1. Atlanta

Outlook: They took down and held off some talented young players for Chicago and seattle including Kezo Brown and Jerrell Springer, they kept the Chicago Ballers at bay all game long. In game 2 they started off sloppy and turned the ball over a lot but thanks to a 3rd quarter run sparked by Corey Boyd and Jordan Ray they were able to come back and steal a victory against Philadelphia. They have good defensive potential as their players have a high motor and a ton of grit, especially Isom “The Glove” Butler. Look for Chaney, Boyd, Ray, and Butler to be a formidable unit capable of playing multiple styles and defending well. In Game 3 They showed that defensive ability this week taking on the Seattle Ballers and not only playing very well on the defensive end, but they made over 20 3’s as a team and have 2 players on their team starting to be known as the “ATL Splash Bros”.

Record: (3-0) Wins over Seattle, Philadelphia, and Chicago

Next Game: Houston (1-1) July 3rd in Atlanta GA



  1. Los Angeles

Outlook: They have the best trio in the league as of right now in Melo Ball, Niles Malone, and Greg Floyd Jr. The rest of their team also fits in nicely, with a lot of height and depth this Los Angeles team looks primed to win it all at this point in the season. It’s a tough task for a team to overcome, especially as Melo has been virtually unstoppable even with his 3-Pt stroke being absent in the first two games. Niles Malone can cook anyone on the court it seems, and Greg Floyd is a legitimate pro prospect. On their second matchup against New York however, Calvin Brown and company were able answer the call and find a way to limit the LA Ballers and again put Melo Ball on the sideline with 6 fouls. LA looked very beatable last night only scoring 108 points against a team we had ranked at the bottom of the barrel coming into this week.

Record: (2-1) Wins over New York, Seattle

Next Game: Dallas (0-3) July 3rd in Atlanta GA

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  1. Chicago

Outlook: The Chi-Town Ballers jumped all the way up in our rankings to number 3 after Kezo Brown led them to two nail biting wins over both Houston and Philadelphia. We hadn’t seen enough from either squad to get these rankings correct last week, and we admit how wrong we were for ranking a Kezo Brown team this low. Kezo looks good on the court even when his shot isn’t falling, his feel for the game and willingness to pass and allow other players to play their games can be huge for Chicago if the Chicago Ballers counite to step up around Marquis.

Record: (2-1) Wins over Houston, and Philadelphia

Next Game: New York (2-2) July 5th Trenton NJ

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  1. Houston

Outlook: They found a way to stay even and slightly nudged out Seattle on the basis they have a win over the same team, Seattle has played a stronger schedule up to this point however. Houston will again still need to show us more these coming weeks to move beyond this point in the rankings. Hollis, Handy, Myers, Lovelace, and Williams may be the best all around starting 5 in the league when they are on their game. They do have some depth issues and need to work on staying out of foul trouble, if they want to compete against the top JBA teams like Atlanta, Los Angeles or Seattle.

Record: (2-1) Wins Over Dallas, and New York

Next Game: Atlanta (3-0) July 3rd Atlanta, GA

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  1. Seattle

Outlook: Seattle impressed me from what I witnessed live in Houston, however now it seems their only win is against the worst team in the JBA. They will need to update their resume and win out the rest of the season to move up this list or even stay this high in the Power Rankings. I do give them a good chance to win out the rest of the way as they have already played both Atlanta and Los Angeles their two losses against teams above them in these power rankings. Springer and Morgan have been good for the Seattle team but will need to continue to play lights out basketball and lead this Seattle team to a 3-seed. Their losses do have slight question marks against them giving them a slight pass, they lost to LA on a 2nd night of a back to back, and they lost to ATL when they hit over 20 3’s (and the game was within striking distance at one point). Meaning they haven’t been fortunate when playing top teams this year and maybe that can change. They have a shot to bounce back not playing a game for 12 days against Chicago.

Record: (1-2) Win Over Dallas

Next Game: Chicago (2-1) July 12th Ontario, CA

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  1. New York

Outlook: We retract our previous statements, we believed do to New York’s height disadvantage they weren’t going to be very affective night to night. They took a second to jell and while we can’t get too excited after one game New York did do what I said they had a chance to do and that was turn their season around. It is now looking brighter for NY Ballers after 2 straight wins and handing Lamelo Ball his first loss in the association. I look for them to continue to prove our ranking of them wrong the rest of the season.

Record: (2-2) Wins Over Los Angeles, and Dallas

Next Game: Chicago (2-1) July 5th Trenton. NJ

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  1. Philadelphia

Outlook: They have only played in 2 JBA games thus far and it was versus two of the teams sitting in our top 3 spots this week. They have shown promise during small stretches of their short season but will need to step up and start winning games sooner rather than later. This Philly squad has a good chance to do so having already played a few of the leagues top teams. But again, we need to see more game out of this team for them to be ranked higher or appropriately. With Seattle on the horizon they have another chance to make a name for themselves, in what is one of the hardest opening schedules in the JBA.

Record: (0-2)

Next Game: Seattle (1-2) July 5th Trenton, NJ

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  1. Dallas

Outlook: I had expected to see more out of Massey and the rest of the Dallas Ballers, their ball movement is atrocious, and they turn the ball over like a bad high school team at times. They have got to get it together, both of their last two games they put up a fight the whole game unlike G1. However, both still ended in a loss on their record. If they limited their turnovers they might be a good basketball team, but they are currently trying to hard at times and that begins with their captain. He’s one of my favorite JBA players but that isn’t stopping me from saying it straight. Dallas needs him to be better and make better decisions, his shot won’t always fall but he can’t have another 10 Turnover game with 0 Assists and expect to lead his team to a win.

Record: (0-3)

Next Game: Los Angeles (2-1) July 3rd Atlanta, GA

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