20. Cameron Massey

Reasoning: He was forcing his shot and his game too much to start the year but as his team has improved and his Captain badge taken away he has become a more consistent player and back to be the guy we expected to see prior to the season starting. He can still lead this Dallas team on the floor and help them win games, but he’ll need to do it beyond trying to put the ball in the basket. He’ll need to continue to get his teammates involved and score as the game allows him too. The defense will give him opportunities he just has to play smart and he could be higher on this list. He has the skill but I’m not sure if he gets caught up in his own head or not. He will also need to raise his assists and be a better and more willing passer, he should be averaging 18-8-8 minimum for what we believe his skill level is however he ends up focusing on his scoring and not just letting the game come to him naturally at times.

Team: Dallas

Stats: 14.67-8-2.33

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓



19. Nick Lovelace

Reasoning: He mostly dunks the ball and gets set up to take advantage of his pure athletic ability and length. However, for his play style he is vastly undersized for the NBA game. I said early on in this season I’d be interested to see how he does against bigger competition and while he has still been able to put up good numbers, he hasn’t shown the overall ability in his game to be able to play in the NBA. But he is still one of the top JBA players but do to his play style he doesn’t have much of a chance unless he can start extending his game out to the 3-pt line and showing the ability to handle the rock up and down the court.

Team: Houston

Stats: 15.75-10.75- (75% FG%)

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓



18. Jordan Myers

Reasoning: He has shown an ability to be a consistent scorer and threat from all parts of the floor. He doesn’t take a ton of shots and isn’t the focal point of his team offense, but he is a vital part in helping them win games. He and the rest the Houston club struggles with playing defense straight up. Hollis, Myers, and Williams have all been in foul trouble way too much for this Houston squad to think they can win every game.

Team: Houston

Stats: 19.25- 11.75- 2.5

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓



17. Montrell Dixson

Reasoning: He has shown flashes of being a solid young talent, can put the ball on the floor, rebound, and score without needing the ball in his hands. He has been big for Chicago during stretches, but his stats could improve based on what his skill level is. Eye test alone he’s a good player his stats aren’t amazing, but they are still solid enough to warrant him on this list right next to everyone else. His game against New York he showed out putting up 23 points and 19 rebounds he needs more games like that to prove he belongs higher up this list. Keep an eye on him the rest of the JBA season.

Team: Chicago

Stats: 14-14.33-1.67

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓



16. Isom Butler

Reasoning: He is currently our favorite for DPOY, as he and the ATL team seems like the only franchise not allergic to playing defense straight up. Houston plays defense, but they are constantly in foul trouble from trying to play defense. Atlanta is a very complete team and was put together by Lonzo Ball. Lonzo knowing first hand what it’d take to make the NBA obviously has picked the best team thus far in the inaugural JBA season. He also has a good all-around game that doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be effective and contribute.

Team: Atlanta

Stats: 10.25-8-6–2.5 Stls–1 Blk

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓



15. Caleal Walker

Reasoning: He has been the best player for Dallas so far and has started to help turn their season around after an upset win over Los Angeles before the midseason break. If he can rally off a few more wins and keep improving his numbers he will be able to find himself an all-star team for sure. As of now he’s borderline hit or miss, as the guard spots in this league are heavy and deep that is the best position to pay the most attention to a nightly basis.

Team: Dallas

Stats: 24.33-8.67-1.33



14. Jamichael Morgan

Reasoning: He has been able to consistently score for this Seattle team while not having the ball in his hands and the offense catered around him. He goes out there and puts up nearly 30 a game while playing within the offense and allowing the game to come to him naturally. With a great player like Springer at point making the offense run smooth you can barely notice Morgan on the court at times until he comes out of nowhere for yet another dunk or layup.

