Written By: Austin Philippi

UniquESports Polled 5 of our Analysists over their opinions on various Receiving Corps in the NFL as well as assigning a numerical score (1-10) for the overall quality of the unit.  This is a combined summary of our outlook on the Top 20 NFL Receiving Corps. When evaluating units, we don’t include the Quarterbacks skill. However, I will address the teams QB in each section and how he can be beneficial to his group of Receivers. I will also give an argument for how the teams fell in the rankings even if I didn’t personally have them in the same position in my personal rankings.

*QB Quality is a rough personal estimate

*Potential is based off their outlook for 2018 and beyond.


  1. Lions – Average Rating 6.28: High 8.0 Low 5.0, 0 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: Golden Tate has been one of the most consistent players over the last several years and has given the lions good production for an undersized receiver. Marvin Jones had a good first year with the Lions and has #1 WR potential after increasing his production in his second season. Kenny Golladay stepped in and had a few big games for them and could be a big lift heading into 2018.

Weaknesses: Golden Tate is not a true #1 Receiver, but he gets the most catches and targets on the team. Marvin Jones while having potential isn’t quite a standout #1 WR at this point in his career. Golladay was inconsistent throughout the season in a very pass happy offense.  The Lions TE situation is also less than stellar.

QB: Stafford: He is a top 15 QB on anyone’s list and will throw for a minimum of 4,000 yards if healthy. There will be a ton of balls thrown their way throughout the season. So, if they are better than their ranking they should be able to show us rather quickly. QB quality considered (8/10) and their QB does nothing but benefit their case.

Reasoning: Golden Tate, Marvin Jones Jr., Golladay is a decent trio and clearly is better than anything the panthers or the other 11 teams in the NFL can conjure together on any given Sunday.

Potential: ↓


  1. Ravens – Average Rating 6.44: High 8.0 Low 5.0 (Twice), 0 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: Offseason acquisitions of Willie Snead and Michael Crabtree could prove to be much more formidable than their 19th place ranking. Crabtree is one of the most dominant players in the Red Zone over the last several seasons. John Brown was also a 1,000-yard receiver once upon a time, and he is their 3rd option giving them at least 3 hopeful options going into 2018.

Weaknesses: Crabtree has had his issues with dropping passes his entire career and has had some suspect character concerns. Willie Snead while having a decent year last season played for Drew Brees, and no one has left Brees to go on and have higher production without him. John Brown while not being a bad 3rd option hasn’t been a 1K yard WR in 2 years and can’t be expected to become one again. Their TE also isn’t very formidable.

QB: Flacco: He is a solid starting Quarterback that can win a championship if the rest of his team is good and in perfect stride. He isn’t a QB that makes his players better in my opinion and has only passed for over 4,000 yards once in his career. He also saw his possible replacement be drafted this season meaning he could have shaky confidence and shaky play as a result. I think Flacco will hinder any ability these Receivers may have considering his QB quality (6.0/10)

Reasoning: I don’t exactly believe these group of receivers will produce more this season due to the offensive scheme in Baltimore. However, I’d have to believe Stafford and most lions fans would also Want Crabtree, Snead, Brown in place of their own trio of WR.

Potential: ↔


  1. Bears- Average Rating 6.52: High 7.1 (Twice) Low 4.8, 0 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: Signing Allen Robinson in the offseason will be huge for their Young Quarterback. Robinson coming off a major injury hasn’t seen football action in basically an entire calendar year. I think he will have a lot to prove and will have plenty of opportunities in that bears offense. Kevin White has a ton of potential especially now that he will get less defensive attention.

Weaknesses: The Bears don’t have a ton of Depth at WR and their top 2 WR have both had several injuries during their short careers. The Bears also don’t have a great TE or security blanket within their WR’s, they have some talent but their lacking a go to go to move the chains.

QB: Trubisky: They didn’t give this rookie Quarterback a ton of opportunity to show us what he could do. Only throwing for 2,200 yards last season doesn’t exactly inspire me to believe he is going to come out flinging the ball and making his teammates drastically better. QB quality (5.0/10) is severely lacking until proven otherwise meaning his receivers will be doing him a ton of favors this season.

