1. Jordan Ray

Team: Atlanta

Reasoning: He cut his turnover’s down against Seattle and made better decisions the entire game. He has been a knock-down shooter for all 3 games for Atlanta and is truly something special to watch. This Atlanta team comes and goes as his game does, and right now he is cooking and setting up teammates to be successful. He is also in the JBA record books as the first player in JBA history to record a triple double. He has another great shooter around him that can pick up the slack, but he is the spark of the best team in the JBA. July 19th they’ll get to put their #1 seed and lead over LA to a real test when they face Lamelo Ball and the LA Ballers Big 3.

Performances: G1 (32,8,7,2) G2 (22,3,9,5) G3 (43,11,10,3)

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  1. Niles Malone

Team: Los Angeles

Reasoning: He has been the only player trying to play defense for a Los Angeles squad that seems almost allergic to defense outside of getting in the passing lanes. He started off very hot from the field and in their first upset loss of the season playing a team they are drastically better than he and the rest of the LA squad laid a dud. His 3-pt shooting has been good even in the loss he still managed to make 3 of them, he does need to further step up and show out this season to stay this high on the MVP rankings in our next addition.

Performances: G1 (41,5,4,3) G2 (48,5,8,2) G3 (27,1,2,4)

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  1. Nigel Chaney

Team: Atlanta

Reasoning: He is on the only undefeated team left in the JBA and has been the most consistent offensive weapon for that team. He has been able to put the ball in the basket from just about anywhere on the court while being an exceptional catch and shoot 3-pt shooter. He is the second half of the ATL Splash Bros, which will be an exciting duo to keep both eyes on all season long. We had him severely under ranked after his first 2 performances, but after following up those great game with an explosion of 11 3’s and 44 points was more than enough to shoot him and Atlanta up our rankings.

Performances: G1 (27-2-6) G2 (30-3-8) G3 (44-2-11- and 11 3’s Made)

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  1. Lamelo Ball

Team: Los Angeles

Reasoning: His stats look impressive if you ignore the shooting percentage and free throw attempts. He has the ultimate green light on a team and league constructed for him, but he hasn’t played up to expectations thus far. He has had bright moments but is an abysmal 1-26 from 3 to start the season. He also has fouled out of 2 of their 3 JBA contests thus far, and that’s in a system where he isn’t even trying to play defense. Lamelo Ball needs to improve and if his 3-PT stroke finds itself before he decides to dip his usage and shot attempts we could see him go for 70+ this season. The JBA and its players won’t be taking their matchup as lightly as Melo seems to some nights, they want the chance to prove their talents against the young prodigy.

Performances: G1 (40-11-9-4) G2 (39-9-8-3) G3 (44-5-13-7)

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  1. Greg Floyd Jr.

Team: Los Angeles

Reasoning: He had one of the most eye popping stat lines all season and then followed it up only taking 11 shots and basically disappearing behind the Melo Ball show. He needs to excerpt his will on the game as well, he is their secret weapon that truly separates them from the other teams in the JBA. If they are going to win the title without Lamelo getting hot from 3-Pt land they need more out of every game. He had been huge for allowing Los Angeles to play their style and not give up 150 points every night. However, in this last game their defense seemed even more lost and out of sink against a team with no one taller than 6’6 this was Greg’s chance to really make his stamp on these MVP rankings.

Performances: G1 (34-3-15-1-3) G2 (31-2-33-2-3) G3 (9-1-9-1-2)

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  1. Jerrell Springer

Team: Seattle

Reasoning: He has been exceptional thus far this season, but his team is 1-2 and riding a 2-game losing streak. He still makes it this high on the list however because I believe Seattle having played their two toughest games of the season already have a great chance to finish out the rest of the season undefeated if Springer continues to play his game and takes over down the stretch for this Seattle team. They have been beaten by Atlanta and Los Angeles both in close and exciting basketball games. Atlanta also had one of their best shooting games all season against Seattle and they were still within striking distance late in the game thanks to the consistent play of Springer. He will need to do a better job of setting up his teammates and scoring at the same time, sometimes his team can lose his teammates while he goes to work on a team.

Performances: G1 (22-5-15) G2 (48-5-12) G3 (29-3-12)

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kezo brown

  1. Kezo Brown

Team: Chicago

Reasoning: He didn’t open in our MVP rankings because he suffered a loss to an unproven team at the time. Now with Atlanta very much proving themselves as the best team in the JBA thus far and Kezo stepping up big time for 46 points in OT in his Hometown of Chicago to lead his team to a victory over a good Houston team. He’ll need to lower his turnovers and show me more of the flashy passer that I raved about pre-season to make his way higher on this list. Wins over Atlanta or Los Angeles while going for 40+ would be a strong way to make an MVP case as well. Kezo has 2 games against Seattle as well to further raise his stock against Jerrell Springer.

Performances: G1 (29-13-8) G2 (46-3-3) G3 (20-5-5)

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  1. Curtis Hollis

Team: Houston

Reasoning: After playing 2 more games this week and splitting them it was hard to raise Hollis any further up the list. He has put up good numbers thus far in the JBA season. He still needs to work on his decision making and ability to defend without getting into foul trouble. He wasn’t available for his Houston Ballers team in Overtime against Kezo Brown leaving his team without their leader and it showed in OT as Chicago took the game easily in the last 5 minutes. With 5 games left in the JBA season Hollis has time to work his way up the list with matchups against LA, ATL, and Seattle on the horizon.

Performances: G1 (24-8-13-1) G2 (31-1-13-3) G3 (34-7-6-4)

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  1. Jamichael Morgan

Team: Seattle

Reasoning: He has continued to be sneaky good for the Seattle Ballers through 3 games, but with their last two coming in losses it’s hard to not have him and Springer drop in these MVP rankings. With a favorable schedule the rest of the way and two matchups against Chicago and Kezo Brown the Seattle ballers duo has a chance to raise their MVP stock through their final 5 games of the JBA season.

Performances: G1 (24-4-5-2-1) G2 (29-4-6-2-1) G3 (33-7-6-3-1)

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  1. Corey Boyd

Team: Atlanta

Reasoning: This final spot was tough to decide especially after Butler had his best offensive game of the season versus Seattle. However, Boyd has been great for this Atlanta squad this season and is their key in competing with Los Angeles and winning on a nightly basis even if their Splash Brothers duo isn’t hitting shots during stretches of games. He was huge for their comeback against Philadelphia and he was good again versus Seattle. He will need to have a breakout game to move up this list, if not he’ll be the third fiddle on what is a loaded Atlanta squad.

Performances: G1 (21-3-14-0-2) G2 (29-4-16-0-1) G3 (22-1-10-1-4)

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