Team: Seattle

Stats: 29.25-8.4.5

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓


corey boyd

13. Corey Boyd

Reasoning: He may be the most skilled big man in the league outside of Greg Floyd Jr. only difference is he has a much bigger body and frame and can still move nicely with the ball in his hands. That is how he earned the nickname “big jelly”, if he wants to get to the next level over the course of this season and possibly next he’ll need to commit fully to a diet and workout routine that could not only send him sky rocketing up this list but make him a shoe in for the NBA draft.

Team: Atlanta

Stats: 21.75-10.75-2.5

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓



12. Jaylen Nixon

Reasoning: He didn’t get off to a hot start in the first two games Philadelphia played but after stating that he has felt overlooked and underrated he has completely shown out. Philly has only managed one win thus far but after back to back games scoring 39 and 37 respectively we are going to go ahead and give this man the credit he deserves. He will need to lead his team to victories over their final 4 games though.

Team: Philadelphia

Stats: 24.3-6.0-0.33

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓



11. Deon Lyle

Reasoning: He is the most decorated JBA player currently and with his most recent is likely out of the running for MVP, however he was right there in the mix at the midseason mark. Barring some very hot shooting to end the season he’ll find himself a borderline USA JBA team player depending on the team composition and size.

Team: Chicago

Stats: 23-9.5-3.25

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓



 10. Niles Malone

Reasoning: He started off the season insanely hot and while he has cooled down slightly I’d have to assume if he was on a team not named Los Angeles he’d be getting way more shots and more of the offense catered to him. Malone has done enough to warrant being a top 10 player, but just barely sliding past Nixon and Lyle who are much bigger bodies and frames than the undersized Malone.

Team: Los Angeles

Stats: 32.2-4-4

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓


kezo brown

9. MarquisKezo” Brown

Reasoning: He was rated as the best player in my eyes of high school tape and footage we got on these individuals prior to them joining the JBA. Marquis Brown was the real deal when he was leading Simeon (Jabari Parker’s High School) to state titles as a sophomore. He fell into the wrong side of the track and begun posting things on social media that drastically affected his college status. Now in the JBA he has a chance to prove himself but having a 2-point game where you fouled out is unacceptable. Kezo Brown needs to play with the sort of flashiness and charisma he did a few years ago. I’m not sure if it is mental or what but he isn’t the basketball player I’ve seen hours of tape on prior to the JBA.

Team: Chicago

Stats: 27.2- 3.75- 5.8

More Player Info:↓↓↓↓↓



8. Jordan Ray

Reasoning: He is the leader for his Atlanta team that comes and goes as he does, when he is on his game and in the Zone, Atlanta is virtually unbeatable in the JBA. However, he has small stretches of about a half quarter to a quarter where he makes many mistakes and doesn’t shoot the ball well as result. A lot of this man’s game is mental and if he can brush off misses and bad stretches to finish strong he’ll be in the MVP running all year. He doesn’t have the size or the same pro potential that some of the top 7 Players in the JBA.

Team: Atlanta

Stats: 29-9-3.5

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓



7. Calvin Brown
Reasoning: When he has his shot and game going he will be a threat to score from any spot as well as rise up high and put you on a poster. He has real potential to get to the next level if he can continue to work on his perimeter game. In the paint he is almost unguard-able at this JBA level as he is shooting over 60% from the field on the season. Making him one of the best prospects and players in the JBA, worthy of a look by NBA scouts if he can continue to grow and develop his body along with his overall game. New York is also riding a 3-game win streak, thanks in large part to Calvin Brown and some of the new NY additions (Irby).
Team: New York
Stats: 29.75-12.75-1

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓



6. Greg Floyd Jr.

Reasoning: He is averaging over 20 Points and 20 rebounds while not being the focal point of the offense. He plays within himself and takes the shots given him to him and makes the most of his opportunities on the floor. He is constantly cleaning up the glass and is leaps and bounds the best rebounder in the league with the most potential due to his size and ability to move with the ball and shoot out to 30 Feet. He is still the most legitimate pro prospect in my mind, as he has all the tools and potential needed to succeed at this level and the next. He will need to further show out and impress scouts on a team loaded with talent, he must get a look given the way he has performed. He does need to be more assertive and try to raise his points to the 28-30 Point mark but with Liangelo now on the team he’ll find his shot count will decrease.

