1. Atlanta

Outlook: Undefeated at the halfway mark of the season can only result in the top rankings, Atlanta has played some good teams in Chicago, Houston, and Seattle. Each time they held off good teams and kept the game in their control, at times this season they have started to slip up in a quarter to two stretches, but they always seem to get their game together to pull out the win. They have 4 players in our top 10 MVP candidates for a reason, their team is stacked with talent and grit. Led by the ATL Splash Bros this young JBA team is looking to remain undefeated on their way to the first ever JBA championship.

Record: (4-0) Wins over Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Houston

Next Game: July 14th Vs. Philadelphia

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  1. Chicago

Outlook: They played a red-hot New York squad close the whole game and had a chance to win with a lead late in the 4th quarter all while Kezo Brown was sidelined with a sickness. If Kezo Brown is in the lineup for Chicago nightly, they may just be the 2nd best team in the JBA. We are looking forward to their matchup against Los Angeles, to see how both teams respond to those challenges. Deon Lyle has also been a bright spot for Chicago and he’s liable to get hot from 3 at any given moment.

Record: (2-2) Wins over Philadelphia, Houston

Next Game: July 12th Vs. Seattle

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  1. Los Angeles

Outlook: Having lost their last 2 outings we have no choice but to drop the most talented team in the JBA even further down this list. If they don’t figure out their defensive and ball movement issues they are in for many more losses in this JBA season. With Philly, ATL, and Chi-Town on the horizon LA has a chance to either bounce back and storm up these Power Rankings where everyone expected them to be or they will find themselves outside looking in at the top 4 teams in the JBA.

Record: (2-2) Wins Over New York, Seattle

Next Game: July 12th Vs. Philadelphia

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  1. Houston

Outlook: This Houston team has been in close fought games all season with their only losses coming against teams above them on this list. However, having split their contests thus far it’s hard to raise them any higher or lower on the list. Curtis Hollis is a legit MVP candidate and would be running away with the award if his Houston team was undefeated, however they still have chances to make statements this season. They are also one of the most athletic teams in the JBA and have a player in Nick Lovelace averaging over 4 Dunks per contest, to pair with multiple other higher flyers and quality shooters this Houston team is the real deal.

Record: (2-2) Wins over New York, Dallas

Next Game: July 14th Vs. Dallas

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  1. New York

Outlook: The Winners of 3 straight, they look to be the second hottest team in the JBA with a chance to go into the postseason on a hot streak that could not only make them a top seed in the league but secure Calvin Brown MVP honors. Having games against Seattle and Philly two teams they are ranked above in the Power Rankings this week, along with a contest against what could still be an undefeated Atlanta squad will give this New York team a chance to go into the JBA playoffs with a real head of steam and confidence having rose from the bottom of our JBA Power Rankings to what could possibly be the top if they can keep finding ways to win.

Record: (3-2) Wins over Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago

Next Game: July 17th Vs. Seattle

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  1. Philadelphia

Outlook: Had chances to win each of their contest this season but let a big lead slip away to Chicago and lost the first of two matchups against a loaded ATL in a wire to wire thrilling game. With their next 3 games against teams at the top of the JBA totem poll they have a chance to make some real statements going forward and catapult themselves up these JBA rankings in time for a playoff run. Led by Nixon and Buckner this Philly squad can be dangerous at times but needs to find a way to come up with a win over their final 5 games of the season.

Record: (1-2) Win over Seattle

Next Game: July 12th Vs. Los Angeles

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  1. Seattle

Outlook: They were one of the most exciting teams early on in this JBA season, but after suffering 3 straight losses we have no choice but to continue to drop them down in these rankings. Springer has been phenomenal for long stretches of ball games but will need to find a way to control the game even more and helping his teammates get easy looks. Scoring is something you must do in bunches in the JBA and at times their team can get cold, and it’ll be up to him and Springer to weather those storms and make good basketball plays to keep them in the game. I look for them to turn their season around especially with 2 matchups coming up against Chicago.

Record: (1-3) Win Over Dallas

Next Game: July 12th Vs. Chicago

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  1. Dallas

Outlook: Dallas has had multiple accusations recently to help bolster their team’s chances of competing all season long. Fresh off their first win it seems to be doing them good and will be interesting to see how the team jells. To begin the year at times their previous captain Massey was forcing his shot and forcing plays to much instead of making the right or smart play. The last few games he’s done a better job of getting everyone settled into the game and running this Dallas offense at a much better efficiency. I look for him and Dallas to improve drastically and find a way out of the bottom of these Power rankings at some point this season, with another matchup with Houston around the corner they have a chance to turn their season around at the Texas Showdown in Houston.

Record: (1-3) Win Over Los Angeles

Next Game: Vs. Houston

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