Written by: Austin Philippi

 gelo sniper

  1. NBA Evolution – The NBA has evolved into a 3-PT shooting league, and some of the best players in the league are 3-PT snipers that have major holes in other aspects of their game. I can list several examples, but I firmly believe there are several players on several NBA teams currently that Liangelo not only has more potential then but can contribute more to a winning team now then they can. Most noteworthy on a championship level-ish team JR Smith, he can be hot and cold and is still an NBA level starter due to his ability to sometimes shoot the 3. I think the Cavs would be in better shape with Liangelo in the lineup over JR Smith. If Liangelo could get on a team like the 76ers, Cavs, or Warriors where is job will be to catch and hoot 3’s he can earn viable minutes in the NBA.


  1. Liangelo’s Fit – Liangelo Ball while shooting on a 3-PT line slightly closer did shoot over 40% from 3 while nursing several minor injuries. An NBA scout who watched him play said “When he gets his feet set he can shoot and if he makes the league that will be his bread and butter”. I believe Liangelo is a Poor Man’s Klay Thompson, however he already has a better post game, than a lot of NBA Shooting Guards. I believe shooting transfers from the different levels of basketball, especially ability to shoot open shots with your feet set. Liangelo will be a knockdown shooter in the NBA, and will find a roster he fits on.
  1. Size – This is the stockiest of the 3 ball brothers at 6’5 215 pounds he has an NBA ready body. He didn’t lift at the Pro Basketball Combine but there is rumors he already benches over 350 pounds. Making him one of the Stronger Guards in the NBA already. With a standing reach of just over 8 feet he isn’t an exceptionally long player, but he is stocky and is still tall enough for his position. His size can be a big advantage if he can continue to develop as an all-around athlete.
  1. Athletic Ability – Coming out of High School he wasn’t graded well on his athletic prowess, sense the rise of his family’s fame however there has been a transformation in his body. He turned a lot of that mass and wide frame into muscle and even posted a 35.5’ inch vertical leap at the Pro Basketball Combine. His Lateral Quickness and speed videos also looked much improved although they weren’t stellar or eye popping. His Wingspan, Hands, and ¾ quarter court speed are comparable to Devin Bookers and Klay Thompsons coming out of college.
  1. Star Power – He may have the least star power of the 3 brothers, but he has made a name for himself mostly by haters saying he won’t make it and his infamous trip to china. However, his dad bought him a Ferrari to help make him feel even more like the Star he has become in his own right. This Star Power can lead to ticket and jersey sells for your team, and even if he isn’t amazing if you draft him; your team as well as him will be talked about on ESPN often. So, for both business and basketball I see potential in using a pick on him.


  1. Work Ethic – Once his family blew up on Social Media and his chances of going Pro grew you saw the change in his body and commitment to the game. As I stated previously he changed the negatives against him coming out of High School to be a better athlete and being in better shape. This is a good indicator as fame can make someone either crumble under the pressure and lights or work harder and it seems from the outside looking in his Work Ethic has grown, and I don’t believe that’ll slow down when he makes the NBA.


  1. Potential – Seeing his Transformation that I’ve eluded too previously in the past year along with how well he shot from deep especially with his feet set in the LKL League I think he has even more room to grow. He has good basketball instincts doesn’t shoot as man bad shots as his youngest brother and has other areas to his game if his jumper isn’t falling. Along with a big body and good size he has potential to be a pest on the defensive end if his Lateral Quickness and instincts can continue to improve.
  1. G- League – If everything I’ve stated previously isn’t true this may be the truest statement I can make. If Liangelo Ball isn’t good for your NBA franchise he can be amazing for your G- League affiliate. He could be one of the first G-league players to continue to play on two-way contracts for full NBA seasons (so he gets paid more than 34k) and bring real attention to not only the G-league for once but could even increase revenue by selling more tickets and merchandise than ever before just ask Vytautas. Using a late second round pick on a player that at worse could bring attention to your team or help put money in your owners’ pockets and at best can be a reliable knock down 3 and D guy.


  1. Lonzo Ball – Lamelo Ball looks like he has a chance to be a solid pro prospect as he is still only 16 and growing into himself. Lavar has continued to say all 3 boys want to play together and that Lonzo would even the Lakers to play with his brothers if given the chance. I believe a team like New York or Miami could benefit from drafting the middle brother if not for all the other reasons I’ve named just so he can sit in your G-league or at end of the bench until you can entice Lonzo with his and Lamelo presence if you draft both ball brothers. Now this obviously is a long shot and would take a team believing Lavar in that his 3 boys play better together and are all legit prospects.


  1. Middle Brother – Sometimes people have eluded to how the feel like Gelo being the middle brother or what can seem like the forgotten brother. He has heard the noise that his other brothers are pro players and he is not. Like the Dad said in Ball in the Family “Zo is chasing Jordan and being the best ever, Gelo and Melo are chasing Zo”. He has an example in front of him of what it takes to get to the NBA and all the negativity and doubt surrounding him I believe has created a huge chip on his shoulder that not only led to the body transformation but the recommitment to developing his game. He has that look in his eyes that his brother doesn’t seem to have, Lonzo seems calm and unaffected by anything good or bad. Lamelo is young, cocky, and acts like he doesn’t care. Liangelo on the other hand he cares, has desire for this game and has real fight in his eyes unlike his brothers who were also raised in the comfort of Chino Hills. You couldn’t tell where or how Gelo was raised by looking at his demeanor.

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