With the start of free agency getting all the headlines as usual, July 1st also is a non official start to the NBA trading season. With money on the tight side right and not many teams with an a bunch of money to spend, trades could become a major storyline this offseason. So as we approach the new calendar year in the NBA, here are several players who could be dealt this off season.


Kawhi Leonard SF, San Antonio So Leonard as made it known of his desire to leave San Antonio with his preferred destination likely being Los Angeles. The Spurs have spent weeks trying to patch this relationship up, but it looks as if Kawhi is set on leaving town. The Lakers have mutual interest in bringing Leonard to L.A., but the Spurs are asking for a lot in return. Leonard is a top 5 or 6 player in this league and would ultimately improve any team that traded for him. Possible Destinations: Lakers, Philadelphia, Boston


Kemba Walker PG, Charlotte Walker is going into his last year on his current deal and the growing belief is that the Hornets do not want to pay him what he is going to want. Unfortunately for Charlotte Walker is their best player and shipping him out of town is a likely turn to the rebuilding phase. Walker is a good scorer as a lead guard, but has improved greatly as a distributor and leader. Possible Destinations: Orlando, Phoenix


Dennis Schroeder PG, Atlanta There was a report that Schroeder wanted out of Atlanta and be willing to force a trade out if need be. While talk has died down, the Hawks are likely still going to try and get rid of him. He doesn’t have an untradeable contract, but his personality issues and attitude could be only road block to shipping him out of town. The Hawks just drafted Trae Young who looks to be the future of the franchise, so the faster they unload Schroeder the faster Young becomes the face of the team. Possible Destinations: Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio


Kenneth Faried PF, Denver The Nuggets have been trying to unload Faried for a couple seasons now. But now he has one year remaining on his contract which makes him very tradeable. Faried has been buried on the Nuggets bench soaking up $13 million a year and the Nuggets are hard up against the tax line and need to unload unwanted salaries. Faried along with another handful of Nuggets players are being shopped feverishly to get under the tax line. Possible Destinations: New York, Atlanta, Phoenix, Orlando


Jeremy Lin PG, Brooklyn When Lin signed with Brooklyn he was dubbed the starting point guard, but injuries derailed him from proving himself there. Now with D’Angelo Russell likely the point of the future for them, Lin is likely one step closer to being out the door. Point guards are always in demand and Lin has a very tradeable contract, but the Nets want to clear more space and maybe get a big player to come to them. Possible Destinations: Orlando, Phoenix, Chicago, Lakers


Hassan Whiteside C, Miami The Heat really want to deal Whiteside. The problem is that he is owed almost $50 million in the next 2 seasons. Oh and the fact he is a slow center who hasn’t been able to adapt to guarding on perimeter or shooting threes. I think they are going to have a very tough time unloading his contracts to anyone. Possible Destinations: anyone who will take him


TJ Warren SF, Phoenix Something has got to give in Phoenix. They are stockpiling small forwards everywhere and someone is going to have to be dealt here. They drafted a small forward to go with Warren and Josh Jackson and word is they are signing Trevor Ariza as well. Warren is a nice player and with Phoenix needing point guard help in a bad way, I can see Warren being dealt to get the floor leader. Possible Destinations: Orlando, New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia


Kevin Love PF, Cavaliers With Lebron James on the move to the Lakers this off-season look for the Cavs to move on from the last member of their Big 3. While he may the least likely to get moved because the front office hasn’t been shopping him. The cavs should look to move towards a total rebuild and KLove is the last piece of the puzzle they can trade to get any sort of future back in return. Possible Destinations: Rejoining Lebron in LA or joining Westbrook in OKC if the Thunder can get Carmelo Anthony off the books.


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