Top JBA Players to Watch this Summer

Written By: Austin Philippi

Before I begin I wanted to state I’m rooting for each one of these young men to further their basketball careers to the best of their potential. All 64 JBA players have been given an amazing opportunity to show of their skill, teamwork, IQ, and natural ability on the biggest stage of their lives in the JBA’s inaugural season. The ratings I’ve put next to these young men are in no way conducive of their actual basketball skill beyond my opinion of film on these individuals we’ve been able to get our hands on. The rating isn’t comparing them to the best basketball players in the NBA but is rating them on their chances to be drafted into the NBA. The rating is based off their skill level compared to that of previous 60th picks of the NBA draft that went on to make an NBA roster (so on this scale previous 60th overall NBA picks are now the perfect 10’s, meaning the ratings may be higher than if on a list with LeBron James as the 10). This is a ranking prior to the JBA players taking the court against their new level of competition, we will be updating these rankings by seasons end. After we’ve had a full season of seeing what these guys can do on the court, these rankings will most definitely change.


Here is some tape of previous 60th overall picks so you can have a comparison throughout the article.   – 2017 Alpha Kaba 2017 6’10 235    – 2016 Tyrone Wallace 6’6 200      – 2011 Isiah Thomas 5’8 185


One of the common themes of second rounds of NBA drafts are usually players who aren’t that talented but have a ton of potential due to their bodies and size. Outside of Isiah Thomas, in the last decade a 60th pick hasn’t been under 6’6. A few of the players you’re about to be introduced to have the length but don’t have the grown men bodies just yet. Now that they are professional athletes and getting paid to work on their bodies and game I’d look for them all to be doing the things necessary to be in the best possible shape they can be. With that said, we did our due diligence to make sure all information is accurate, however since we are dealing with players fresh out of high school in most cases we hope all names are spelled correctly and all tape on the individual is accurate. These rankings are a rough estimate on the players you should be keeping an eye on. The players below were ranked 1-20 based on potential to make the NBA given their unique skill sets and ratings given to them by our panel.


  1. Zac Crockett – 6’4 170

Current Team: Dallas

Strengths: Passing, Finishing with contact, Slashing

Weaknesses: 3-Pt Shooting, Defense, Size

Dream Fit: Suns- playing with Booker would be huge for a young player that likes to drive and pass to willing shooters.

Rating: 6.4

Info: The Green Bay East stand out averaged over 18 points game his senior year of high school. 1st Team All-Conference 2017.

Outlook: A decent Point Guard with good vision and ability to drive and slash, he needs to work on his outside game and perimeter defense to have a chance at the next level.


  1. Brandon Stacy – 6’6 185


Current Team: Philadelphia

Strengths: Inside Game, Ability to finish through contact, Length

Weaknesses: Inconsistent Shooter outside of Paint, Too small for play style

Dream Fit: Wizards- Playing with a guard like Wall looking to pass to cutters, and the open man would help him thrive. Especially as they (Wall, Beal) would take the offensive burden every game.

Rating: 6.5/10

Info: Rochester Adams High School SF/SG averaged a double-double in rebounds and points.

Outlook: Needs to grow another 2-4 inches and could have real potential as a SF in the NBA, also needs to work on his overall shooting from outside. He put up amazing shooting numbers in High School however against lesser competition and a low volume of shots.


  1. Breydon Hargrove – 6’3 175

Current Team: Chicago

Strengths: Change of Speed, Passing, IQ, Handle

Weaknesses: 3-Pt shooting, Going Left

Dream Fit: Suns- Having such a high basketball IQ and willingness to pass and slash to the rim on the cut and drive would make playing with Devin Booker a natural fit.

Rating: 6.54/10

Info: Addison Trail HS

Outlook: He is lightning quick, can stop on a dime and then take off again before the defender has time to fully react. At times he can take too long with the basketball and dribble it too much or make unnecessary body movements trying to fake out a defender. Overall, he’s got a good handle though and can really pass the ball with either hand. Needs to work on going left with same ferocity as he goes right.


