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This list isn’t an exact order of the to players in the JBA it is however a list that I believe makes the best possible basketball team to go overseas and represent the US BBB team on a possible European tour. I’m going to name 5 starters and their positions and then I’m going to name 10 people that you could see fill out the roster deepening on their play as the season comes to an end. The starters were chosen based on who I think would seamlessly fit into any lineup or game situation. The 5 starters below would make the best all around starting line-up giving you the ability to switch players in and out and not miss a beat all game long. The Bench is built with players that I think the starters could use to come in for key situations and match-ups, and the reserves are players who can play their way into contention.


Starting Lineup


PG- Lamelo Ball

Reasoning: Not sure if he will start at PG or SG, with his recent struggles from NBA 3-Pt range I’d have to assume he’d get the nod at Point guard over shooting guard. He is much better suited driving and making plays for his teammates, when he isn’t playing to much iso ball and forcing up bad shots. Also, him starting is a guarantee as the league and games are almost solely meant for him.

Stats: 39.5 Points- 12.5 Rebounds- 9 Assists- 10% 3P%

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SG- Nigel Chaney

Reasoning: The best shooter in the JBA thus far would be a great addition on the court playing alongside Lamelo Ball and Curtis Hollis. The number of open looks and opportunities he’d get playi9ng alongside two of the JBA’s best playmakers. Making Chaney’s life easier will only make him that much deadlier. Being able to hide the midseason JBA MVP in a lineup with a plethora of talent will result in great things for the young sniper. At 6’2 175 he will always be considered too small for the position and will be a defensive liability in the NBA, but if he can scrap and continue to shoot at this ridiculous clip then he has to be an NBA prospect on everyone’s radar.

Stats: 33.5 Points- 7 Rebounds- 3 Assists- 7 3PM – 52% 3P%

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SF- Curtis Hollis

Reasoning: If his team had won just one more of their contests this season he may be much higher on the JBA MVP list. His numbers are eye popping and his ability to pass, shoot, rebound, and score from all levels of the court is huge for his Houston squad and would be a nice piece to throw into your small forward/point forward role. He can defend at times, but his issue is he tries to hard to stop them from scoring every time and ends up in foul trouble game after game. Defense is an area on the court he can drastically improve and guarantee himself a spot in the NBA. Adding weight to his frame and defensive IQ will be his biggest deterrent on making the NBA or not.

Stats: 29 Points- 12.5 Rebounds- 6 Assists- 45% FG%- 5.25 Fouls Per Game

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PF: Calvin Brown

Reasoning: He is a legit threat to dunk on you at any moment and is more of a natural small forward but with his game leaning towards an inside presence and Melo ball team liking to run and gun I think adding a high flyer and finisher with the overall game of Calvin Brown to the starting lineup would make them almost unbeatable against the level of competition they will face overseas. He also doesn’t take a lot of shots if he doesn’t have it going, and if he does he continues to take smart shots and play highly efficient basketball. He has also been a bright spot in turning around a New York squad that shows he has a ton of grit and fight in him as well if the game isn’t going well.

Stats: 26 Points- 13.67 Rebounds- 1.3 Assists- 62% FG%

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C: Corey Boyd

Reasoning: This one took me longer to decide but as of late Boyd has been on the much better team and has rebounded better as well. He’s defending and making consistent plays for his team during crucial moments, he has skills at all five levels and his biggest deterrent is his body isn’t quite in basketball shape. He is however at 6’9 and the skills of a guard has huge upside and potential if he can work on his body as hard as his game. Also needs to work or tweak his free throw routine he is leaving to many points on the table every game.

Stats: 23 Points- 11.5 Rebounds- 4 Assists- FT% Below 50%

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6th Man- Jerrell Springer

Reasoning: He’s tall for a Point guard and could come into the game and play the 1-3 for this team, giving them a consistent and efficient scorer and play maker coming into the game for any of their wings. He has great skill and vision and that’s why he’d be the first name I’d call of the bench because I can count on him to be consistent and to not force his shot or game. Being able to come for multiple positions and contribute on all 5 levels is something that can’t be overlooked.

Stats: 32.67 Points- 13 Rebounds- 4.33 Assists

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Shooter- Jordan Ray

Reasoning: I’m sure he’d believe he should be starting and by his play this season many would agree however I just don’t see how you pencil him into the starting lineup as of now. His streaky shooting and ability to create and get to the rim would be a great asset of the bench incase he didn’t have it going like he has during small stretches for Atlanta you can bring him back to the bench to settle him down and get him into a different mindset. Having an MVP level player coming off the bench to cook European teams not ready for their style of play will be fun to watch.

