasoning: Liangelo isn’t much of a point guard and I doubt he’ll want to guard his brother the whole game, with that said I think he’d pick the player many have notched as the best in the JBA. Doing this gives him a long playmaker to help combat his brother. At 6’6 185 Springer has the size and length to be able to guard Melo affectively for long stretches.



  1. Calvin Brown

Position: PF

Reasoning: Having played against New York twice already this year Melo knows Calvin Browns game more than anyone not on the New York squad right now. He also would want to continue to have big men who can rebound and finish to assist him throughout the game. As far as highlight plays and potential to score in limited looks Calvin Brown would be a perfect fit alongside Lamelo.



  1. Curtis Hollis

Position: SF

Reasoning: Liangelo is more of a spot up shooter who can create for himself at times, his issue can be when he takes too many ill advised 3’s not within the flow of the offense. Surrounding himself with playmakers who are long and can switch multiple positions would seem like the best strategy playing against his brother. Making Curtis Hollis, who is a willing passer at nearly 7 assists a game will give Gelo multiple easy looks.



  1. Nigel Chaney

Position: SG

Reasoning: After having picked bigs that he feels will give him an advantage inside he’ll now look for players who can light up the score board alongside him. Who better than a player averaging 7.6 3’s made per game? Nobody, if you needed an answer for that. Chaney also doesn’t need the ball in his hands a lot and Is a good spot up shooter making him another perfect fit for Lamelo to be ball centric.



  1. Corey Boyd

Position: C

Reasoning: After looking over at his brother’s team and seeing the size it posses he’ll go after Corey Boyd who moves surprisingly well for his size and is a huge part of what Atlanta does. He is also a willing playmaker out of the center position, giving Lamelo additional opportunities to shoot the ball potentially. Corey Boyd is also a player that can put the ball on the floor and make plays for himself.



  1. Jordan Ray

Position: PG

Reasoning: Having filled his team with compliment players, at this point I think Lamelo will pick another guard with ability to light up the score board and take the load off him for stretches of the game that he has it going. Ray who already works well most the time with other star players on his team it makes perfect sense to draft both halves of the ATL splash bros if your Lamelo.



  1. Nick Lovelace

Position: PF

Reasoning: All his positions are filled except for Power Forward, and with Lamelo having picked a high flyer at his 4 why not do the same but with a player that is taller and possibly going to win the JBA dunk contest. Would also give Liangelo a chance to get multiple easy assists by throwing it up near the rim.



With the reserves we are going to assume that Liangelo will get the first pick, much like the NBA gave Steph Curry the first pick on the bench. Also, we are going to assume that the rosters stay at 8 players per team as the regular season JBA games.


  1. Deon Lyle

Reasoning: Long guy who can come in and play multiple positions while being able to knock down the 3-pt ball.


  1. Isom Butler

Reasoning: Going to want to add a wing defender that will be able to hold his brother for stretches of the game and not get bullied.


  1. Niles Malone

Reasoning: Will want to add another piece that can light up the scoreboard, not to mention it’s his own teammate that he’d be more comfortable with in picking.


  1. Jaylen Nixon

Reasoning: Will want to add a scoring threat for multiple positions to the bench as well and that would fit Jaylen Nixon to a tee as of late.


  1. Jamichael Morgan

Reasoning: With most the big men off the table he’ll want to continue to add wing threats that are willing to pass and aren’t overly ball dominant. Morgan is sneaky good.


  1. Melvin Davis

Reasoning: Davis had been a BIG addition for this Los Angeles team, and what better way to have good chemistry than by having as many of your teammates as possible.



Team Melo                                                         Team Gelo

Jordan Ray                                                          Je’Rell Springer

Nigel Chaney                                                     Liangelo Ball

Lamelo Ball                                                        Curtis Hollis

Calvin Brown                                                     Nick Lovelace

Greg Floyd Jr.                                                    Corey Boyd

Isom Butler                                                        Deon Lyle

Jaylen Nixon                                                      Niles Malone

Melvin Davis                                                      Jamichael Morgan

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