1. Nigel Chaney

Team: Atlanta

Reasoning: He has been the most consistent offensive weapon in the JBA Averaging just over 33 points a game on a great 3P%. He scored 33 against a good Houston team this week and hit several clutch shots during a close game. If he continues to shoot and score at this high of a clip and the Atlanta squad stays undefeated he may just run away with the first ever JBA league MVP. The only player remotely close in these MVP rankings to Chaney at this moment is his own teammate Jordan Ray. The NBA can always use shooters, and this man deserves a long look for his ability to shoot the basketball from deep.

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  1. Jordan Ray

Team: Atlanta

Reasoning: The Atlanta squad may come and go as he does but that is excluding Nigel Chaney, he is consistent and good no matter the circumstances. That is why Chaney narrowly edges out Jordan Ray at the midway point throughout the season. As the primary ball handler, we want to see Hollywood Ray raise his playmaking ability, he is a score first point guard by trait, but he’d have a better chance at MVP if he finished the year averaging 25-7-7 (currently averaging 29-9-3.5). His overall game and ability to setup teammates and keep his team undefeated will keep Jordan Ray this high on the list but if he wants to set himself apart from his own teammate he will have to step up even further.

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kezo brown

  1. Kezo Brown

Team: Chicago

Reasoning: With Kezo sitting out one of the JBA games it may end up being difficult to raise him higher on this list unless Chicago goes undefeated the rest of the season. Having his Chicago team play good without him but still lose to a team we believe they are better than. Kezo will need to be available for his team the rest of the season to stay this high on the list. 

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  1. Calvin Brown

Team: New York

Reasoning: We had NY at the bottom of our totem poll to start the JBA season after they started 0-2, but after 3 straight wins one of which over Los Angeles and Lamelo Ball this NY Ballers squad has turned their entire season around. Led by Calvin Brown, they now have a legit shot to finish as a top 4 seed in the JBA this season. And while on paper they don’t look like the most talented team, although they did get some recent accusations that have helped they are still competing every night because of this man right here.

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  1. Lamelo Ball

Team: Los Angeles

Reasoning: His stats are good if you don’t look beyond the basic points, rebounds, and assists. Lamelo has the ultimate green light in the JBA and as of now he hasn’t produced the level most would expect. His numbers are eye popping but he’s made 2 3’s through half the JBA season and is shooting in the high 30% range rom the field in total. He finds a way to get steals and get into the passing lanes the little he does attempt to play defense. If he can raise his FG% and stop his team from losing another game while putting up better stats he can still win the MVP award do to what could be overwhelming numbers, but not if they finish lower than the 2 seed.

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  1. Curtis Hollis

Team: Houston

Reasoning: He is inching his way up this list as his overall stat line is one of the very best in the JBA (29-12-6), he did lose to a great Atlanta team this week, so we won’t hold that against him too much in these rankings. With losses coming to ATL and an OT loss against a red hot Kezo Brown, Curtis Hollis has performed for his city and team. He will need to find ways to not just keep the games close but win out the rest of the season if he expects or wants to end up any higher on this list.

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  1. Deon Lyle

Team: Chicago

Reasoning: Lyle found his way on this list after a loss due to his overall effort and contribution this season. With Kezo brown out of the lineup he stepped up and played big most of the game to keep the Chicago vs. NY game close and interesting till the end of the game. He is also averaging 24-10-3 on the season while shooting at a good clip, I look for him to keep this up as Chicago tries to claim the spot of the second-best team in the JBA.

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  1. Corey Boyd

Team: Atlanta

Reasoning: He has been a big reason this ATL squad has stayed undefeated, his size and ability to handle the ball as well make plays on both ends of the court has been huge for this ATL Ballers team. It will also get put to the test when they face Los Angeles July 19th and he must guard one of the 2 7 footers Los Angeles has the entire game. That game along with one huge standout game could raise Corey Boyd into the top 5, but as of now he probably won’t find himself much higher on this list due to the dominance of his own teammates.

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  1. Isom Butler

Team: Atlanta

Reasoning: His stats while they are the least eye popping on this MVP list, has one of the best all-around games in the JBA. He is a superb defender and our leader for DPOY at the halfway mark of this JBA season. He earned the nickname “Baby Glove” for a reason, and the rest of his game is very complimentary. As he is averaging 10-8-6 on the season for this Atlanta squad he is finding several ways to contribute to his team on either end of the floor and he has been a major part of their undefeated season thus far.

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  1. Jerrell Springer

Team: Seattle

Reasoning: I wanted to have him higher on this list because he has been absolutely balling all season long. However, between a tough early season schedule, and his team underperforming the last 3 games we have no choice but to put him last and if his Seattle team loses another game this season he may just find himself out of the rankings all together. Their next matchup is against Chicago and Kezo Brown, if they can bounce back and get a W, his season and chances at winning this award aren’t completely gone just yet. He is an MVP performer but that entails winning, without getting the W it’s mostly just empty stats at the end of the day.

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2 Comments on “Midseason JBA MVP Rankings

  1. Dude you out yo fuckn mind not to have Niles Malone on this bullshit ass list !! The kid is one of the top players in the JBA Period! Gtfoh!! Numbers don’t lie, I advise you to keep it real homie!! We watchn!!

    • This as real as it gets, Can’t win lose 2 straight and having your numbers drop off dramatically and still be an MVP candidate. He was Number one at one point but do to La’s style and his recent play there are ten JBA players that are playing better than him.

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