June 18th was a fateful day in the rap community, not only did we lose, XXXTencacion, but also Jimmy Wopo, 21-year-old rapper was shot and killed in his own neighborhood in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He was recently signed to the music label Sledgren, and his producers are in tears.

wopo in jake's jacket.jpegWopo’s legal name, Travon Smart, has gone long by the wayside, as most know him by Wopo. This young gun had so much to live up to, so many songs to write about getting his money, an opportunity wasted. Another man was shot in the incident as well, however he was stabilized once they reached the hospital, while Wopo was deceased at the scene. CNNentertainment says “local police have determined that this incident was isolated,” and could have possibly occurred with Wopo as the target. Wopo did nothing wrong! Supposedly there is more going on than the public is aware.

mj and farrah.jpeged dead.jpg

Famous people are almost always killed in threes in history.



Take MJ, Farrah and Ed for one prime example. Who’s next? Let us know in the comments!

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