1. Niles Malone

Team: Los Angeles

Reasoning: He’s averaging the most points in the JBA through two games and has played stellar defense to boot. When Lamelo Ball fouled out with 8 minutes to go Seattle looked prime to make a run late, however Niles Malone would not let that happen. He’ll need to try and lower his turnovers however he is averaging 45.5 Points a game on a near 50% shooting percentage from the field. He is a knockdown 3-Pt shooter and his glass-work and handle is great.

Performances: Game 1: (41 Points, 5 Assists, 4 Rebounds, 3 Steals) Game 2: (48 Points, 5 Assists, 8 Rebounds, 2 Steals)



  1. Greg Floyd Jr.

Team: Los Angeles

Reasoning: Averaging over 30 Points and 20 Rebounds is Big Time. If he can keep this kind of play up all season long, Greg Floyd Jr. will not only find himself as the MVP by seasons end but he will find himself getting drafted in 2019. He has been huge for the Los Angeles in defensive capability and switching as well. With Thimbo their other 7-footer having been in foul trouble a lot of the first two games he has been huge in rim protection and cleaning up the glass.

Performances: (34-3-15) (31 Pts -2 Asts -33 Rebs -2 Stls -3 Blks)



  1. Jerrell Springer

Team: Seattle

Reasoning: Springer exploded in game 2 attempting to rise to the occasion on the second night of a back to back after flying across the country to make the game. Seattle gave a good effort and had chances late to capitalize with Los Angeles Ballers star Melo Ball sidelined with 6 fouls. If he had pulled off the comeback win, I may have slid him higher on the list but at the end of the day he’ll need to get the win when he has a performance of that magnitude. His first two games in the JBA have made his pro chances sky rocket.

Performances: Game 1: (22-5-15) Game 2: (48-5-12)



  1. Lamelo Ball

Team: Los Angeles

Reasoning: He has been outperformed in both games this season and has yet to find his stroke from deep, missing all 7 of his 3-Pt attempts in the second game before finding his way to the bench with 6 fouls. His team could have really needed him down the stretch and if not for the efforts of his two other JBA All-Star caliber teammates they could have lost, and he’d be even farther down this list. However, two near 40 Point triple doubles shows Melo has the all-around offensive game to be a real pro threat.

Performances: Game 1: (40 Pts -11 Asts – 9 Rebs) Game 2: (39 Pts -9 Asts -8 Rebs-3 Stls)


  1. Jordan Ray

Team: Atlanta

Reasoning: He could have been higher on this list after Atlanta’s comeback victory, however he had a major part in this Atlanta squad needing to comeback. He didn’t shoot well from the floor overall but did make 6/14 3’s. He also had 9 turnovers the most in the JBA thus far, luckily for him he has good teammates who helped pick up the slack. He still cracks our top 5 in MVP voting because if on his bad games we can expect this sort of defensive effort and shooting touch from deep his team will live with some mistakes, but he needs to cut his turnovers down a lot going forward.

Performances: Game 1: (32 Pts – 8 Asts – 7 Rebs – 2 Stls) Game 2: (22 Pts – 3 Asts – 9 Rebs – 5 Stls)



  1. Jamichael Morgan

Team: Seattle

Reasoning: He has been sneaky good through the first two games, and while they lost a hard-fought game against a rested LA squad on the second night of a back to back I thought Morgan again came up big for his team but will need to continue to improve his overall numbers. He isn’t taking a high volume of shots but is just finding himself in the right place at the right time, which is a talent.

Performances: Game 1: (24-4-5-2-1) Game 2: (29-4-6-2-1)


  1. Corey Boyd

Team: Atlanta

Reasoning: Big Jelly came up huge during Atlanta’s comeback stretch against Philadelphia, as he continues to get in better shape and conditioning as well as perfecting his perimeter shot he’s going to be a real threat to move up these MVP boards but to also find himself drafted come next June. At 6’9 245 and moves of a guard Corey is one of Atlanta’s biggest weapons and mismatches on a nightly basis.

Performances: Game 1: (21-3-14-0-2) Game 2: (29-4-16-0-1)



  1. Curtis Hollis

Team: Houston

Reasoning: Houston has only played one game thus far, and it’ll be interesting to see what they do next game after having 4 players score 20+ points in game 1. Hollis didn’t have his best of games and stayed in foul trouble throughout the game. I look for him to improve on his conditioning and defensive awareness the rest of the season. He’ll also need to shoot better from the filed than he did in game 1 but I believe his game is the most conducive to be the MVP candidate from the Houston Ballers.

Performances: Game 1: (24-8-13)



  1. Nigel Chaney

Team: Atlanta

Reasoning: He has been a more consistent scoring threat for this Atlanta team, but Jordan ray and Corey Boyd are the difference makers that really make this ATL team formidable. Not to knock Chaney for his effort through two games, but his all-around game doesn’t seem developed. He can put the ball in the basket though, and if he continues to put up near 30 a game he will most likely pass his teammates on this list.

Performances: Game 1: (27-2-6) Game 2: (30-3-8)



  1. Isom Butler

Team: Atlanta

Reasoning: He has the nickname the Glove for a reason, he guards players nearly 94 feet all game long. He likes to get physical and exert his athletic ability and lateral quickness to his advantages on the defensive end. He has a high motor and can put the ball in the basket from time to time as well. He is a very important part of the Atlanta ballers chances of winning the JBA championship, not for his gaudy number but for what he contributes defensively nearly every possession. He just barley cracks our top ten though as his overall numbers aren’t as eye popping as some of the above individual his impact will be felt every single game regardless of what he does on the box score.

Performances: Game 1: (12-6-11-5-2) Game 2: (6-7-10-4-1)





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