Our story first began on October 31, 1963 when 6 year old Michael Myers brutally murders his 15 year old sister. He was sent away to be under the care of Dr. Sam Loomis at a high security mental institution in Smith’s Grove. He remained there until the night of October 30, 1978 when he escaped and made his way back to his hometown. He had one goal in mind, kill Laurie Strode. He was unsuccessful in killing his youngest sister and she was unsuccessful in stopping him. The boogeyman would continue to haunt her for the next forty years. Which brings us to the newest movie in long list of Halloween films. However ignore what you have seen and forget what you know, because this time? They’re retconning everything.

The terrible original sequel set in the hospital that everyone would like to forget about? Irrelevant. The third movie in the series about witches that was absolutely pointless? Don’t worry about it. The ridiculous back and forth over him dying but not really being dead. Her dying but not really being dead. Different timelines to follow that retcon previous ones. All of that is going out the window. Forget everything after the first movie.

Blumhouse is bringing a new take to the Halloween Franchise and this time they’re not playing around. It’s a showdown 40 years into the making. Laurie Strode has prayed every day that Michael Myers would escape so she could kill the bastard. She is finally going to get her chance. Question is: Which one of them will live? And which one of them will die?

Check out the trailer for Halloween below: Coming October 19, 2018!


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