Reasoning: The overall quality of this unit is not great however they have a true #1 in Allen Robinson, (a top 10 NFL WR if Healthy) and White who could continue to develop alongside a young (24) Robinson. Based off potential, youth and the fact the bears have the best WR out of 2 other teams named thus far.

Potential: ↑


  1. Packers- Average Rating 6.84: High 8.7 Low 5.5, 1 Top 5 Vote

Strengths: Davante Adams was a pro bowler last season for the Packers in just his fourth season having caught consecutive double-digit TD’s the last 2 NFL seasons. Randall Cobb has been a consistent target and piece for the Packers, with Jordy Nelson gone I look for him to catch even more passes. Jimmy Graham also signed with the Packers giving them a good TE to now add to their passing attack as a security blanket for Rodgers who has caught 10+ Td’s in 4 of his 8 seasons in the NFL. Montgomery is also a WR turned make shift RB that deserves mentioning as he catches a ton of passes for their unit.

Weaknesses: They don’t seem to have a true # 1 WR. They have talent along their team, but the players haven’t been consistent or haven’t had a 1,000-yard season in over 2+ years. They also lost Jordy Nelson whom was one of Rodgers favorite targets. The Receivers didn’t look impressive too me when Rodgers was injured last year, giving me a chance to see their individual talent to just get flat out open.

QB: Rodgers: Best QB Talent (9.9/10) in the NFL. He 100% makes his entire offense better, and when he is in the lineup the Packers are more likely to toss the ball around 35+ times giving the Receivers a lot of opportunities to make plays. He has a knack for throwing his targets open and giving his guys to make plays on almost every ball thrown their direction.

Reasoning: Davante Adams is a pro bowl wide receiver regardless of your opinion, that must be considered. They also have one of the best TE in NFL history now lining up for them in Jimmy Graham. The overall Receiver Quality when you consider the weapon jimmy graham could be for this team is just better for trying to win now. While the bears may not trade their core for the packers straight up due to youth and potential I’d believe Rodgers would want these guys as well over Robinson and White.

Potential: ↓


  1. Saints- Average Rating 6.86: High 8.5 Low 5.0, 0 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: Michael Thomas is a good young receiver for the Saints whom has 2 1,000-yard seasons to start his career. He even eclipsed 100 receptions last season making him the favorite target of Drew Brees. Tedd Ginn Jr. had some bright moments as a member of the Saints, with Snead gone I look for Ginn to string together his 4th consecutive 700+ yard season.

Weaknesses: Coby Fleener hasn’t produced sense arriving in New Orleans, he needs to show up within this offense to complete the saints passing attack. A weakness and strength of their receiving core is the amount of balls thrown to the backfield, this both helps the teams offense but takes away from their possible production.

QB: Brees: One of the 5 best Quarterbacks in the league throwing them the ball is a good way to drastically improve your numbers and production on the field. His Talent (9.0/10) absolutely helps excel his teammates.

Reasoning: Michael Thomas, Tedd Ginn, Cameron Meredith and Fleener is enough to argue they have more than the Packers without considering that Fleener hasn’t yet lived up to expectations in replace of Graham.

Potential: ↓


  1. Buccaneers- Average Rating 7.22: High 8.4 Low 5.8, 0 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: Mike Evans is an absolute animal and has a real argument that he is a top 5 WR in the NFL talent wise. Desean Jackson is a very fast second option that you can’t let out of your sight as a defense or else your giving up a big play. OJ Howard also has upside potential after catching 25 balls for over 400 yards. Humphries is also big for the Bucs in the slot and continuing to move the chances and extend drives.

Weaknesses: Jackson is on the wrong side of 30, and Evans production took a massive dip last season. They don’t have a ton of depth at the receiver position either, they do however have depth at TE. The O-line and running game will need to have consistent play for them to get consistent opportunities.