  1. Semaj Booker – 6’4 180

Current Team: Seattle

Strengths: Athletic, finishing through contact, Defensive awareness

Weaknesses: Size, Shooting outside of paint, Glasswork

Dream Fit: Celtics – They love players who go out and work on defense, and he will fill up the stat sheet in several different ways and will only get better with more talent around him.

Rating: 6.55/10

Info: Clover Park High School

Outlook: This Guard is extremely athletic and is a threat to dunk on you at any given moment. He doesn’t seem to be have a ton of basketball skill however, more so looks as if he survived off superior athletic ability in high school. If he can put on another 10-20 pounds while keeping his athletic ability and finding a consistent knockdown 3-Pt shot, he could find himself on an NBA team.


  1. Devin Haid – 6’3 165

Current Team: Philadelphia

Strengths: Handle, Defensive positioning, Offensive and Defensive footwork, Decent shot

Weaknesses: Size, Strength

Dream Fit: Celtics/Spurs- He would be very coachable, has the IQ and natural basketball instinct to be in the right place at right time.

Rating: 6.6/10

Info: Wooster High School

Outlook: He has a good handle to go with great awareness and footwork, he needs to put on at least 25 pounds of muscle or he would be dominated in the NBA from a physical stand point.


  1. Chris Lacey – 6’3 175

Current Team: New York

Strengths: Shooting, Defense, Passing

Weaknesses: Size, Court Awareness, Handles

Dream Fit: Warriors- He can knock down an open shot, will pass to the open man and can defend his position well although he’d be bullied and hunted in the NBA just like curry who has 10 pounds on him.

Rating: 6.65/10

Info: Kingston High School

Outlook: A good shooter with a knack for making defensive plays, he doesn’t seem like an A+ athlete but he has decent all-around basketball skills and the tools to be able to improve his body and game to take it to the next level.


  1. Devin Mitchell – 6’8 185

Current Team: Dallas

Strengths: Defense, Size, athletic ability

Weaknesses: Shooting, finishing with contact, decision making

Dream Fit: Rockets- They have a long history of properly training and working with their posts to maximize their potential, although the rockets are going towards being A 3-Pt shooting team. Meaning being able to stretch the floor will help Devin at the next level if he puts the work in.

Rating: 7.0/10

Info: Rowlett High School, averaged over 2 Blocks a game

Outlook: You must give someone who is this young and has this kind of size a realistic shot at being taken late in a draft if he continues to work and perfect his game. If he can continue to grow and become a near 7’0 while learning to shoot out to 20-25 feet he could have a future in the NBA.


  1. Antonio Singleton – 6’7 215


Current Team: Chicago

Strengths: Size, Footwork, can get hot from 3, Athletic

Weaknesses: 3-Pt consistency, driving left and finishing through contact, decision making

Dream Fit: Bulls- alongside Dunn Lavine and Makkanen their play styles would all suit each other well assuming Singleton shows he is a defender and can hit the 3-pt shot at pro consistency. 

Rating: 7.1/10

Info: Northern Central High School,

Outlook: He needs to work on his 3-pt stroke to get the kind of consistency he needs, he has great size and potential. His footwork is amazing, and he can finish through contact when he gets going, if he works on his driving ability and his ability to pull up on a dime as well as shoot from deep on a consistent basis he could be a pro. He needs to live, eat, sleep basketball from here on out.


  1. Curtis Hollis – 6’6 185

Current Team: Houston

Strengths: 3-Pt Shooting, shooting touch, Driving

Weaknesses: as his 3 goes so does he, Passing, Awareness

Dream Fit: Rockets- Their offense is built around putting up the 3 and being a willing shooter. His play style would mix in well coming off the bench with a Gerald Green, and playing alongside James Harden.

Rating: 7.15/10

Info: Summit High School

Outlook: When he’s feeling it, expect him to pull up and launch the 3 at will. This man deserves a green light, seems to have a shooters touch as the ball almost always lightly hits the rim if it does. Could work on his IQ and awareness, just passing the ball mostly now that he is on a team with more talent than that of his High School. I think he will play even better with better players, I look for him to excel.


