Month: June 2018


Week 2 JBA Power Rankings

Atlanta Outlook: They took down and held off some talented young players for Chicago and seattle including Kezo Brown and Jerrell Springer, they kept the Chicago Ballers at bay all game long. In game 2 they started off sloppy and turned the ball over a lot but thanks to a 3rd quarter run sparked by Corey Boyd and Jordan Ray they were able to … Read More Week 2 JBA Power Rankings


10 Bold Free Agent Predictions

With free agency set to arrive Sunday July 1st, I expect this off-season to not only get crazy with trades, but possible free agent movement. Every year crazy things seem to happen when the trades start to happen and the first domino falls. Unfortunately this year only a handful of teams really has a ton of money to spend. There is a very good … Read More 10 Bold Free Agent Predictions



Written By: Austin Philippi No matter if your young or old, rich or poor, and black or white you most likely have an opinion of the outspoken father. Wither your opinion is right or not is only up for you to decide, however Lavar is providing a unique opportunity to young men and athletes who not only wouldn’t have had the chance but just … Read More JBA Vs. NCAA


Week 1 JBA Power Rankings

Los Angeles Outlook: They have the best trio in the league as of right now in Melo Ball, Niles Malone, and Greg Floyd Jr. The rest of their team also fits in nicely, with a lot of height and depth this Los Angeles team looks primed to win it all at this point in the season. It’ll be a tough task for a team … Read More Week 1 JBA Power Rankings


JBA Week 1 MVP Rankings

Niles Malone Team: Los Angeles Reasoning: He’s averaging the most points in the JBA through two games and has played stellar defense to boot. When Lamelo Ball fouled out with 8 minutes to go Seattle looked prime to make a run late, however Niles Malone would not let that happen. He’ll need to try and lower his turnovers however he is averaging 45.5 Points … Read More JBA Week 1 MVP Rankings


What the F***Happened to Gucci Mane??

If there are any old Gucci fans out there, now is your time to be heard. This was brought to my attention today by one of my closest friends, Maggie. Now this girl has introduced me to a variety of new subjects, even Flat Earth. Stay with me now, because most of the things she shows me, are in fact, things we should all … Read More What the F***Happened to Gucci Mane??


10 Best Draft Picks

With the 2018 NBA Draft now behind us and all the new toys getting settled in to their new teams, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at which picks really excited me. How I came to my decision reaching a top 10 was basically how players fit on said team, how the value of the pick was and … Read More 10 Best Draft Picks

NBA Retirement Tour

The NBA has long dominated sports conversations year-round, wither it’s the NBA season starting in October, the NBA playoffs staring in May, and NBA Free-Agency starting in July. This gives the NBA real story lines and drama that entices fans to tune in and talk about their sport. With the NBA’s off-season the same as the NFL they dominate the topic of discussion as … Read More NBA Retirement Tour


Stay Inside Up-and-Coming Rappers!!

June 18th was a fateful day in the rap community, not only did we lose, XXXTencacion, but also Jimmy Wopo, 21-year-old rapper was shot and killed in his own neighborhood in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He was recently signed to the music label Sledgren, and his producers are in tears. Wopo’s legal name, Travon Smart, has gone long by the wayside, as most know him by … Read More Stay Inside Up-and-Coming Rappers!!


The NBA Experience

  We’ve all wondered what it’s like to be in the NBA, soar through the air and dunk sending fans into a frenzy, sink a baseline 3 with the games defining moments at hand, and even traveling around the country with your team competing for the ultimate prize. However, the clear majority of us lacking the size, skill, and ability to do so at … Read More The NBA Experience


This is crazy!! This incident is almost as strange as his face tats, 20-year-old rapper XXXTentacion or locally known as, Jahseh Onfroy, actually predicted his own death! He was killed yesterday during a robbery while he was leaving a motorsport car dealership. Men in a black SUV gunned him down at approximately 4:00 pm in Broward County, Florida. There is a ton of speculation … Read More XXXTENTACION WON’T BE GETTING THAT CAR….

Top 20 NBA Players in History

Written By: Austin Philippi   An in depth personal analysis on who has had the greatest careers in NBA history, some NBA players have been raised higher on this list because I’m going to project the rest of their individual careers and place in history. I used several key factors in deciding who was the better player including, Hardware, Dominance, Size, and overall basketball … Read More Top 20 NBA Players in History