QB: Winston:  I’m going to write most of the Buccaneers section on their QB as I believe they have some solid talent at WR and some young upcoming talent at TE too. The reason for their unproductive season and for Evans not having a top 5 WR type season I because of Jamies. He hasn’t taken the steps in his game as an overall passer of the football to really elevate his teammates. QB quality (6.0/10) will do this core no favors. He missed time last season that affected his numbers or else he’d have eclipsed 4,000 yards for all 3 of his years in the league. Jamies is lucky in the fact he was drafted with Mike Evans and has never known what its like to not have his #1 guy.

Reasoning: Mike Evans. Who wouldn’t want a WR that has had nothing but 1,000-yard seasons in his career. Combine that with OJ Howard and even Jackson from time to time and the Saints with Drew Brees would take this Unit over Thomas Meredith and Fleener any day of the week.

Potential: ↓


  1. Broncos- Average Rating 7.28: High 8.0 Low 6.5, 0 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: They have a solid duo in Thomas and sanders, two of the most consistent and productive pair of receivers in the last few years. Thomas has big play potential every play and Sanders is a great security blanket for any Quarterback. Too bad they don’t have 2013 Peyton Manning tossing them around the ball. The Duo has continued to put up numbers the last few years with inconsistent play in the rest of the offense.

Weaknesses: They also don’t have the same Level of TE play, and don’t have sure fire red zone target unless one of their duo squeezes open. The core isn’t stellar outside of their two now aging stars both on the wrong side of 30 so, without major change coming I don’t see them increasing production on what they’ve been known to do.

QB: This is one of their biggest weakness but isn’t considered when thinking about quality of their Receiving corps. However, this position has done them no favors over the last 3 seasons and will continue to give them uneven QB play. They did sign Case Keenum but I’ve never been a huge fan of his I’d need to see a second season like last year from him first. QB quality (5.5/10)

Reasoning: They have a true #1, and a good career slot receiver. They may be aging so they potential outlook isn’t on their side, but could you imagine how much better off Winston would be if he had two targets he could expect 1,000 yards out of. Evans is the better WR and they have youth on their side but for this next season I’d say Broncos have the slight edge as you can tell from their AVG Rating 7.28-7.22.

Potential: ↔


  1. Chargers- Average Rating 7.33: High 8.2 Low 6.0, 0 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: Keenan Allen is a stud, Travis Benjamin is fast and has been solid for this unit. Tyrell has had two decent seasons for the chargers as well sense coming into the league, look for him to take a step forward along with the entire Chargers offense in 2018. They also have depth at the TE and WR positions along with solid help catching balls from Melvin Gordon. Mike Williams (a top 10 pick of last year’s Draft) will also get an opportunity to help this unit go from good to great.

Weaknesses: They will need to stay healthy, Allen and Henry had huge injuries last season. Antonio Gates is also getting up in age and could be more susceptible to injury meaning they need to stay on the field to show the true strength in their overall unit quality.

QB: Philip Rivers: They have had Consistently good QB play for a decade now, Rivers will man the ship well and this could be his best chance to win a Super Bowl given his teams overall talent. QB Quality (8.0/10)

Reasoning: Potential and overall Depth at every position is much better than just having a good duo of WR’s. The TE position is another key element in what separates the chargers from the Broncos. I don’t think its as close as their Rating suggests, the chargers have a real potential to be great.

Potential: ↑


  1. Bengals- Average Rating 7.4: High 8.3 Low 6.4, 0 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: AJ Green is on of the 5 best WR’s of this generation and of the few consistently great targets in the NFL game in and game out. John Ross is the fastest Man in the NFL, and LaFell is an experienced WR. They also get great TE play out of Eifert.

Weaknesses: They don’t have a ton of Depth and the rookie campaign put together by Ross was underwhelming. They need drastic improvements around AJ Green for this unit to live up to their 12th place ranking.

QB: Dalton: Talk about inconsistent play, sometimes Dalton looks like a top 5-10 QB and then most the time he either looks average or below average. He doesn’t do his teammates any favors, and I firmly believe is benefiting from a career with AJ Green and some decent targets put around him. Therefore, based on his QB quality (6.5/10) I’d have to say AJ Green Makes Andy Dalton better.

