The following is the top 5 locations that Gelo would fit best with in their system and where his game can develop and why I think they could have potential to draft the middle of the ball brothers. Before I get too into it, I think Liangelo is highly underrated and has huge upside with his 3-Pt shooting ability, size, and strength. He has a ton of hate because he didn’t grade well coming out of high school, but at the time he also had a bigger body that was deemed an unathletic build. He has proven commitment to his body and game and developing them to that of an NBA player. I think he has a real shot and these teams below will take a long look at drafting Liangelo.


  1. 76ers

Fit: The 76ers have a Lebron style player who needs stand still 3-point shooters surrounding him to be at his most successful. Liangelo not only fits that roll he may be the best shooter with his feet set in the draft. With Simmons at point if you slide him in at SG it gets tough for an opposing team to try to hide their starting point guard on your SG to avoid the mismatch that would be Simmons. Gelo has a decent post up game for a guard and he a strong player that could abuse some Point Guards on switches.

Predicated Pick: Either the 39th pick if they want to try and beat the Lakers to him but I doubt they draft him that high. So, I’m going to pick an additional one on this one only and that’s at #60 if Gelo lasts that long on the board.

Reasoning: He has had some decent workouts with the Lakers and at the Pro Basketball Combine. He has impressed me more than Grayson Allen and some other notable guards that are border line NBA players. The deterrent is with them having a shot at LeBron and the controversy with their GM, do they really want to add to that drama with the drama Lavar could bring to the franchise? I’m not sure that answer is yes, but this is one of the best fits for the young Ball brother.


  1. Kings

Fit: They have been trying to find the next Steph Curry, so their owner believes with Buddy Hield they have a chance at achieving that no matter how delusional. It would still be California, and the Kings have always been the forgotten franchise in California, even more so than the Clippers as of recent memory.

Predicted Pick: #36 overall, what bigger way to make a splash and media buzz with a second-round pick? The kings would finally be talked about in the media for the first-time sense they traded Demarcus Cousins.

Reasoning: The reason they are higher on this list even though he wouldn’t be as good with them as the 76ers is, I think as the “ugly step sister” franchise in California wants to sell tickets and make some sort of media buzz for their franchise. Also, Lavar was on record saying all 3 boys would want to play together, so why not draft Gelo this year try and Melo in 2 years and then your shot at signing Lonzo with his brothers on the team goes up drastically.


  1. Clippers

Fit: They just traded for Bradley and Harris making it seem the warriors are also trying to take a page from the Warriors books in having a ton of 3-pt shooters. Liangelo has been again and again graded as a poor man’s Klay Thompson. The odds of them taking a chance on the young Ball brother in the second round is high if they want to draw publicity, it is low if they believe they can sign Lebron James.

Predicted Pick: I believe the Clippers make a trade in the second round to go and get Liangelo, unless they were so impressed by his scheduled workout with him that draft him with the 13th overall pick in the lottery. Which I highly doubt as there is a lot of NBA talent in this draft. But as the clippers don’t have a second-round pick these are the only two options.

Reasoning: Same as I said for the kings, why not draft the younger two brothers to try and get the oldest to sign in Free Agency? That is of course if you believe based off their workouts that they will be productive NBA players. The Clippers also being in LA would be close to home for Liangelo and would probably be the best fit for the young products confidence and happiness.


liangelo lakers


  1. Lakers

Fit: Playing with his brother would probably put him in his most comfortable and confident position. Which are two huge key aspects for a shooter to be consistent, and productive. The Lakers are also trying to move the ball and get up a ton of 3’s and shots much like Gelo is used to doing with Lonzo in high school and AAU.

Predicted Pick: 47th Pick, I can’t see the Lakers using a draft pick on Liangelo as they have a huge chance to sign LeBron, and no one knows how LeBon feels about the Lavar aspect yet. Most likely is the Lakers waiting till the draft is over as they’d be Gelo’s first choice on which team to try out at camp with.

Reasoning: Liangelo looks to be a knock down shooter, you already have his older brother, so you already have the publicity and limelight they bring. Ifliangelo lakers.jpe he can produce and knock down shots I think the Lakers will give him a chance especially if they lose out on LeBron. Look for him to get an invite to camp in the case the Lakers don’t get a major offseason free agent, and maybe even if they do.


  1. Golden State

Fit: The Warriors have said they want to retool their roster and add new pieces and depth that will continue to help them win championships. They shoot a lot of threes and the players who get on the court outside of the Warriors All- Stars will need to knock down open shots, which I believe he can do. He’d come off the bench for Klay as a lesser version of Klay Thompson, making the warriors even scarier than they already are.

Predicted Pick: 28th Pick, the warriors could cap start off with what will be a quite offseason for them with the most talked about move they could potentially make. However, I believe the scenario Liangelo goes to the Warriors is if he doesn’t get drafted and LeBron joins the Lakers with Lonzo being traded. At that point Liangelo wouldn’t be going to LA and would be a serious threat within the Warriors lineup.

Reasoning: If he can produce or hit shots at the NBA level what better way to find out then putting him on the best team in the NBA and letting him shoot wide open shots. He will sink or swim and at worse it’ll cost the warriors a 1-2-year contract that they could send down to the G-league affiliate and get real publicity and attention for their minor league team.


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