Top remaining moves Lakers can make this season

These are the remaining moves I believe the Lakers could make to have a squad that can have a punchers chance against the warrior if everything goes their way this offseason and the rest of the NBA season. Not all these moves are going to happen, and some of them are not even being talked about right now. But these 5-7 accusations will greatly bolster their chances of dethroning the champs.


5. Inflate the Banana Boat– The Lakers could potentially sign Dwayne Wade who is a free agent this offseason, while also signing Carmelo Anthony who is about to be released by the Thunder and will likely sign for a near minimum deal in either Los Angeles or Houston, and finally barring the NBA allowing him to play or risk further complications Chris Bosh could make a return to the NBA where his talents along with the other two former superstars would be a great talent source and would be great for the youth of the Lakers as they’d get to watch multiple all-time greats hone their craft late into their careers. Wade could provide the most championship experience, Melo could provide soring bursts and streaky shooting off the bench, while Bosh could potentially resemble a lesser version of himself. Helping spread the floor and give good midrange shooting, but after a few years off from the League it’s hard to know for certain how good he could get especially one the defensive end.


4. . Jahlil Okafor– Having not been able to amass a healthy season yet is going to be a huge deterrent, his game has also slipped season after season. However, his rookie year he averaged 17 points 7 rebounds and over a block per contest. With the best center on your team being Javale Mcgee and having such a young roster this could be a chance for LA to snatch up a prospect who still has decent potential in the interior. If he can stay healthy, obviously a big if for him thus far.


3. Wayne Elligton– He may cost the Lakers more money than they’d like to spend on a player of his caliber right now, and he says he’d prefer to play in Miami. However, just off his fit alone he’d be great coming in off the bench for KCP. The Lakers would have to use every penny of their remaining 7-10 Million in cap space to pry Ellington away from the Heat. He’d possibly have his best season of his career playing alongside passers like Lebron, Lonzo, and Rondo.


2. Jamal Crawford– He has been a consistent bench threat and scorer his entire career, and he knows his role and place within the NBA. Putting up nearly identical numbers to Carmelo Anthony as far as his shooting and effectiveness from the field. Melo just saw more game time and refused to come off the bench, and there are far less questions surrounding Jamal Crawford than Carmelo.


  1. Trade for Kawhi- This one has been floating around all off-season and if the Lakers can convince the Spurs to trade Kawhi for Ingram, Hart, Deng, and picks this trade makes perfect sense for the Lakers. As Kawhis camp continues to say he only wants to play in LA, and the Clippers not being able to offer better prospects it’s safe to assume Kawhi had over a 33% chance of being traded to the Lakers prior to the All-star break. Unless the Celtics or 763ers raise their offers to the spurs and start putting young prospects on the table than at some point SA will have no choice to go give in and get a deal done for Kawhi before they lose him for nothing.


Possible Lakers lineup if all these things took place:

Starters: Lonzo, Kawhi, Lebron, Kuzma, Mcgee

Bench: Rondo, Wade, Carmelo, Stephenson, Okafor

Reserves: Ellington, Crawford, Chris Bosh


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