Reasoning: Do you want AJ Green? And the chance to groom and throw to the fastest man in the NFL. Oh yeah, don’t forget about Eifert as a security blanket either. Having 2 targets that would Grade as an A or higher is more than any team prior on this list can claim to boast. (Eifert Green > Charger unit)

Potential: ↔


  1. Eagles- Average Rating 7.66: High 8.6 Low 6.8, 1 Top 5 Vote

Strengths: Super Bowl Champs. They also produced for two different QB’s on their run to a title meaning they don’t have to have A+ quarterback play like they were getting early in the year. Jeffrey, Wallace, and Agholor are a 3-man unit without many weaknesses between them. Throw on the fact Zach Ertz wad the best TE in the NFL last year and you have a very strong corps.

Weaknesses: They don’t have many weaknesses, maybe the chance of a Super Bowl hangover. Possibly Depth if one of them gets injured or the fact they don’t have a top receiver in the NFL as their #1 target. However, with Ertz on the team and a plethora of other talent Alshon is a good enough #1 to scare opposing defenses.

QB: Wentz/Foles: It doesn’t matter what QB steps in for this unit they will be good and productive regardless. There is only one QB named here that makes his teammates better and the other is one of the best Game managers in the NFL. QB quality Wentz (8.5/10) Foles (6.5/10)

Reasoning: The Bengals don’t have a ton of Depth or weapons outside of Green and Eifert, and while that is enough to beat out all the chargers B level targets its not enough to be better than the lineup the eagles can put onto the field play after play. (Ertz>Eifert) (Alshon, Mike, Nelson > AJ Green, Ross)

Potential: ↔


  1. Rams- Average Rating 7.68: High 8.7 Low 6.0

Strengths: Adding Brandin Cooks as a deep threat to the highest scoring team in the NFL last season is a huge plus. Sean McVay is an offensive genius and will utilize his cores talents to their best interest. Robert woods is a big play big body wide receiver to go alongside Goff’s friend and once roommate Cooper Kupp. A Hot young offense that will be able to move the chains and will get a ton of long possessions.

Weaknesses: They don’t have a great TE, and don’t have a ton of WR depth. Kupp was suspect as a go to guy late in games in which Goff favors him due to their connection. Gurley is the centerpiece and will take nearly 750+ receiving yards from their group if healthy. If he isn’t healthy then he receivers have more pressure as woods and Kupp still have major questions without an MVP caliber RB keeping 8 men in the box.

QB: Goff: He I a young QB that took a huge step forward in his second season. However, as shown in playoffs the rams need to rely on running the ball 20+ times and throwing to Gurley another 5. Not attempting to allow Goff to beat you throwing the ball to this group of receivers. QB quality (7.5/10) He doesn’t make his teammates better (yet) but he is no longer hindering their ability to perform either.

Reasoning: Cooks, Kupp, and Woods are all receivers with huge upside and potential all under 26 years old. Nelson meanwhile improved last season took a few years to come into his own. The core barely out edged a Philadelphia core that has a ton of talent, biggest case I can make is for the Rams is their talent level is close to Philadelphia and they are younger and probably hungrier (For a Super Bowl) giving them more potential to improve further this season.

Potential: ↑


  1. Texans- Average Rating 7.9 High 8.5 Low 7.5, 0 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: Hopkins has been a borderline top 5 WR over the last five seasons without having much of Quarterback throwing him the ball. Fuller is also a big-time speed option that could be huge for this upcoming season as defenses will continue to key in Deandre Hopkins.

Weaknesses: They don’t have much of a big body WR that is any good, and their TE department is rather lacking. They also have had suspect play from nearly every other position on the offensive side of the ball making it even harder on them to move the ball and produce and yet Hopkins basically can’t be stopped.

QB: Watson: He needs to stay healthy and play almost to the level of what he was doing prior to injury but uf he does I’d have to say he will make his WR core better just off the fact they will have a competent level quarterback throwing them the ball. QB quality (6.5/10).