  1. Jaylen Nixon – 6’3 165

Current Team: Philadelphia

Strengths: 3-Pt shooting, Mid-Range Shooting, 3-Pt Shooting Again, Driving

Weaknesses: Size, Strength

Dream Fit: Warriorshis defensive problems would be erased by a lot of what the Warriors do best and on offense he’d get open shots like crazy if he can knock them down now that he is shooting 3’s from deeper, thanks to the JBA rules.

Rating: 7.19

Info: National Junior College – Philadelphia

Outlook: This man can flat out shoot the basketball. He is undersize but pulled up from anywhere on the court with anyone on him while shooting an unreal percentage in high school. If he adds muscle and mass to his frame while keeping his stroke he could be a real threat at the next level. He shot over 44% from 3-Pt range while playing for a junior college program.


  1. Fionn Brown – 6’5 200

Current Team: Atlanta

Strengths: Size, Driving, Athleticism

Weaknesses: Shooting

Dream Fit: Lakers- He would be a nice combo guard that could put the ball on the court and shoot the 3 if he continues to develop his game at this level.

Rating: 7.4

Info: Marieta High School

Outlook: This combo guard has a decent size to him already and if he will be able to grow some. He could stand his own as he develops his game to the next level. He has a smooth shot that is better than expected, he has great athletic ability and seems to play above the rim often. His glasswork needs to be improved as players will continue to get bigger and more athletic at the next level.



  1. Cameron Massey – 6’2 175

Current Team: Dallas

Strengths: Quick First Step, Decent Driver, 3-Pt shooting

Weaknesses: A little small, Defense

Dream Fit: Knicks- Porzingis could help hide some of his defensive lapses while they’d be shooting 3’s left and right from a high clip.

Rating: 7.5/10

Info: South Grand Prairie High School

Outlook: He has a quick first step, is a decent driver and passer of the basketball, He needs to put on about ten pounds of muscle to be at least Steph Curry’s size. Long strides when driving and going down the court, finishes well through traffic, but needs to improve on making the shot with contact.  Still needs to perfect his shot as that will be his key to a lengthy career beyond his time with the JBA. Extremely excited to see what this young man will do against some of the bets competition from around the country.


  1. Jerrel Springer – 6’6 170

Current Team: Seattle

Strengths: Shooting, Mid-range game, Finish in traffic

Weaknesses: Size, game translating to NBA

Dream Fit: Mavericks – As he continues to grow his ability to switch and guard the 1 as well would help hide some DSJ defensive faults. He’d also be a knock down shooter for a team in need of consistent and efficient scoring.

Rating: 7.75/10

Info: Shadow Ridge High School

Outlook: He has a lot of upside if he can hit the weight room as well, now that these young men are professionals they need to realize their bodies are going to be very important in getting them the rest of the way to the NBA and staying there. At 6’6 he has some of the tools, but he could use some additional weight as he’ll need it to play his style at the next level. I have questions about his glasswork, and when he gets into a situation where he isn’t the biggest and most athletic guy on the court how he will be able to finish at the rim.


  1. Jordan Ray – 6’4 180

Current Team: Atlanta

Strengths: 3-Pt Shooting, Ball Handling, change of speed, Pull up jumper

Weaknesses: Glasswork, Finishing and going to his left

Dream Fit: Rockets- he’d be a great potential fill in to shoot 3’s for the rockets if they lost a bunch of piece this off-season to clear cap space.

Rating: 7.8/10

Info: Sierra Canyon High School

Outlook: Can shoot the 3-ball well from all spots of the court, he has a high IQ and good moves and ball handling skills. He is a threat to stop on a dime and pull up from anywhere in the mid-range area. Needs to work on his glasswork and finishing with his left as he plays bigger and more athletic competition.


  1. Calvin Brown – 6’6 175

Current Team: New York

Strengths: Athletic Ability, Defense, Set 3-PT shot

Weaknesses: Left Hand dribbling and passing, Finishing with contact

Dream Fit: Warriors- He’d be deadly do come in for the Warriors if he developed a solid handle and perfected his shot. Livingston played great during the NBA finals but can’t shoot the 3, and the Warriors will be upgrading their unit during this offseason.

