In the world of gaming, a specific RPG type game has been all the rage. You guessed it, the ‘Battle Royale’ game mode. This experience is intense sure, but the fight to be the “best” game is getting even more intense than the games themselves. In a fight against up to 99 other players, tensions can run high. Each console has their favorite game that they back, and unfortunately my Xbox One is a tad slow on the ‘new new.’ That being said, Steamers are at the top of the list for playing and setting the vibes for new games.

In the Steam world, four days ago there was an explosion in the “Battle Royale” games universe. A groundbreaking game emerged from the ashes of the burnt-out Fortnite and H1Z1 warriors. Realm Royale is the brainchild of Hi-Rez Studios and is said by many to be better that Fortnite!!

The early access of this game is featured exclusively on Steam, with talk of coming to other platforms soon. Most likely next is PlayStation and their contact with Sony only strengthens their hold in the gaming community.

Meanwhile, the game is beautiful. With graphics almost commanding a lawsuit by Fortnite, the gameplay is almost identical. The map at the beginning looks EXACTLY like that of Fortnite, even down to the same layout of Lucky Landing, my personal favorite spot to drop. A big difference is actually having the option of choosing a class at the beginning, this is what really sets RR apart.

There are features in this game that allow you to find powers comparable to Thanos in the Fortnite Battle Royale mode. These powers are specific to the classes that you choose. Here is a lil’ thing put together by our friends at and you can catch their full Realm Royale walkthrough on the website.


Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 4.09.43 PM

In addition to the specific powers to each class, there are passive abilities as well.

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 4.11.54 PM

There are more abilities that can be found throughout the map, comparable to the rare guns on Fortnite, in chests.


After seeing these things, I considered switching sides myself, JUST to try it out. There are a lot more things that set this game presumably above the rest. There is a “mount” feature that allows you to actually RIDE A HORSE! I think this is hilarious because the game makers are marrying the top two “Battle Royale” games on the market.

Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds or PUBG has the feature that players can drive vehicles around the map. I LOVE THIS! Even though I play Fortnite a ton more than PUBG, because it’s scary as hell, I like it because of the ability to interact with the environment. Fortnite is way less scary, so I think I will adapt very well to Realm Royale.

Hopefully this comes to my platform and one in your home soon! To all you Steamers out there, I’m jelly.

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