Team: Los Angeles

Stats: 24.75-20.8-2

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓



5. Lamelo Ball

Reasoning: He is the biggest star in the JBA, however he currently isn’t the best player. He has the most potential and the biggest leash to be able to showcase his talents. Melo ball still doesn’t take things as seriously as you’d think he should, but he is still a 16-year-old kid that is just tying to enjoy himself. He needs to take the game more serious though like he did last night when his brother stepped o the court beside him. Putting up 25-17-19 last game he nearly has a 20-20-20 triple double which hasn’t happened in NBA or JBA history. He was showing off some flashy passing ability all game long, throwing multiple passes to himself off the backboard even, one of which that ended with him catching it and tossing a bunny in midair to help his teammate score. Melo is at his best when he’s trying to play more like Lonzo and just let the scoring part come to him naturally.

Team: Los Angeles

Stats: 40.75- 13- 8

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓



4. Curtis Hollis

Reasoning: He had an argument as the best player in the JBA before Liangelo Ball joined, and while I like his overall game a lot. Currently Chaney is shooting at a ridiculous clip and springer has been very consistent while being an oversized point guard, which will help him get to the next level. Hollis is a very talented player whose biggest issue is staying on the court and out of foul trouble, if he can do that and bring his fouls down to like 2 a game his Houston squad could in it all. He will get his chance to guard Liangelo Ball too and show what he’s made of. His game would translate nicely to the NBA and it’s style as he could guard and switch multiple positions while helping run and facilitate parts of the offense.

Team: Houston

Stats: 29.5-12.25-6- (5.15 Fouls P/G)

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓



3. Nigel Chaney

Reasoning: He is leading the sole undefeated team in both scoring, 3p%, and 3P attempts. He is a marksman and has shot 40-50% from 3 nearly every game. If his Atlanta team stays undefeated this season he will run away with the JBA MVP award, and his team has a great shot of doing so as they have gotten even better as of late adding 7-1 Demba Thimbo from the LA Ballers to their squad. Chaney is a great shooter and is very consistent right from the jump if he keeps shooting like this and NBA team must draft him.

Team: Atlanta

Stats: 33.5-7-2.75-52% from 3

More Player Info: ↓↓↓↓↓



2. Jerrell Springer

Reasoning: He has been the most consistent player in the JBA win or lose, he goes out there and does whatever he can to help his team compete. He doesn’t look for his shot any more so than he does shots for others. At 6’6 and a point guard he has the vision, size, and skill to make it to the next level. Springers size, basketball IQ, and athletic ability have been put on display every game. He is consistently scoring over 25 a game for his ball club. Finally finding a way to get a W yesterday against a Chicago team also in desperate need of a victory was a great way to turn their season around.

Team: Seattle

Stats: 34-11.25-4.75

More Player Info:: ↓↓↓↓↓


gelo ball

  1. Liangelo Ball
  2. Reasoning: He has only played one game in the JBA, but he has the most pro experience in the League and was getting ready for the NBA draft and should have been drafted. He further proved that in his first JBA game against what has proved to be some solid gems in this league, he put up a 53-point triple double in a blow out win over the Philly squad. Liangelo has the ability to get insanely hot from 3-pt land, however minus a brief stretch where he mad 3 3’s in a row his 3-pt shooting was off most of the night. He’ll need to improve his percentage going forward. He is however shooting nearly 50% from the field despite missing 14 3’s. He is absolutely dominate and too big of a body for these JBA players to compete. Before the game started I said he’d get 50 points because I know no one in this league could guard him.

    Team: Los Angeles

    Stats: 53-10-10-48%-22%

    More Player Info:↓↓↓↓↓

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