If there are any old Gucci fans out there, now is your time to be heard. This was brought to my attention today by one of my closest friends, Maggie. Now this girl has introduced me to a variety of new subjects, even Flat Earth. Stay with me now, because most of the things she shows me, are in fact, things we should all think about. This man is beautiful, there is no doubt…new gucci.jpg

During today’s chill sesh, she showed me something strikingly obvious. Gucci Mane was sent to jail a while back in 2014, everyone remember? He was sentenced for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, this would put him getting out of jail in late 2016. “Good behavior” got this man out, but did the real Gucci we all know and love get replaced by a clone, or was put through MK-ULTRA mind control? There are rumors about this ALL over the web, and truth be told, I believe them.

I mean just look at these two videos of interviews he has done both before and after being in the pin. Here is the before on YouTube . After seeing this, you can barely understand his dialect and he uses quite a bit of broken English. In direct opposition, here is an interview done after getting out of jail.

old gucci

IT IS A COMPLETE DIFFERENT PERSON there is no denying it. His way of speaking it even different, not to mention he doesn’t have his face tat of the ice cream cone, the WIZOP logo. This was one of his MOST distinct features and it is no longer there. It could have been covered up with make-up, but why do that? That sort of defeats the purpose of a face tat….. His only comment on the subject is that he “will not confirm or deny those allegations,” I mean what the hell. Let me know what you decide in the comments below!

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