According to my count only three restricted free agents have agreed to a deal thus far. Aaron Gordon with Orlando, Dante Exum with Utah and Fred Van Vleet in Toronto. That leaves a bunch of restricted free agents still available. With only three teams(Atlanta, Sacramento and Chicago) with money to make big offers, it will be interesting to see how these free agents can secure offer sheets or get big money. Unless your current team makes a big offer, there is no need for the restricted free agents to go seek offers until July 6th, which is first official day you can sign the free agent contract or offer sheet in this case.  Unfortunately this is not a great year to get big money thrown at you. There is also a good shot some of these free agents may sign the qualifying offer and try unrestricted free agency next off season. So here is what is happening with the big restricted free agents.

Clint Capela C, Houston He has been somewhat active talking to the Lakers and possibly some others, but it looks very likely he heads back to Houston. The Rockets already lost Trevor Ariza to Phoenix and are not keen on losing another starter this summer. I cannot think of any team with the money and interest in Capella, knowing Houston likely matches, to give him an offer sheet. Prediction: signs 3 years $40 million with Houston

Jabari Parker SF/PF, Milwaukee Lots of reports saying the Bucks want to cut ties with Parker. I do not believe those reports at all. I think there is some trust issues with both parties that need to be sorted out, but as far as him going anywhere, I find that hard to believe. The Bulls had interest and still might, but Sacramento has pulled out of the Jabari sweepstakes. That leaves Atlanta with money to throw at him and I do not think it is a match for either. I think Milwaukee needs to lock him up, but I know they do not want to break the bank on him. Parker wants big money, but right now there is not any. He needs to return to Milwaukee and prove himself. Prediction: Parkers signs qualifying offer in Milwaukee

Zach LaVine SG, Chicago Zach LaVine wants big money. Sacramento and Atlanta are interested in him. I doubt either ponies up big money knowing Chicago may match. I think LaVine could be a fit with Sacramento or Atlanta, but the Bulls need him back to legitimately have a shot at the playoffs. LaVine is not really a superstar but put up good numbers with Chicago after recovering from the ACL injury he had in Minnesota. I can’t see the Bulls letting him go. Prediction: signs 3 years $ 52 million with Chicago

Marcus Smart PG/SG, Boston I think Smart wants to get paid and has said he’d prefer to stay in Boston. However I think he wants to get an opportunity for more playing time and right now Boston has a bunch of guards who need minutes. If Smart was unrestricted I think he’d be gone, but being restricted hampers his ability to leave. I do however think if the Celtics can retain Smart, they may look to deal a guard to create more minutes for Smart. If Exum got a contract of 3 for 33, Smart should get more than that. Prediction: signs 3 year $40 million with Boston

Jusuf Nurkic C, Portland  He really came on as the starting center in Portland after the trade from Denver. Nurkic wants to get paid and Portland has already made terrible free agent signings the last few years. Once again, not many teams have money to throw at him. Atlanta could be a dark horse, but I don’t think they try and pry him away. Prediction: signs 4 years $60 million with Portland

RodneyHoodSG/SF, Cleveland Since arriving in February in a trade from Utah, Hood has not seen much playing time. It really hurt his stock and very doubtful anyone throws an offer sheet at him. The good news is that LeBron James left town and the Cavs are in a sort of rebuild mode, depending if they trade Kevin Love or not, and Hood could factor into the rotation next season. There is a glaring opening at small forward spot for the Cavs and it is very likely they move JR Smith some place before the trade deadline and that would also create some playing time. I think Hood needs minutes to get his stock back up. Prediction: signs qualifying offer in Cleveland

Kyle Anderson SF, San Antonio The Spurs situation is a mess right now due to the drama with Kawhi Leonard. Leonard leaving could be bad for Anderson as the haul the Spurs will get for him will likely cut into his minutes. The best move for Anderson is to leave and try again with another franchise. I think the Spurs would be okay with him leaving but someone may have to make an offer big enough to keep the Spurs away. Prediction: Signs 2 years $20 Million with Sacramento, last year team option

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