Day: June 13, 2018


Lamelo Ball not the best JBA Player?

Top JBA Players to Watch this Summer Written By: Austin Philippi Before I begin I wanted to state I’m rooting for each one of these young men to further their basketball careers to the best of their potential. All 64 JBA players have been given an amazing opportunity to show of their skill, teamwork, IQ, and natural ability on the biggest stage of their … Read More Lamelo Ball not the best JBA Player?



Anyone remember that song, Call Me Maybe, you know the one that was so overplayed that anytime it came on, you wanted to stab out your eyes. Well it seems not only did Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande hear that song, they took the lyrics to the maximum. They went from hey I just met you and this is crazy to here’s a ring … Read More Insta-gagement