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This incident is almost as strange as his face tats, 20-year-old rapper XXXTentacion or locally known as, Jahseh Onfroy, actually predicted his own death! He was killed yesterday during a robbery while he was leaving a motorsport car dealership. Men in a black SUV gunned him down at approximately 4:00 pm in Broward County, Florida.broward COUNTY FLORIDA.gif

There is a ton of speculation about who did it, even this early in the investigation. All I am hearing is that it was Drake. Most who follow the rapper are familiar with his recent live stream on Instagram, where he spoke on the tragedy of his untimely death, 32 minutes before it happened. He just bought a brand new …… and was driving it off the lot when he was brutally shot. One of the robbers wore a red mask at the time of the shooting, approached his car, stole a Louis Vuitton bag, and shot him.

He had quite the rap sheet, our boy was no angel. Previously to his death he was exposed to drug use, mental illness, extreme violence and even jail time. He was said to be a homophobe, even going so far as beating his cellmate nearly to death because he “thought” he might be gay. “I had his blood under my fingernails bro, it was on my face, it was everywhere,” he said about the incident.

You can find the video where he predicts his death here at and the message he brought to the table is one of absolute positivity. This begs the question, was he trying to spread this last glimmer of positivity to the world, knowing those 32 minutes would be his last? Or was this a cry for help? Maybe he wanted to turn his life around. A ton of followers think so. “If I’m going to die or ever be a sacrifice, I want to make sure that my life made at least five million kids happy or they found some sort of answers or resolve in my life regardless of the negative around my name, regardless of the bad things people say to me,” the rapper added. So many artists have been offed after trying to “make a change” in the world, in other words, breakaway from their record label, and “bad boy rep” for half a second and actually let themselves be heard.

XXXtensation skull

Fans are putting these photos out in remembrance of him, most of which, were created and used on his promotional t-shirts months before.

This is why so many are naming Drake as the #1 suspect, in the rap-world. He and the deceased had an on-going feud that not many knew about. XXX said Drake was impressed with him and promised that he would contact XXX’s manager “within a few days” — a promise that Drake allegedly never kept. This being said, within the same week, Drake performed a new song “KMT” that XXX fans alleged sounded alarmingly like XXX’s “Look At Me.” This can be an outrage in the music community. Ripping off someone who is up-and-coming is just plain mean.

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Like seriously Drake? You can listen to his new song here on Spotify to decide for yourself:

Did he do it? Comment to let a homie know.

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