UniquESports+ is doing it’s very first give away, a Signed Basketball from when LeBron James was a member of the Miami Heat. The contest is in honor of LeBron’s Free Agency decision this summer and the fact we could see him with a new franchise. The Contest rules are simple, and the Winner will be chosen at random from the applicants who follow these rules.Lebron Signed Basketball

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The WINNER will be selected on July 21st via video upload to our Twitter Page! Thank you all for participating and we hope you’ll check out the rest of our new and growing website.

33 Comments on “LeBron James Free Agency Give Away

  1. I think I would enjoy it the most if LeBron decided to leave the east for the first time in his career, and paired up with one of his banana boat buddies in Chris Paul. The Rockets were so close to taking down the Warriors already, and with the added help of LeBron James, I think they would be able to defeat them.

  2. Spurs.. best opportunity to win multiple Chips and Pop will help LeBron extend his career by reducing the load he usually carries. Spurs are going to have to figure out the salary cap issue, other than that though it could be a match made in heaven between Kawhi, Bron and Pop…

    • I think if kawhi got traded to boston with lebron that gives him best chance. I also think the bucks should be considered if san antonio is. Giannis could guard KD in Finals and give him some fits, his D isnt great but hes long and KD cant just raise up and shoot over him like everyone else in the NBA.

  3. I would love to see LeBron leave Cleveland and pair up with his banana boat buddy Chris Paul. The rockets would have the space to sign him if they flipped Ryan Anderson’s contract, and it would be a great place for Mr. James to play more off of the ball, which he’s stated he wants to do. Imagine the space the rockets would afford James to work with. Things would get spicy in Houston, and I imagine that team would have enough talent to overcome the rockets.

  4. If LeBron goes to Boston with the help of Kawhi and AD! They will win for the next decade!

  5. Cavs or Spurs if Kawhai stays. Or Cavs can b just get KL, PG to join LBJ.

  6. lakers..there’ll be more competitive games through the season

  7. Okc, Westbrook, George, lebron, and Steven Adams would give the warriors a run for their money!

  8. Hopefully the wolves. I think it’ll be 76ers though.

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