Lavar Ball wanted to get “Dawgs” for his league, he said he’d find good players outside of his boys and he has kept this promise by constantly upgrading talent all season long and working to improve every team and the JBA product. Atlanta however who was put together by his first-born son (Lonzo Ball, of Los Angeles Lakers) has yet to be defeated on the season, and today with a match up looming against Los Angeles they somehow again find themselves being doubted and written off by a lot of fans and media. Including the JBA league throwing slight shade. Check out tweets below from Atlanta Baller players in response to being doubted in their match-up with Gelo and Melo.

Gelo added at the midway point of season was in response to the Los Angeles Ballers not playing up to par and the fact the boys play so much better together. This showed in their very first game, but this is a whole different animal on the horizon for Los Angeles. Gelo will have to muster a better shooting performance than 4/18 from 3 if they want to beat the Atlanta “Splash Brothers”. This game has everything you’d want to see when watching a war or fighting movie, with two sets of “Brothers” squaring off, some of the top big men in the league (Greg Floyd Jr., and Corey Boyd) and other top MVP candidates in Niles Malone and Isom “The Baby Glove” Butler this is going to be an absolute battle out there. Atlanta will not roll over against this Los Angeles team, and they will be able to break their press all game long, so it will be interesting to see how Los Angeles responds on the defensive end. Can’t forget how Lavar traded away 7’1 Demba Thimbo to Atlanta because he thought he was part of the problem in Los Angeles and you have a big man with a chip on his shoulder at well. This game has the most NBA level talent in the League, it will be must see Facebook TV.

If you aren’t tuning in tonight (5:00 CT) then you are missing out on an absolute heavy weight bout. This game has the makings of a JBA classic for years to come. Could be a tell of what we could see come playoff time depending on how the seeding falls by season end, and what Je’rell Springer and Seattle will have too say about that along the way for one of these teams. Grab your doughnuts, grab your milk, because you don’t want to miss a second of the action tonight I promise you that.


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