Anyone remember that song, Call Me Maybe, you know the one that was so overplayed that anytime it came on, you wanted to stab out your eyes. Well it seems not only did Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande hear that song, they took the lyrics to the maximum. They went from hey I just met you and this is crazy to here’s a ring so marry me baby.

May 9th, just barely one month ago, it was announced that Ariana and Mac Miller were no more. By May 16th Pete Davidson had announced his breakup with Cazzie David. Ariana and Pete spent the next two weeks commenting  and liking one another’s Instagram posts. Gossip magazines all around began to buzz: are they or aren’t they together?

On May 30th, Pete posted this photo of the two of them in their Hogwarts robes, officially confirming they were a couple. These two young lovebirds continued to garner attention as Pete showed off his new tattoos, both of which are about Ariana.

ariana and pete.jpg

Annnnnddddd…Boom just 12 short days later, they’re engaged. Very beautiful stone, Davidson spent close to $100,000 on it and had it custom made, which come to find out took two weeks to complete. I’ll let you figure out the math on that one.

And while I believe there is no time frame on falling in love, these two crazy kids seem to be setting themselves up for a divorce waiting to happen.

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