Reasoning: Hopkins has put up big numbers in every single season, he nearly has more receiving yards than Kupp, Woods, and Cooks combined for their careers. Add in a deep threat (Fuller) and a potential big player receiver in Miller and that is just better than the Rams or Eagles based on potential with a healthy team and competent play coming from their QB position. Pure skill wise Hopkins makes this an almost non-discussion by himself.

Potential: ↑


  1. Browns- Average Rating 7.92 High 9.3 Low 6.9, 1 Top 5 Vote

Strengths: Jarvis Landry is a most likely a Top 10 NFL WR who was just added to a group that is bringing back Josh Gordan and has a young Corey Coleman who can develop alongside these other two premier targets. They will have a ton of big play potential across the board.

Weaknesses: Weed. Their TE depth is more than suspect. And they haven’t had a QB start All 16 games for the browns in over a decade. They also have won just one game in the last two years, but they still have a lot of upside if they can stay on the field and get an early entrance of Baker.

QB: Taylor/Mayfield: Tyrod will start the season most likely barring the hype of Hard Knocks that could make Baker the starter in time for week one. I’ve seen enough of Tyrod to know he is not a slinger of the football. This team needs a Quarterback that will help put them in position to succeed and not hinder their own natural abilities. QB quality Taylor (5.5/10) Mayfield (6.5/10)

Reasoning: Jarvis Landry may not be better than Hopkins, but he has been very productive in his 4 years in the NFL as well on a team with a more than suspect QB. He will be a bigtime security blanket for the Browns and will help Josh Gordon come back into the NFL and have a chance to put up big numbers with less defensive attention. Gordon had an argument as a top 5 WR before weed took him out, off talent alone not production you have to say the browns are loaded. If Gordon doesn’t get loaded from here on out they may even be better than their #8 ranking.

Potential: ↑


  1. Patriots- Average Rating 8.2 High 9.0 Low 7.0, 3 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: They have the best TE in football with no real cover or answer on the Defensive end. One of the greatest minds in football history in Belichick puts these receivers in the best situations to maximize their naturally ability and to help the team be successful. Edleman is coming back off injury giving brady one of his favorite targets back. Patriots also seem to transition from one group or receivers to another without missing a beat. They also added Jordan Matthews and Cordarrelle Patterson to the mix.

Weaknesses: If you don’t include Gronk, they don’t have a true number one receiver. Eledman is coming off injury and could regress, while Hogan isn’t going to get that many more opportunities to show what he can do than he did last season. Any other weaknesses they seem to have from the outside are covered up by the play of their QB. They will also need to stay healthy especially at TE sense they don’t have the same depth there as in years past.

QB: Brady: QB quality (9.5/10) Brady is the 2nd best quarterback in the NFL currently and the G.O.A.T in NFL history. He has an illustrious career that seems to be defying age and he will continue to make his teammates much better every single tame he takes the football field.

Reasoning: Gronk is the only player named thus far that has absolutely no cover or answer in the NFL. They have a ton of receiver depth and options allowing for you to go 5-wide while having all of them being legitimate threats on the field. With the overall depth and standout TE you’d be hard pressed to find teams who wouldn’t want this patriots roster.

Potential: ↓


  1. Giants- Average Rating 8.26 High 9.5 Low 6.9, 3 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: Odell before he got injured was the most productive player in NFL history through 3 seasons. Sterling Shepard got some big-time minutes and looks last season and he will get the chance to go back to having less defensive attention. Also, now that the giants have a semblance of a running game their receivers will have less overall attention on them.

Weaknesses: Health. Last year they were god awful mostly due to the fact almost all their offensive weapons spent significant time injured. Last season they had a horrible offensive line, no running game, no healthy receivers and bad quarterback play as well.

QB: Manning: The lesser of the two Manning brothers will have the most offensive weapons and protection he’s had in years. If he can play consistent to the level of the Best Game Manager in History (which is what he probably is) and try to limit his league leading mistakes the Giants will have real opportunity to get back to the playoffs even in a tough division. QB quality: (6.5/10)

Reasoning: Odell is one of the 3 best WR’s in the game. Shepard is young, and on the rise, the youth mixed with talent of that duo is enough to warrant the argument that I’d rather take these two men on my team for the upcoming season and into the future.