Rating: 8.0/10

Info: Roosevelt High School

Outlook: He has a long wingspan with great athleticism, can shoot set shots from deep or drive past the man that closes out on him. He plays great defense and he is always a threat to block your shot or dunk on you. An absolute highlight play waiting to happen.


  1. Melvin Davis – 6’10 250

Current Team: Seattle

Strengths: Shooting, Size, defense

Weaknesses: footwork, speed, awareness

Dream Fit: Pelicans/Timberwolves – As neither AD or KAT want to be centers they could both be benefited from having a big bodied rim protector in the lane.

Rating: 8.1/10

Info: Southwest Louisiana Home School

Outlook: He has a huge body, needs to define it and get into NBA level shape now that he’s being given an opportunity to perfect his craft and utilize the natural skills and abilities given to him. He has a good shot for his size, and the body to be a pro if he can turn some of that size into raw power and athletic prowess.  


  1. Greg Floyd Jr. – 6’10 200

Current Team: Los Angeles

Strengths: Mid-Range Shooting, Handles, Defense

Weaknesses: Lacks Mass, inconsistent from 3

Dream Fit: Knicks- Pairing him with a Porzingis if he developed a shot as well would be scary with the amount of shot blocking and 3-pt shooting going on from the opposing teams’ big men.

Rating: 8.2/10

Info: Middlebrooks Academy

Outlook: He can shoot the ball and drive well, has a good handle for his size and a long wingspan. If he puts on muscle to his frame he’d be able to switch 1-4 at the next level. I do have questions about his defense against grown men, and he will need to be a knockdown shooter if he wants to go to the next level.


  1. Corey Boyd – 6’9 255

Current Team: Atlanta

Strengths: Handles, Size, Shooting, Passing

Weaknesses: 3-Pt shooting, Size

Dream Fit: Kings-Playing with Buddy Hield and Fox would give him the opportunity to have the ball in his hands often and have shooters to pass the ball too if he gets double teamed.

Rating: 8.5/10

Info: Mount Zion Christian Academy

Outlook: This man has a Charles Barkley body from high school not TV analyst chuck. At 6’9 255 and can handle the rock and move with the ball up court like a guard. He has some real athletic ability in his legs, he’d probably have the best chance to go pro outside of Lamelo if he could define his body and take this opportunity to eat right and do the things for his body that will take his game to a scry level. If he can turn that weight and mass into muscle, he will be a scary individual to play against.


kezo brown


  1. Kezo Brown – 6’2 180 9th Grade Chicago City Title Game 11th Grade

Current Team: Chicago

Strengths: Passing, Athletic Upside, Defense, IQ

Weaknesses: Shooting Consistency, Size

Dream Fit: Magic- getting to pass to a shooter like Payton, or a high flyer like Gordon would be the exact kind of young fit and mix of talent he’d need to thrive at the next level.

Rating: 9.0/10

Info: Team USA Junior Olympian

Outlook: He is a flashy passer, not to blasphemous but if he got to the run the show on his own team as he progresses in his career you’d see a magic like passer. He’ll drive to the hoop bring multiple defenders on to him and then wrap a fancy pass around the defenders to a cutting man. He has a ton of athletic upside and played good tough defense for Team USA’s Junior team. I have a good feeling that he will be the best player in the JBA for this upcoming season.




  1. Lamelo Ball – 6’6 165

Current Team: Los Angeles

Strengths: 3-Pt Shooting, Passing, Size, Potential, Youth

Weaknesses: Motor, Effort when things go wrong, decision making

Dream Fit: Lakers- Obviously

Rating: 9.5/10

Info: Chino Hills High School, Vytautas LKL Pro League

Outlook: He scored 92 points in high school and has the best draft possibility out of everyone named here because of his youth, talent, and popularity. He can get as hot as almost any person on the planet, but he can get colder than them too. Which is where his decision making needs to allow him to use other parts of his game to help his team be successful. He is a 16-year-old kid and at times it shows when he doesn’t take his opportunities or responsibilities as serious as he should. He has the most potential in this league however to go to the NBA, I don’t believe he’s currently the best player in this league though, that would fall to the man I named prior on this list. He does have the benefit of having played for a professional team that travels, so he may be readier for this pro like atmosphere than his peers in the JBA.

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