Stats: 29 Points- 9 Rebounds- 3.5 Assists

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Stretch 4/5- Greg Floyd Jr.

Reasoning: He would have been starting on this team but his play of late and the fact Lamelo is asking for big men PF’s leads to me believe there are some questions about his level of effort on a nightly basis. He is one of the best talents in the JBA and has the most upside and potential to land on a pro roster, but he must show the ability to separate himself as the best player on the court each night. This kind of fight and attitude isn’t something I’ve seen from the young 6’10 prospect. His ability to shoot the 3 and put the ball on the floor to go with his height would be huge for this team when they want to play fast and put up points in bunches.

Stats: 24.67 Points- 21.33 Rebounds- 2 Assists

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kezo brown

Playmaker: Marquis “Kezo” Brown

Reasoning: He’s one of the flashiest passers in the JBA and would be a great player to come in off the bench and run the offense at a high level. Also, having made a U17 USA roster in the past, and having an almost cult like following coming out of the city of Chicago he is a shoe in for the BBB USA team and may even be one of the Two Captains come the JBA All-Star Game. Who better to run your second unit then a player who had multiple offers from major universities before taking time away due to non-basketball related issues. Now back on another USA squad he’d get the chance to show the world Kezo Brown is back.

Stats: 33.5 Points- 4 Rebounds- 6.5 Assists

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Defender: Isom Butler

Reasoning: He doesn’t have the numbers or eye-popping stats some of these individuals have however he is a defensive specialist and a player you may not think would make this list or even our MVP list, but you can’t deny his overall impact and influence on games. He has earned the nickname “Baby Glove” for a reason, playing defense 94-feet he always makes it difficult for opposing teams to initiate and get into a fluid offense. He’d be a great security blanket to have on your bench on a Lamelo Ball led team that can usually tend to not play defense. Having him would make the press LA attempts to run more formidable.

Stats: 10.2 Points- 8 Rebounds- 6.5 Assists- 2.5 Steals

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Honorable Mention/Reveres


PG- Niles Malone – Scorer

Reasoning: He’s a shoot first style player, which has been part of the problem with this LA team as he has cooled down from his hot start to the season. Now that he isn’t hitting at a ridiculous clip the ISO-Ball being played by LA isn’t leading to a fluid offense or very efficient offense. He has also increased his turnovers as of late and needs to settle back into himself to earn his way back up the list. However even with his recent dip is still one of the league leading scorers and you must respect his game.

Stats: 35 Points- 4 Rebounds- 4 Assists



SG- Deon Lyle – Shooter

Reasoning: One of the best and most decorated players in the JBA, went from playing NCAA basketball as 6th man of the year for UTSA to now being a possible MVP candidate and BBB USA representative. He needs to continue to increase his play and work alongside Kezo to give Chicago a chance to make a deep playoff run. He is a great shooter with ability to get HOT from 3-PT range not only at this level but against NCAA competition as well I look for him to have a real shot to try and get to the next level.

Stats: 24.33 Points- 10.33 Rebounds- 3.33 Assists



SF- Jamichael Morgan – Slasher/Shooter

Reasoning: He has been a good scorer for a Seattle team I was high on to start the season but after multiple losses he fell from the MVP ranks but I believe Morgan is the type of player who doesn’t seem to have the ball a ton or stand out all game and yet when you look at the box score he’s usually all over it. He’s a sneaky player that has a knack for putting the ball in the basket.

Stats: 28.67 Points- 6 Rebounds- 4.67 Assists



PF- Nick Lovelace – High Flying 4

Reasoning: This team could obviously use more rebounding and someone they can rely on to be a consistent rim protector and scorer. To keep pressure on the defense and make sure they know at any moment he will rise up and throw one down over their heads. He’d be great in a pick and roll situation with his own teammate Hollis, or Lamelo ball.

Stats: 15.25 Points- 10.75 Rebounds- FG% 75%



C- Demba Thimbo

Reasoning: He is only on this list because he is over 7 foot. That hasn’t seemed to help LA during his time on the court this season. But for his size alone I will give him consideration incase you run into some bigger European teams.

Stats: 7 Points – 10.67 Rebounds



SG – Jaylen Nixon – Slasher

Reasoning: He could play his way into taking Jamichael Morgan’s role if he plays the way he did against Seattle the rest of the season. I put him on this list because Thimbo isn’t an actual candidate at this point in my mind, however this USA BBB team would be lacking depth down low, but they would be able to score in bunches. He has been overlooked much of the season but that’s because Philly has played the least amount of games and he hasn’t shown out until their most recent win, now he should be in just about everyone’s radar, but he can’t get complacent after one great performance.

Stats: 17 Points- 5 Rebounds- Career High 39 Points

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