Potential: ↑


  1. Raiders- Average Rating 8.27 High 8.9 Low 7.75, 2 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: They signed an offensive minded coach who loves to throw the ball and make it fun for his team and offense. The raiders added Jordy Nelson and Martavis Bryant to their receiver corps giving them one of the best trios in the league if Nelson can stay healthy and Cooper can find his hand again in time for the 2018 season. Bryant will also get plenty of chances in what is sure to be a pass happy offense.

Weaknesses: Bryant can have attitude problems when he gets lost amongst quality receivers, So Bryant doesn’t want to see Nelson or Cooper play better than him. Cooper had far too many drooped balls last season in a year in which he should have taken a step forward as a sure fire top ten receiver.

QB: Carr: The better of the Carr brothers regressed last season along with the raiders in a season in which their offense was underwhelming. Gruden will help Carr take steps forward in his game, as well as helping Carr help his receivers make the most of their game. QB quality (8.5/10)

Reasoning: Cooper and Bryant are both still relatively young, alongside a seasoned pro in Jordy Nelson. Those 3 weapons if healthy are slightly more of an issue than the Giants by the slimmest of margins since this trio are better than the Giants duo if both live up to potential and are healthy. Nelson is the difference maker if he is healthy and if he isn’t then you could see the raiders slide more to the Low side of their rating.

Potential: ↔


  1. Vikings- Average Rating 8.28 High 9.0 Low 7.4, 3 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: They have arguably the best young duo in the NFL, Diggs is an absolute stud who I am very high on and I believe talent wise is already a top 15 WR but hasn’t always performed as such. Thielen had a huge year for the Vikings catching a ton of balls I look for him to have a repeat performance keeping some of the eyes off Diggs. Add Rudolph one of the best TE’s in the NFL and they have a very formidable receiving corps. Caldwell is also a big body red-zone threat that has potential to blossom as defense will have so much else on their hands.

Weaknesses: Diggs has been inconsistent on when he has big games as well as with his ability to stay on the field. Thielen also has some questions surrounding if he will have the same rapport with new QB Kirk Cousins. Caldwell and Rudolph also need to stay on the field and make the most of their chances in the red zone.

QB: Cousins: Cousins was a highly sought after QB this off season and was paid exactly as such. He will need to perform like it, as I believe he has a plethora of targets to choose from that can make his career if he is worth the money they are paying him. QB quality (8/10)

Reasoning: Their Trio at best case scenario may not be better than the Raiders trio if both perform up to ability. However, The Vikings have a very good TE that the raiders just can match in Jared Cook. This along with youth gives them the slight edge as a receiving corps heading into 2018.

Potential: ↑


  1. Steelers- Average Rating 8.4 High 9.5 Low 7.0, 3 Top 3 Votes

Strengths: Antonio Brown should be the number 1# pick in almost every PPR Fantasy Draft just off the fact no NFL player has been more consistent or reliable the last 5 years. That reason alone it is hard to not have them in your top 5 because I’d want AB on my team over just about any other duo or trio named previously combined. They added a rookie in JuJu Smith last season who was phenomenal, he’s going into his second season and I look to take yet another huge step forward in his game. They also have the same Coach, QB, and System for longer than any team not named the Patriots.

Weaknesses: The Tight End position is a weak one for them and while McDonald is young and will have the chance to blossom I really like the idea of trying to sign a one LeBron James as a RED ZONE TE. That alone would solve a ton of their issues, they also lack depth however if they were to incur a major injury. (knock on wood) Meaning the Steelers need their performances out of their best receivers. And Le’veon Bell takes away more chances from WR’s than any other player in the league almost.

