Written By: Austin Philippi

The last four years have reminded me a lot of some of the movie franchises I’ve been watching recently. One or two good movies in a franchise, with a ton of predictability mixed with a stale and repetitive story line. I along with many of you not only hope this is the last time we see Cavs vs. Warriors but I’m hoping like all these other movie franchises I’ve seen the ending is predictable. Let me set up what is the Cavs Warriors Franchise.

Movie 1: Warriors on The Scene: The Protagonist (Lebron James) finds himself in the NBA Finals and has been riddled with injuries to his starting lineup. Playing an up and coming streaky team with that seasons MVP and sniper Steph Curry. After a season of being heavy favorites after leaving the warmth of Miami for his home in Cleveland and the young Kyrie Irving. Resulting in the Cavaliers and Lebron James falling short and giving the Warriors validation and confidence as champions. They go into their parade and off-season talking a lot about the cavaliers and Lebron most of which wasn’t good. Adding fuel to what was sure to be a sequel. The opening “film” was filled with drama and surprises and left a lot to be desired in a sequel do to the injuries on the cavaliers.

Movie 2: The Come Back: The Warriors heard all off-season how Lebron didn’t have Kyrie or Love and that if he had they would be champions. This added fuel to the Warriors fire where they set the league on fire on their way to a 73-9 Win season. Exerting so much effort to try and be one of the best teams ever only to fall short when Lebron and co. defies all odds and beats the gigantic favorites and coming back from a 3-1 deficit. The Movie Ends with the Cavs winning the title and having their own Parade in which Lebron deemed an “Ultimate Warrior” shirt. This movie like some franchises was one where the sequel was one of the better “films” in the franchise if not the best.

Movie 2 After Credits Clip: Lebron James and Chris Paul (VP and President of NBA Players Association) are sitting in an office with NBA Owners and demand that the players want a steep salary cap to jump instead of a gradual one. (Resulting in the Plot Line for movie 3)

Movie 3: Monstars Infinity War Part 1: The Warriors Led by newly acquired Kevin Durant slept through much of the regular season and then stormed through the NBA Playoffs on their way to a 16-1 Postseason record. Resulting in questions of who the best player in the world is to some doubters. Along with Kevin Durant stating that when he hit a shot over Lebron’s extended arms that it was a passing of the torch moment. Stating he is now the best player on the planet because he joined a juggernaut. The third part of what was then a trilogy was a predictable outcome, much like the third Avengers movie (Infinity War Part 1) he now goes up against what seems like an unbeatable opponent and gets smacked in the face while having all his weapons or “Avengers” if you will.

Movie 3 After Credits Clip: Kyrie started to not feel good (because there were rumblings he could be traded for PG13 and Bledsoe) he started to disappear, and found himself in the up and coming Boston team in the very same Eastern Conference

Movie 4: Monstars Infinity War Part 2: This Movie while not finished has been nothing but doubts, chaos, panic, and self-destruction much like what I can assume the next Avengers movie is going to look like with half the population gone with a snap of the finger. Much like the next movie where the Avengers are going to have to fight Thanos without their full squad, Lebron will now have to go up against the Warriors with just a few guys against what seems like an unbeatable opponent. All season and post season the talk mounted that Lebron has no help and this team won’t make the NBA finals let alone defeat the Warriors and “save the NBA” The story line falling perfectly in place for Lebron to pull off the ultimate heroics in beating the Warriors and be the ultimate Avenger.

The one thing everyone can agree one is we don’t want to see Warriors vs. Cavaliers Part 5. That may extend to Lebron James as well and for us to not see a Lebron vs Warriors matchup again next year will have a lot to do with this season. If the Warriors win this season they will go to another finals appearance next year. If this happens Lebron must go play somewhere he can beat Golden state and stop them from getting a 3-peat in what was supposed to be his movie franchise. This is one of those “movie” franchises that just doesn’t know when to end and unless something drastic happens like the warriors losing and breaking up or Lebron joining the Celtics next season. With all of this said I think Lebron much like the Iron Man he has been much of his career will be the key to beating Thanos (Warriors), I believe he can pull of the impossible this season before leaving the Cavaliers (just like I assume Robert Downey Jr. will leave the marvel franchise) for greener (Celtics) pastures. This leads me to one final question. Does Disney Own the NBA too?

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