What would you do to be popular and hot? Would you resist temptation? Those are the very questions our young heroine Miss Cady Heron (Erika Henningsen) in Mean Girls is faced with. Her parents research loses funding and they are forced to leave their home in Africa and return to the States. This means, Cady will have to go to a real school for the first time. Through song and dance, her new friends, Janice (Barrett Wilbert Weed) and Damian (Grey Henson), introduce her to the kids around the cafeteria in “Where Do You Belong” and “Meet the Plastics” (as shown in the photo above).



The audience is introduced to Regina George (Taylor Louderman) and the Plastics (Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith) as they invite Cady to join them for lunch on their infamous “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” Day. Cady meets Aaron Samuels in Math class, but he’s Regina’s ex and she will let hell freeze over before she ever lets Cady have her left overs. (as shown in the photo above). Regina pushes every button she can until Cady explodes wanting her revenge, and you know what they say about revenge? Dig two graves. It all comes down to one candy cane and a lie and Gretchen Weiners, once a faithful servant of Regina George, spills every secret of Regina’s, including that she cheats on Aaron.



Cady embarks on her journey of revenge ruining Regina’s life. Little does she forget, two can play at that game. Regina, turns the tables on Cady, using the infamous burn book, claiming Cady wrote everything right down to “Ms. Norbury is a drug pusher” and “Janis is a space dyke” Taylor Louderman really wows audiences in this moment. She takes the stages and owns it. Regina George is not one to be messed with.

As Cady is reeling from Regina’s accusations, Janice is dealing with how Regina sees her and her fallout with Cady. Barrett Wilbert Weed shines like there’s no tomorrow on stage. She has a powerhouse voice and a commanding stage presence. From the moment she first takes the stage in “A Cautionary Tale” with Grey Henson (Damian) until the end of the show she’s definitely one to watch.


As Regina gets hit by a bus and Cady competes with the mathletes, both ladies start to realize being popular isn’t always worth it in the end. It’s the friendships the matter. Tina Fey did an incredible job with this story. The music in the show is catchy and it flows pretty well. The show is funny and entertaining, if you liked the movie, you’ll like the musical! Definitely worth checking out!

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