QB: Roethlisberger: A Two Time Champion. Has been playing in Super Bowl’s basically sense I started watching football (2006), and longer than any other QB in the league not named Tom Brady. He will throw for over 4,000 yards if healthy, he’ll also need to take better care of the ball this season and try to get back down into single digit INT’s and he could have MVP chances. However, just the last 5 years you can see the effect of having a top 2 WR on your team. His stats have been better with Brown, but it hasn’t resulted in Super Bowls even though they focus so much on the offense for Big Ben. QB Quality (8.25/10) My reasoning here is I believe Ben is clearly better than Cousins, but I think his receiver core makes him better, so his rating needed to be between the two.

Reasoning: Antonio Brown and JuJu or a duo of receivers that have issues with consistency and staying on the field. Diggs more so than Adam, but JuJu I believe has more max potential than Thielen. Rudolph obviously makes it closer, but I just don’t think its enough and highly doubt the Steelers would swap cores with the Vikings. If Diggs shows to be the #1 receiver that I believe he is while staying healthy maybe this ranking proves to be wrong.

Potential: ↔


  1. Chiefs- Average Rating 8.5 High 9.3 Low 8.1, 3 Top 3 Votes

Strengths: Kelce has a legitimate argument as being the second best TE in football if he was on a team with a better QB over the last few seasons and not a game manager. Tyreke Hill is lightning fast, and Conley is going to make strides in his game as well. Combine that with the offseason addition of Sammy Watkins and the Chiefs going to be more of a pass happy team in the upcoming season thanks to their change at QB. They have HUGE upside.

Weaknesses: They don’t have a ton of weaknesses on offense, if they experienced some injuries I’d have to say Depth. They also will have huge expectations on what is basically a bunch of young men. Kelce (28) being the oldest amongst their offensive weapons, this can obviously be a good thing as well if they live up to expectations. They also don’t currently have a Top 15 WR but Hill may take a step forward this season and prove that statement wrong.

QB: Mahomes: He has a lot to prove before I can state that he will make the Chiefs players better, because they are all very skilled. Mahomes however is very green and while I’ve seen plenty of him playing at Texas Tech, I believe at least in his first full season his team will be doing him a lot more favors than he will be able to do for them. QB quality (7.0/10)

Reasoning: They beat out the Steelers slightly based off Youth and overall quality. With some of the concerns that surround Brown as a diva WR I don’t believe the Chiefs would trade all their talent for Brown and JuJu alone. Almost any other team in the league would love to have that duo. This team however has more quality weapons than any other team in the league.

Potential: ↑


  1. Falcons- Average Rating 9.28 High 10.0 Low 8.5, 4 Top 5 Votes

Strengths: Julio Jones is the biggest mismatch in the NFL right now. He hasn’t been as productive as Antonio Brown has been, but I believe he is the better WR. Julio is a huge body with great route running speed and hands. Sanu has a great chance to take another step forward this season and cross the 1,000-yard mark as the falcons hope to regain some of their 2016 form. Austin Hooper and Justin Hardy will have a chance to produce with all the attention on these other two, if the offensive coordinator can figure out the play calling they could be dangerous.

Weaknesses: The offensive scheme last year wasn’t up to par with the previous season after an Offensive Head Coaching change. They don’t have a ton of depth if they have a major injury within their core, and while they aren’t exactly old their core is getting older with every football hit and season added to their belt. However, none of this is a real weakness as the Falcons have a great offensive outlook in 2018.

QB: Ryan: He makes everyone not named Julio Jones better. With his QB quality (9.0/10) he helps make the most out of everyone’s talents if the offensive play calls give him that opportunity. He will help Hardy and Sanu have career best seasons in 2018, and he needs to do a better job of calling audibles to get Julio the ball in the Red Zone. Not everything can be blamed on the offensive coordinator, he’ll need to take control and make the right play with the football coming up this season for the Falcons to have a chance at getting back to the Super Bowl.

Reasoning: They have a decent Roster and weapons around Julio and Sanu which are just vastly better options than having Kelce Hill and Conley combined. However, Watkins may beat out the rest the Falcons on potential but as a combined unit and based off what they have produced in an all time historic offense in 2016 they have an edge over the entire field on skill and potential for this upcoming season alone. All their targets are in their absolute Prime and should be hungry to try and get back to another Super Bowl.

Potential: ↔

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