1. Los Angeles

Outlook: They have the best trio in the league as of right now in Melo Ball, Niles Malone, and Greg Floyd Jr. The rest of their team also fits in nicely, with a lot of height and depth this Los Angeles team looks primed to win it all at this point in the season. It’ll be a tough task for a team to overcome, especially as Melo has been virtually unstoppable even with his 3-Pt stroke being absent in the first two games. Niles Malone can cook anyone on the court it seems, and Greg Floyd is a legitimate pro prospect. This Los Angeles team also loves to run up and down the court and unless you can control tempo you need to score 120+ to be able to beat them.

Record: (2-0) Wins over New York, Seattle

Next Game: Vs. New York in NY June 29th



  1. Seattle

Outlook: Seattle has been very impressive in this short JBA season, having dismantled a Dallas team that had added motivation to win their opening game after a trade between Seattle and Dallas created a player rivalry. After their great performance Jerrell Springer said this was just the beginning for him and his team. With Los Angeles looming on the second night of a back to back Seattle stepped up and answered the call giving the fans a thrilling game but eventually lost to a rested Los Angeles squad after traveling from Houston to Settle in a 24- hour span. These young men had their most Pro-like test and atmosphere and Springer stepped up huge with 48 points and a near victory. If they had won that game they’d be the sure fire #1 on our list and for that reason they’ve stayed ahead of ATL despite their one loss.

Record: (1-1) Wins over Dallas

Next Game: Vs. Atlanta in Dallas June 28th



  1. Atlanta

Outlook: They took down and held off some talented young players for Chicago including Kezo Brown, and kept the Chicago Ballers at bay all game long. In game 2 they started off sloppy and turned the ball over a lot but thanks to a 3rd quarter run sparked by Corey Boyd and Jordan Ray they were able to come back and steal a victory against Philadelphia. They have good defensive potential as their players have a high motor and a ton of grit, especially Isom “The Glove” Butler. Look for Chaney, Boyd, Ray, and Butler to be a formidable unit capable of playing multiple styles and defending well.

Record: (2-0) Wins over Chicago, Philadelphia

Next Game: Vs. Seattle In Dallas June 28th



  1. Houston

Outlook: They got slid down to 4 because their only win was against the team at the bottom of our power rankings currently. Interested to see what they do against the rest of the league, they are one of the more athletic teams in the JBA and it’ll be interesting to see how they perform against ATL, SEA, and LA. Hollis and Handy are good all-around players that need to work on a consistent jump shot if they want to win it all, Lovelace is a high flyer and a threat to dunk all game long. But it’ll be interesting to see if he can do that against teams with far superior size in LA and Atlanta.

Record: (1-0) Wins over New York

Next Game: Vs. Chicago in Chicago June 26th


  1. Philadelphia

Outlook: they’ve only played one game thus far and while they started out impressive they took their foot off the gas pedal and allowed Atlanta to comeback and win the ball game. Devin Haid played great basketball, especially early on in that ball game. But the Philly squad will have to come together and find a way to play 48 minutes of inspired basketball. With so few games in the season teams can’t afford to rest even when your up big. Players need to take advantage of every second on the court to continue to try and impress scouts.

Record: (0-1) Lost to Atlanta

Next Game: Vs. Chicago in New York June 29th


  1. Chicago

Outlook: Chi town lost out to Philly in this week’s power rankings even though Kezo Brown is one of the best players in the league. He had spurts of that in his first game but will need to find a way to pull out victories with his Chicago squad. Kezo and the Chicago Ballers never made it much of a contest against Atlanta, while Philly had them most of the game until Atlanta turned up the pressure and started making shots.

Record: (0-1) Lost to Atlanta

Next Game: Vs. Houston In Chicago June 26th



  1. Dallas

Outlook: While they have only lost one game and too one of the best teams in the JBA, they didn’t seem to put up much of a fight. Massey had what I expect to be his worse game of the entire season, as he has real skill and potential but was not playing his best game. Dallas has the most to improve on as a team from just looking at a one game sample size. However, with New York already 0-2 and them playing 2 more games in the next 4 days I expect NY to be either 1-3 or 0-4 by the end of that stretch. Dallas also had the battle of Texas coming up June 28th Vs. Houston in Dallas. The next two games will be interesting chances for this Dallas squad to turn their season around.

Record: (0-1) Lost to Seattle

Next game: Vs. New York in Chicago June 26th


  1. New York

Outlook: There wasn’t much else I could do but put New York at the bottom of the barrel. They have played two top 4 teams in the power rankings and can still possibly turn their whole season around. But it’ll start against Dallas who won’t give them any added juice beyond 7th in these power rankings. With yet another game against LA on the horizon as well I don’t see New York coming out of this slump. They are undersized and undermanned as team, and unless Calvin Brown is cooking, and Burgos is making smart plays they don’t have any chance to compete from night to night.

Record: (0-2) Lost to Los Angeles, Houston

Next Game: Vs. Dallas in Chicago June 26th













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