Written By: Austin Philippi


Riding the high of a 14-year absence and longing by its fans Incredibles did what we all knew it would do and unseat Frozen as the biggest opening weekend in box office history. While I’m seeing mostly good things come out about the movie, I had a completely different take. Outside of Jack-Jack fighting the Racoon the movie just wasn’t up to par and they decided to make the movie more political and with a social agenda just thrown in your face every few minutes. While I get making the movie have a little more depth as to try and appease to the adults that many of us have become in the last 14 years since the movie was released. I was waiting for this movie for years just like all of you, I saw it the day it came out like many of your probably did too, but I felt robbed of a quality Incredibles movie. The only thing I will give them credit for is they have the potential to really build off this story line and make better Incredibles movies that turn away from the political approach and give us a good action packed Super Hero fight hopefully using Dash, Jack-Jack, and Violet more in the next movie.

I expect multiple more films in this franchise but if they make me wait longer than a release date sometime in 2020 to see the next film then I may lose interest. The Franchise has huge potential and now that they have caped off that story line and made a bunch of money making us wait 14 years for this less than stellar film the least I expect is for them to do is produce a better story line in the next year than they did in the last 14. Shouldn’t be a hard thing to do with all the fan speculation, characters stories yet to tell, and money the franchise made they should be able to get plenty of writers working on the next film.

Now I’m not saying the movie was god awful, it just wasn’t worth waiting 14 years and I expect them to know that I and hopefully many others expect a better film next time. We’ve given our money, time, support, and patience I’d like to be rewarded with a better film using more of my favorite characters. I want more action, more Super Heroes, and less politics in the next Incredibles movie.


Ideas for 3rd movie:

Jack-Jack doesn’t age because he realizes that he’d lose some of his powers or because all his powers prevent him from aging. The family investigates a way they can possibly get rid of his powers to make him start aging.

Could also focus on Dash and Violet have them be at the same school and a new kid at their school also has powers, as does his family only they aren’t as super as they seem.

Mr and Mrs. Incredible go missing, the media turns to a panic as the kids and Frozone try to save the city and their parents.

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